The 'Tim Tam™ Suck' is a tradition with Tim Tam™ lovers all over the world. Over 50% of Tim Tam™ lovers are familiar with this delectable technique. Have you tried it yet?

1. Take a small bite from one corner of your Tim Tam™.
2. Turn your Tim Tam™ around and take a bite from the opposite corner.
3. Insert one bitten corner of your Tim Tam™ into a cup of tea or coffee.
4. Suck hard, drawing the liquid through the biscuit and into your mouth.
5. Quickly pop the rest of the Tim Tam™ into your mouth before it disintegrates.


Don't attempt this with very hot liquid, or in front of someone you're trying to impress.

The 'Tim Tam™ Suck' is so popular that Arnott's conducted some research in June of this year to find out what was the favourite drink to do the 'Tim Tam™ Suck' with. Here are the results:

  • 38% Coffee
  • 36% Port
  • 18% Hot Chocolate
  • 8% Baileys

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