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Shogo: MAD review
Posted by Julio Franco
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After the very sucessful Blood, Monolith is back with two new games but unlike their previous games, now they´re using their own propietary engine.

The LithTech engine has been in development for a long time (not as long as Unreal engine, of course) and it was also being developed by Microsoft and it was going to be called DirectEngine but when it was almost done Monolith decided to buy Microsoft license and it was renamed LithTech engine.

I´m sure that it was because of Microsoft development participation that the LithTech engine uses full advantage of DirectX6´s D3D API instead of the more popular in FPS games OpenGL API.

The LithTech engine has got all the features today´s engines should have: colored lightning, fog, coronas and the best is that it can handle huge outdoor enviroments without dropping the frame-rate a lot which are great news for owners of low-end machines.

There are two games from Monolith using this engine now, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (which was named RIOT in the past) and Blood2, and we can say this engine is somewhere in the middle, better than the Quake2 engine but not the Unreal one.

Back to Shogo...

When Shogo came first out it had some problems specially in the Multiplayer part of the game, anyway Monolith has been good when supporting the game and there is already a Point Release 2.0 patch which fixes lots of things in the game nearing perfection.

In Shogo you´re Commander Sanjuro Makabe, a MCA (Mobile Combat Armor) pilot and part of an military organization. He is in charge of killing Gabriel, the leader of a terrorist group called The Fallen which is dedicated to the defense of the planet Cronus and it's mysterious source of energy Kato. But Sanjuro won´t be only following orders but he´s also looking for revenge since members of The Fallen had killed his girlfriend and his brother in the past.

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