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MusicPanel (MP3) virus

A hoax "press release" dated 27 June 2001 warns of an "imbedded hybrid 'virus' " called MusicPanel. According to the hoax, "music fans around the planet will receive a shocking surprise on their computers on American Independence Day -- July 4 -- but only if they have downloaded unauthorised songs from Napster, Gnutella or other file swapping applications on the Internet."

The hoax describes itself as a "press release," yet it reads more like a manifesto against music piracy.
The hoax goes on to say "those who have downloaded any of 500 most popular songs planted on the Internet ... will find their illicit music unusable and their computers frozen due to the timed release of this bomb." It also describes MusicPanel as a "global weapon" in the fight against music piracy.

The hoax describes itself as a "press release," yet it reads more like a manifesto against music piracy. Case in point: the hoaxster insists MusicPanel "was not developed in conjunction with any record labels or publishers nor with the Recording Industry Association of America or any other organization."

It appears the hoax first showed up on the newsgroup. Its spelling & grammar imply the hoaxster is Australian, and probably has never written a press release.


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