Charles Seddon (Engine #14)

The Charles Seddon, engine #14, an American 4-4-0 on the Richmond-Danville Railroad, was the train that carried Jefferson Davis, the Confederate Cabinet, the Confederate treasure, and archives to Danville in April of 1865. When Lee's army was collapsing in Virginia, Richmond was forced to be evacuated and Davis decided to move the Confederate capital to Danville, Virginia. The RDRR was the only westward rail route out of Richmond at the time, eventhough the rails were worn from the war and in disrepair. The train was ready fro departure at 8:30 pm the nightof April 2 but Davis didn't board until 11:00 pm and the train left at midnight. The train passed Clover station at 3 am and reached Danville at 5:00 pm the next day. When the train reached Danville, one car collapsed because of the rotting wood killing a number of men under the wheels, all were soldiers from Georgia. The train stayed on the track for three hours while Davis, evacuees, clerks, and officials disembarked.

The following is a list of passengers:
President Jefferson Davis
Colonel Frank R. Lubbock
Colonel John Taylor Wood
Colonel William Preston Johnston
Judah P. Benjamin
Stephen R. Mallory
George A. Trenholm
Anna H. Trenholm
M.H. Clark
John Hnedren
L.E. Harvie
Reverend Hoge
Jules St. Martin
Samuel Cooper
Dr. A. Y. P. Garnett
Robert G. Kean
Senator Clement Clay
Captain Wood
A.G. Cantley
S. Britain
James Miller
J.B. MacMurdo
W.R. Bringhurst
Clay Stacker
General Braxton Bragg
John H. Reagan
John Ott
George Davis
Spencer (Davis' servant)
D.F. Kenner(unknown)