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June 4, 2000
I added my first gambling game today, Polish Red Dog. That's all I got to say.

June 1, 2000
What's this? I updated. Yes, school's out and I've got much more free time. I re-did the Forum since the old one's link was broken. This forum is much better in my opinion. Also I'm sorry because of the last several months I was unable to answer e-mails. If you sent me one, I'm sorry. Send back the question, and I'll try to answer it. You can now get to my e-mail address through the Forum. I also added the Gambling Games Section, but, currently there is no games under it. There should be some soon though.

January 9, 2000
Sorry, but unlike I said, I only got two variations of rummy up today. I will try to get more in the future. That's all for today.

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