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First off, a bit of business... PLEASE use Internet Explorer (or at least a later version of Netscape) for viewing this page. Netscape 4 just doesn't like me:^) (There is a very economical DHTML menu under the banner above that doesn't turn up in NS4 that runs the whole site.) If you even see this, you are on the right track...

Now back to our regularly scheduled web site...

For those of you who don't know me, let me bring you up to speed with the rest of the world (um, *cough!* right!)...

Well, I'm a musician mainly, playing bass a lot at present in my as-yet-unnamed band, and have a CD out that I produced and played a bit of everything on. But since you're nice enough to have come all the way out here, I'll reward you with tales of my musical exploits and some newer stuff as well: in the last year and some, I've been into multimedia stuff. This website is among my first at present (Spring 2002) and I plan to keep it growing as I grow, both in the design world and the music world.

Additional pages are given to my home studio, Hog Heaven, that has been quite the tool for my music endeavors. I also might slip a journal or essay or other nonsense in under the "Et Cetera" header. I know its hard to get excited about anyone's personal website anymore these days, but thanks for making the trip out... dig it.


The NEW CD, Receiving

is now available!

My self-produced debut CD, featuring Marc Ziegenhagen (Beer For Dolphins), Tom Griesgraber (Agent 22) and Mike Bedard (Brax).

Available for secure sale from here.



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