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Kahane.org - Principles and Philosophy

The Kahane movement continues to spread the authentic Jewish Idea through the Kahane.org website, radio and email transmissions, through our publications and through speeches given by our spokespeople.

Here you will find an abridged version of the key principles and philosophy of Kahane.org:

1- Chosen people - Chosen land - Chosen destiny

The Jewish nation is a special, chosen nation. Indeed, a chosen nation, given a chosen land with a chosen destiny.

2- Torah Makes Jews Special

The acceptance of the Torah by our ancestors and by the entire Jewish nation at Sinai is what separates Jews from all of the others who rejected G-d's Torah. Our strength, success and continuity as a distinct nation is directly linked to the level of our connection and adherence to Torah.

3- Love of Jews - Don't Stand Idly By...

Love of Israel and fellow Jews is the most fundamental principle of Torah. All Jews, regardless of racial features, views, appearance or geographical location are brothers and sisters. Their joy is our joy. Their pain is our pain. Their problems are ours to be resolved as if they were our own. The Biblical verse, "Don't stand Idly by your brother's blood", in Leviticus obligates all Jews to come to the rescue of a fellow Jew by any and all means necessary.

This can manifest itself on the local and personal level of doing acts of kindness to fellow Jews, or to saving a drowning Jew in the sea and this could be exhibited on the national level by taking action to save a Jewish hostage/prisoner or a nation of oppressed Jews, or fighting for the safety and security of Jews in Israel, who have been targeted because they are Jews.

4- Persecution of Jews is a Degradation of G-d's name!

Oppression and persecution of Jews is a desecration and degradation to the name of the Almighty, as Rashi, the famous commentator states in Yeheskel, Chapter 36. Most of the prayers in the daily prayer book call upon G-d to redeem the Jewish people and return all Jews to their land and rebuild the Holy Temple.. Not because we are worthy, but for G-d's name sake, that has been defiled by the Jewish presence and persecution in the Exile.. Why should the Gentiles say there is no G-d of Israel or that G-d is too weak or unable to save His chosen people?"

On the other hand, Jewish power and victory is a sanctification of G-d's name. The famous Michilta states in beshalach...When G-d pays back the nations (with revenge) His name is elevated and sanctified in this world. Indeed, this is the underlining theme throughout the first books in Exodus that explain the plagues against the Egyptians and the redemption of the Jews.

When Abraham went out to battle the mightiest empires in the world to rescue his nephew Lot, who in the same sense, represented G-d because of his likeness and closeness to Abraham, Abraham said, "I will go, and I will fall to sanctify G-d's name. (Midrash Rabah)

5- Faith and Barzel - Strength

Faith in G-d, combined with Jewish action is the best prescription for victory and redemption. Faith in the Gentiles and fear of their response will only lead to defeat and agony. David went out to battle Goliath with only a slingshot, just as Abraham challenged the mightiest armies in the world, with only 318 unarmed slaves. The Jewish way is to have faith and to do one's utmost with the best weapons at their disposal. In both cases, the Jews of faith and of action were victorious. The Bible and Jewish history is rich with thousands of Jewish heroes in the mold of Abraham and King David, who held the Torah in one hand and a sword in the other, leading the Jewish people to victory.

6- Israel Belongs To The Jews

Israel is the exclusive homeland of the Jews. Non-Jews can only live in the Jewish state if they fully accept Jewish sovereignty and the basic Torah conditions of "Ger Toshae" - a resident stranger, with full social, economic and civil rights, but without national rights or the ability to change the Jewish character of the state and its citizens. This is why the hostile Arabs, must go!

7- Exile Is A Curse = Immigration To Israel Is A Must!

As the Talmud in Tract. Sukkot states: The Exile is a curse that G-d was sorry he created. The Jewish existence in the Exile always comes to a violent end. America will be no different, G-d forbid. The future for all Jews is in Israel. Ultimately, the Exile is phased out to usher in the coming of Moshiach and the engathering of the Jews from the four corners of the earth. The beginning of this process has already happened, with millions of Jews returning to Israel from Russia, Ethiopia, America, Western Europe, South America, Yemen, Iraq, etc. Indeed, the time to come home is now!

Let us all Return To Our Roots and To Our Land, with faith and with pride. Naturally, those who remain should be vigilant in their own physical and spiritual defense.

8- No Surrender of Jewish Land to Arabs

Israel is not a piece of real estate that can be sold to the highest bidder or surrendered to the most violent terrorist. It is the Biblical and Historic homeland of all Jews. No Jew has the right to relinquish that G-d given birthright that belongs to all Jews and to all future generations of Jews.

This law is only highlighted and accented all the more in view of the fraudulent "peace" that has been offered to Israel, and in view of the international pressure on Israel to betray their covenant with the G-d of Israel, who promised us the land and peace and security if only we follow His statutes. In addition to the clear violation of Torah by surrendering
Jewish Land, and in addition to the clear additional security risks surrendering the highground entails, it is also the ultimate desecration to G-d's name to surrender the land G-d promised us as a result of fear of the Gentile or pressure in Washington. Who is stronger, the G-d of Israel or the President of America?

9 - The Temple Mount Is Jewish

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. It was there that the Temple stood. The Temple was the spiritual, judicial and political center of the Jewish nation. It is the heart of Israel. All Jews, anywhere in the world, face Zion and direct all of their prayers and soul to the Temple Mount, with the hope and the aspiration that we will soon all be reunited in Jerusalem, with the Temple rebuilt. The existence of a mosque that serves as the center for Arab incitement against Jews and the G-d of Israel is a desecration which must be reversed. The discrimination against Jews who wish to visit and pray on the mount is a further desecration which must be erased.

10 - Religious Ritual and Government in Israel

While we work to bring about a complete revamping of the Israeli political, Judicial and Educational systems to be based upon Jewish law and values, on the personal level, no Jew will be forced to change their lifestyle.

Any public manifestation of the state or government will maintain a wholesome Jewish character, in the full sense of the word, without any self-hating embarrassment or compromise. The educational system will begin to include Torah education, so that every Jewish child can be taught the beauty of their heritage, rather than anti-Jewish values that are promoted in many Israeli institutions.

Rather than force anyone to be adherent to Torah, Rabbi Meir Kahane always said he would introduce Judaism to those who were never exposed to Torah so that, for the first time, they could make up their own mind.

However, the code of law in the court-system would no longer favor secular law before Torah law. Now, when there is a contradiction between the two, the secular anti-religious judges who control Israel, will always prefer their personal view and reject G-d's Torah view. New judges with respect for Torah, Jewish history and Jewish values would now replace the present anti-Torah judges in the High Court of Israel.

Rabbi Kahane was always highly offended by people who would ask him if he would discriminate against secular Jews, when he would achieve a position of power. Some would ask, "After you are done throwing out the Arabs will
you get to the secular Jews? He would answer, "I risked my life and freedom to save Soviet Jewry and to fight for their right to emigrate to Israel. They were secular Jews. And I fought for them to come to Israel, because they were Jews. All Jews have a right to Israel. We must love all Jews like brothers."

Most of Rabbi Kahane's supporters were secular Jews. They understood that Rabbi Kahane's way was the only way to bring safety, security and salvation to Israel.

Stay tuned to our www.kahane.org website to keep updated on the pulse of Kahane.org views and commentary on current issues and events and to find out more about Kahane programs and activities, around the world.