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The history and reference page for the WWDTS mascot, the dogcow.

Tech Note 31 was the first description of the Dogcow. A Dogcow says, "Moof!".A newer version of this page is Technote 1031 which includes QuickTime VR movies.

develop issue 17 has a History of the Dogcow, part 1. This is reformatted from the original.

develop issue 18 has a History of the Dogcow, part 2. This is reformatted from the original.

Tech Note PR 510 describes the legal status of "Moof!" and the Dogcow.

Tech Note PT 35 quotes Clarus' memoirs.

Tech Note TN 1019 contains a brief mention of baby Dogcattle.

Users of Microsoft Windows may want to try downloading which lets you have little dogcows wagging their tails all over your screen.

Both the dogcow logo and "Moof!" are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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