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The Gaming Files

Chris Heckler

Chris is a third year  Bachelor of Technology student majoring in Computer Science at State University of New York.  He has been an active gamer and computer enthusiast all his life!  His Gaming Files program covers anything and everything about Gaming.  If you have a question, comment, a thought or just love computer games and want to talk, this is the place to be!  
Maybe you are a parent, relative or friend of an active Gamer and don't know what to buy... call The Gaming Files because Chris speaks geek as well as really understandable English!   
This program is aimed at anyone interested in gaming, whether you are an active Gamer or non-Gamer.  Frequent guests are from the gaming industry or computer related industry.


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AFO Computer Solutions
Electronically, it doesn't matter where "here" is!

05/29/2002 06:15