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Celebrity hair stylist Frank Galasso
12-19-2001 / 10 PM
Howdy, folks! Tonight we are chatting with celebrity hair stylist Frank Galasso. He has worked with Shannon Elizabeth, Leelee Sobieski and Rachel Blanchard. Frank wants to help you look your best for the holidays. Ask him how to look like a star!

Events_Moderator: OK everyone, let's welcome Frank Galasso to this Live Event. Hi Frank, welcome to Lycos Live Events! What's up?

Francesco_Galasso: It's Christmas time! :) We're getting ready for partying and going all out for our celebrity clientele so they look wonderful for the holidays!

pinnacle90210: I want to know what are some cool up-do's for holiday parties?

Francesco_Galasso: I never like a perfect up 'do. Most celebrities that I work with prefer an up-do that looks like they have done it themselves. So I like up-dos to be loose and very casual but look like you've gone to no stuff at all.

jmbelly: What celebrities have you done hair for? Anyone really cool?

Francesco_Galasso: I would say the biggest celebrity I did a drastic makeover for was Tori Spelling. I added chunky highlights to her hair, added hair extensions, and had her wear her hair flatter than how she normally wears it. It was really dramatic, and she used that particular look for the cover of Stuff Magazine recently.

jmbelly: What about Shannon Elizabeth?

Francesco_Galasso: I styled Shannon Elizabeth's hair at one particular time and I added some red jewels to her hair to make her red hair more vibrant. They were simple rhinestones that I glued onto her hair with eyelash glue.

vball387: My hair is about 2 inches below my shoulders. I would like to grow it 4-5 inches longer, but my hair grows slowly. How can I get my hair to grow faster?

Francesco_Galasso: The best thing to do to make your hair grow faster is to go to the health food store and start taking pre-natal vitamins. All it is a multi vitamin that's great for your body, but be prepared for your fingernails to grow just as fast.

sazzle11:  My hair is long and is cut blunt along the bottom. Is this look classic or just dated? Should I get layers through it?

Francesco_Galasso: I prefer layered haircuts. I feel that soft layers framing the face is far more flattering to anybody. It's sexier looking and a lot easier to style. By adding a few highlights throughout the layers you can achieve a look that any Hollywood celebrity would want.

girlea00: Whenever I try to do my hair differently, it always feels dirty and oily, and this is after I've just washed it. What should I do?

Francesco_Galasso: The best thing to do is before you style your hair, is spray some volumizer into your hair or add some mousse to your hair. The alcohol in those products will act like an astringent for your scalp and stop it from becoming too oily. The next thing is to dry your hair 3/4 of the way through so the hair is only slightly damp before you being to style it. You'll achieve a lot more volume and a less oily scalp and hair. If that doesn't work for you, try adding some highlights to your hair, they will change the texture and make your hair less oily.

lance_baby25: I have the biggest hair problem! My hair gets greasy really, really fast! How can I stop it?

Francesco_Galasso: Oily hair is caused by many reasons. One reason is overwashing your hair. The second reason is brushing it a lot, which causes the scalp to excrete oils. My suggestion to overcome this problem is to use a non-oily conditioner or perhaps a spray on detangler instead of conditioner. Add mousse to the roots of your hair, the alcohol in the mousse will absorb some of the oil and act like an astringent. Or if that doesn't work, try adding some color to your hair -- either a semi-permanent rinse or some natural colored highlights -- to change the oily texture of your hair.

pinnacle90210: During the winter months should we still be highlighting our hair? Or is that for summer moths only?

Francesco_Galasso: The best way to control your highlights with the maintenance is to treat the color as if it was natural. What I mean by that is during summer, we tend to spend a lot more time outdoors, so our hair naturally becomes lighter. And like natural colored hair, during the winter months, because there is no sun, our hair becomes darker. So what you should do is during the winter, continue to highlight your hair, making sure that your stylist or colorist doesn't keep your hair as light as he does during the summer.

angelinmudd: My hair is a little past my shoulders and is really thin. Is there some way I can have a really *hot* look with my hair, but not be too out there?

Francesco_Galasso: The best options for people with fine hair -- if volumizing sprays and mousses and gels don't work for you -- are as follows: 1. Try a shorter style. Add some color to it, because that generally creates more body to the hair. 2. If you're attached to your longer hair, what I would suggest is adding a few individual hair extensions through the back of your hair, to create some extra thickness.

jmbelly: What is the look most celebrities ask for?

Francesco_Galasso: They ask for very natural hairstyles that are simple to maintain, and a color that is natural that is also simple to maintain. The most dramatic changes that we make for celebrities are usually when they have to create new looks for a film role.

mina1883: When I put hairspray on my hair always turns white, even with the ones that say they don't leave that white stuff on. What should I do because my hair is so plain and always straight?

Francesco_Galasso: What you need to do is to go to the drugstore and buy a cleansing shampoo, one that will remove all the products from the hair. Then I would suggest to perhaps change sprays, perhaps a brand like Phytology; it is a very good hair spray with a strong hold that does not turn white. If you have problems finding this hair spray, you can go on my Web site at and leave me a message there. I'll tell you how to get a hold of some. :)

Events_Moderator: I hate to say it, but we have to wrap this up in a few minutes. We'll take a few more questions & comments.

chickybabyghs911: After I wash my hair it's always really poofy. To get it to how I like it (just straight), I have to not wash it for a couple days. Is there anything i can do?

Francesco_Galasso: I'm a really big fan of smooth, straight hair. The best tip I can give you is to use a really good conditioner. Followed by a really good de-frizzing lotion. Then the most important thing is while your hair is drying, if you're letting it dry naturally, is not to really touch it while it's drying. This makes the hair dry the same way as it looks when it's wet. If you blow dry your hair smooth, I would still suggest using a de-frizzing lotion, followed by some de-frizzing serum. I also feel that people wash their hair way too much. Only washing your hair two or three times a week is a good idea. If you need to know more about these types of de-frizzing lotions, please go to my Web site at and click on "Ask Frank." Leave me a message and I promise to return it!

melsy30: Could you give me an easy hair up-do. My hair is very straight and does not hold curl. I would love a cute and easy hair up-do I could do for work, because I get bored of wearing my hair in the pony tail, or straight down. My hair is very shiny, which I love to show off, but I think I need a variety.

Francesco_Galasso: French twists are out! A simple up-do would be to put it into a low ponytail and twist it. Once you've twisted it as far as it can twist, turn the ponytail upwards to the crown of your head, and then clip it down securely with clip. The ends that are left out you can arrange into any direction that you like, and this usually makes for a great updo for someone with straight hair. It's a look that is commonly used in many fashion shows, the most recent show to use this look would be the Gucci show.

pinnacle90210: Will you be expanding anytime soon? Or do we all have to live in Hollywood???

Francesco_Galasso: The answer is yes! We are ready to open up two more Frank's Studios. One is in New York City, in Manhattan, due to be opening up in the fall of 2002. And more recently, in April of 2002, a store in Sydney, Australia, is due to open. But, you can always go on my Web site and I'll be more than happy to give you a consultation over the Web!

Events_Moderator:  Well folks, it's time to wrap up the chat. Thanks Frank, we had a really good time chatting with you! We'll have to do this again sometime.

Francesco_Galasso: I would like to thank everybody for going online and asking me all these great questions! It's been really wonderful and I wish everybody happy holidays and a happy New Year! And if you have any more questions for me, feel free to ask me at and just click on Ask Frank! I'll be more than happy to answer all your questions. Thanks!

Events_Moderator: Great questions everyone! Ya'll are the best! See ya next time at Lycos Live Events!

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