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Morgellons in History

The Morgellons Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of funding basic research into the etiology of a skin disease with unknown origin. This skin disease is believed to be caused by an organism which has been difficult to identify.

The Morgellons Foundation was named after a skin disease which was called "The Morgellons" in the 1600s by Sir Thomas Browne. Earlier descriptions of the disease appear in writings by Faventius and Paré in the 1500s.

Drawings by Ettmuller in 1682, of what he considered to be the organism responsible for the Morgellons, are similar in appearance to recent micrographs of the unusual fibers and filaments associated with the skin disease the Morgellons Foundation is researching.

The skin symptoms of the disease recently referred to by some people as "Elliot's Disease" are similar to the descriptions of the Morgellons.

What are the symptoms of the Morgellons?

Some of the symptoms of the Morgellons are very unusual and may lead physicians to assume that the patient is misinterpreting their symptoms.

Many adults with the skin symptoms of the Morgellons who have sought medical attention, have received a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis from multiple dermatologists and other physicians.

Some symptoms of this disease are typical of other skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, allopecia, and dermatitis, to name a few. The overlap of symptoms with other diseases leads to the misdiagnosis of the vast majority of patients with this disease.

Individuals with the Morgellons experience itchy, inflamed, non-healing skin lesions. Stinging sensations are common. Unexplained hairloss is seen in a segment of the patient population, as well as a hardening or thickening of skin.

One of the most striking features of the Morgellons is the presence of fibers or filaments of unknown origin on or within skin lesions.

Images Above:
(left) Heel of 3 year old male at 10x showing lesions with associated fibers.
(right)Same heel lesions on 3 year old male showing fibers at 60x.
Images Above:
Hair from 9 year old male at 60x

What is being done about the Morgellons?

Researchers are beginning to take a detailed look at the lesions of people with this disease.

The fibers from the lesions are being studied to determine their origin.

Researchers are also considering the best way to medically treat people afflicted with this skin disease. Hope is on the horizon.

Although we realize the importance of the scientific discoveries which will enable us to understand the disease process, we believe that educating the public about the Morgellons is a critical step in allowing people with this disease to understand what is happening to their bodies.

We want people with the Morgellons to know that they are not imagining their symptoms. The symptoms may not be understood, but they are real.

The Morgellons Foundation will support scientists in discovering critical information about the cause, prevention, and treatment of this disease.

Together, we can end the suffering.
Together, we can find the cure.

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