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   Online booking leaps -- and it's not just flights
Everyone I know is going online this summer. I look at them with envy, because I still haven't done anything more daring than book an e-ticket for a flight to L.A. Something about surrendering my credit card information to a computer screen, or getting lost in a morass of clicks and icons and finding no way out.


Heart & Seoul
Ten floors off the plaza in front of the railroad station, several fellow foreigners and I were dining in a Korean buffet restaurant while a woman in a traditional blue-and-red silk cos- tume made the rounds of tables, chatting with the customers.

When: May 31 to June 30 Where: Ten venues in South Korea and 10 in Japan. The United States is among the 16 teams playing the first round in Korea.

Storybook places
With our kids at our sides, we've hiked the paths of Heidi's Alps and explored the cave where Tom Sawyer was lost. We've hurried through the haunted woods that made Anne of Green Gables see ghosts and stood on the bridge where Madeline fell into the Seine. We've skibbled down the Plaza Hotel halls that Eloise knew so well.

Discount fares ease travel to see ill relative, funeral
No traveler wants the cost of a last-minute airline ticket or a hotel room to preclude a visit to an ill relative or attendance at a funeral. Reviewing your options for discounted rates in advance can help make this difficult last-minute travel easier. While compassionate/bereavement fares and hotel deals are widely offered, here's a rundown on some things you should know.

Big obstacles remain in bid to strengthen air security
Airlines, airports and government agencies have focused intense attention on airport security since Sept. 11, as well they should. Now it's dawning on us that the hard work of preventing another terrorist attack with airplanes -- and the cost involved -- has just begun.

The national hostel network has announced the locations of its 16 seasonal hostels, open for this summer. The accommodations of Hostelling International-American Youth Hostels -- which also has 120 year-round U.S. hostels -- are targeted to young, low-budget travelers and cost $10 to $30 per night.

You've got questions, she's got vacation ideas
Finally, people are starting to feel better about family travel. In fact, the new Yankelovich Leisure Travel Monitor suggests that we're more likely to travel with family now than in the past year because we don't want to leave the kids at home.

For Americans, there's no time like the present to visit Tokyo
My heart yearns for Venice, my stomach for Rome. But my head is full of Tokyo -- pulsating, brilliant, sparkling, grinding, pushing, moving Tokyo.

Size: 38,000 square miles, about the size of Indiana Population: 50 million, with 10 million in Seoul Weather: Average high/low in Seoul 32/15 in January, 87/71 in August. Rainiest in July, with 16 days of precipitation.

New British law gives walkers wider range
Seventy years ago, hundreds of British ramblers embarked on what turned out to be one of the most decisive episodes of a long-running contest for access to their nation's swathes of wild, uncultivated but privately owned land.

THE RACE Campania, a Connecticut-size region of Italy, includes the coastal cities of Naples and Salerno and the island of Capri as well as the 6,700-foot heights of the Matese range. Most of the Web sites about Campania tourism are in Italian; one in English is The Italian Government Tourism Board can be reached at or (310) 820-1898 in Los Angeles. The 85th running of the Giro d'Italia ends today in Milan; the Tour de France starts July 6. "Follow the race...

Web Wandering
We like this state tourism Web site so much we visit even when it's not Montana's turn. It's comprehensive, frequently updated, easily navigated. Not much goofy stuff, but we'll let that slide.

huck finn jubilee
California Old Santa Ynez Day Saturday, Santa Ynez; (805) 688-4878. The little Santa Barbara County town celebrates its birthday with parade, Old West celebration.

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