June 4, 2002
Big Money Deluxe is now available for your PC! Click here to download!

May 11, 2002
Mummy Maze Deluxe launches! Download it to your PC now!

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They're all 100% java, so no downloads or plug-ins are needed.

Ahoy matey! Set sail for adventure with this action puzzle. Sink pirates and dodge sea serpents!

Also available on Palm PDAs or Windows
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Diamond Mine Single Player

Catch some fast and furious gem-matching fun in this simple puzzle game.
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Dynomite Single Player

Get ready for furious egg-busting action in this prehistoric puzzler!
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Alchemy Single Player

Transmute lead to gold with this magically addictive puzzler!
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Seven Seas Single Player

Fire broadsides, sink pirates, and dodge sea serpents in this exciting test of skill.
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Mummy Maze Single Player

Search the tombs and outwit the Mummy in this brain-busting puzzle game!
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Atomica Single Player

Turn atoms into molecules to score big points, or go up against the clock in the Time Trial mode.
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Big Money Single Player

Collect coins and grab moneybags in this fast-paced game of skill!
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Psychobabble 171 Players

It's like magnetic poetry, only with up to 11 other players. Hilarious sentence-scrambling fun for everyone!
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Atomic Poker 38 Players

BETA! Poker goes 5x5 in this exciting new casino game! Get the best hand across and down for big points!
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Lucky Penny Video Poker 150 Players

Press your luck with this exciting multiplayer Video Poker game! What is the secret of the Mystery Pig?
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Big Money Deluxe
Download Now (1.9 meg)

Mummy Maze Deluxe
Download Now (2.9 meg)

Dynomite for Windows
Download Now (2.1 meg)

Bejeweled for Windows
Download Now (1.6 meg)

Alchemy for Windows
Download Now (1.8 meg)

Seven Seas for Windows
Download Now (2.1 meg)

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