The Gateway
Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Space Moose in appeal hearing

by Dan Lazin

"Psst! The lawyer has a boner," Space Moose must be telling his neighbor, as creator Adam Thrasher sits through three days worth of appeal hearings.

Thrasher, a regular contributor to The Gateway for the past nine years with his comic strip, Space Moose, was charged with discrimination under the Code of Student Behavior last December. The charges were laid alter several female students and faculty members lodged complaints about Thrasher's "Clobberin' Timen strip, which appeared on his University of Alberta web site.

According to a witness who asked not to be named, the appeal hearing was supposed to be concluded Monday afternoon. However, the hearing ran on too long, so it was adjourned until Thursday, October 8.

Alter the hearing is concluded, it will take several weeks to reach a verdict.

As he was advised, Thrasher declined to talk to The Gateway on Monday. University officials are not permitted to comment.