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After all the laser's components have been adjusted completely the laser is put under a press where it is sealed. Upon being sealed, the laser cannot be opened unless it is cut open with a hack-saw, or something similar.

Two regular 1.5v AAA batteries are inserted (negative end first) and the laser is tested.

Each laser is tested for output with a sophisticated digital laser power meter. The accuracy on these machines is incredible.

This is the result of a successful upgrade, 57mW to be exact! This picture was not taken in any fog or anything similar. The picture has not been visually enhanced or manipulated in any way.
Picture is property of Kevin Nardelle

The process you have seen above is the exact same process that all of my 5mW lasers go through to become upgraded. It is extremely important to know that increasing the current alone WILL NOT give you a spectacular beam. Each of my lasers is equipped with a glass lense, which concentrates the power and defines the beam much better. I have also replaced the stock IR (infra red) filter with a superior quality filter which blocks more IR light, but allows more 532nm (green light) to pass through. I have done numerous other things to all of my lasers to enhance the beam, but these details will not be disclosed. The shockingly bright beam is what sets apart my green laser pointers from the rest, and this is what makes each of them an Extreme Laser.

**My laser pointers modified >5mW are not for sale.**