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    Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rigas?
    Posted by MsGeek on Sunday, June 02 @ 01:12:35 EDT (31 reads)
    Cable Well it looks like Enrondelphia's headed to bankruptcy court. Charter Communications pulled out of talks to buy several Adelphia cable systems, including all in the Southern California area. According to some reports they only have 10 more days worth of cash to keep things going.

    At the rate this is going, I'm going to have to go looking for the wires leading down from the roof antenna...uh oh...

    Money/CNN: Charter quits Adelphia talks
    DSLReports: Adelphia cable deal falls through

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    Ren And Stimpy update: Spumco hired by TNN for 9 new episodes!
    Posted by MsGeek on Friday, May 17 @ 00:23:34 EDT (157 reads)
    Animation, Not Just From Japan Yes, that cold wind you feel truly IS Hell freezing over.

    Steve Worth, one of the inner circle of Spumco big shots, has used the medium of Usenet to announce that there really will be nine new Ren & Stimpy episodes plus one R&S; movie. As you remember from the last article, they will be doing the cartoons for The National Network.

    I haven't been able to find any further confirmation of this announcement from standard channels, but I have definitely confirmed that this newsgroup posting is really from Steve and not from an imposter. Being that September will mark the 10th anniversary of when Nickelodeon seized R&S; from Spumco, this is truly poetic justice to see John K. and perhaps his best-loved creations reunited.


    Usenet: Alt.Animation.Spumco -- Steve Worth on the return of Ren And Stimpy

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    Natalie Portman: she's one of us!
    Posted by MsGeek on Tuesday, May 14 @ 01:38:54 EDT (172 reads)
    Movies Natalie Portman has become a geek icon not just because she's cute and was in a Star Wars movie...she truly is one of us.

    I thought, on the eve of the release of Attack Of The Clones (No, I'm not going, I'm waiting until the used DVDs appear on Half.Com!) that a link to a rather interesting interview with her in, of all places, USA Weekend would be apropos.

    There is a rather depressing side to this, however...Ms. Portman confides that at Harvard, the guys there look elsewhere for dates. Says she: "I hear a lot of guys say, 'I can't end up with a girl from Harvard, because none of them are going to want to stay home, cooking and doing that stuff.'" The more things change, the more things stay the same, sadly.

    Perhaps she'd have a bit more luck looking for love a few miles away at MIT? ;-)

    USA Weekend: Natalie Portman -- Queen of the Universe

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    Good guys wear blue?
    Posted by MsGeek on Thursday, May 09 @ 02:07:13 EDT (71 reads)
    IBM I'm quite the student of irony. Considering that we had a whole topic for Daria on this site (which we only used twice) irony is something that makes life worth living, in my not so humble opinion.

    Observing the tech industry like I do, it is incredibly ironic where we're at now. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the history of the personal computer knows that IBM was the target of the "1984" Mac commercial. Big Brother. The Clone Army in starched white shirts and sock garters. Boy, have things changed in almost 20 years. Now IBM runs commercials for Linux, supports many open source products, and can't tweak its former co-conspirator Microsoft enough.

    Some are suggesting that IBM has its eyes on acquiring Sun Microsystems. Considering just how beat up Sun's stock is nowadays, this is not far-fetched at all. And I don't think it's a bad idea.

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    Compaq name to live on at new HPaq...
    Posted by MsGeek on Tuesday, May 07 @ 13:03:45 EDT (50 reads)
    Compaq So, you thought that the name Compaq would fade into computer history like other brand names such as Osborne and Eagle and Packard Hell? Well, not so fast, says new HPaq prexy (and former Compaq President/CEO) Michael Capellas.

    For some unknown reason, HPaq has decided to keep both the Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion consumer PC lines going. Never mind that both computers are junk, (IMNSHO) they have decided that they've got to keep that brand going.

    No real explanations here, but a little more info:
    C|Net: HP, Compaq consumer PCs to survive

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    Carly wins.
    Posted by MsGeek on Saturday, May 04 @ 00:25:37 EDT (95 reads)
    Hewlett Packard The results of the vote are in, the final challenge to the vote has been beaten back, and it's now official: Hewlett Packard will assimilate Compaq.
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    Doing recycling RIGHT...
    Posted by MsGeek on Friday, April 26 @ 00:39:44 EDT (69 reads)
    Computer Recycling Yeah, this was originally on Slashdot but there's tons of information here on how computer recyclers are using Linux to make old computers useful again. There's still need for a distro specifically designed for this, but Slackware will still do in a pinch.

    Here are some fascinating links gleaned from this article and found other places:
    Oakland, CA: The Alameda County Computer Resource Center
    Portland, OR: Free Geek
    Atlanta, GA: FreeBytes
    Australia: Computerbank Australia
    Thailand: Computers for Thai Kids

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    The ultimate Evil Leet game box
    Posted by MsGeek on Friday, April 19 @ 20:29:58 EDT (75 reads)
    Games Just saw this on The Screensavers and it blew my mind:

    TechTV: Yoshi's Boxx

    The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Yoshi added the guts of a Dreamcast to it. (Grinning, ducking and running...)

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    Hell has officially frozen over!
    Posted by MsGeek on Wednesday, April 17 @ 13:58:14 EDT (210 reads)
    Animation, Not Just From Japan Almost 10 years after Nickelodeon wrested control of Ren & Stimpy from the hands of Spumco, Viacom is now asking John K. and his band of merry animators to come back and make more episodes. No, I am not BS-ing you...this looks like it's very real. UPDATE...check the top of the page for BIG NEWS about this!
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    Lycoris: Linux with training wheels
    Posted by MsGeek on Saturday, April 13 @ 12:52:35 EDT (206 reads)
    Linux OK, I'm going to add my 2 cents in to the current tidal wave of interest in Lycoris Linux, formerly Redmond Linux. My view is this: (and I'm an MCSE) any version of Linux that can wean a person off dependency on Windows is A Very Good Thing�.

    I am actually going to plunk down the cash on this one and try it. Even though I find the bundled apps perhaps might not be the choices I would have made (Open Office 6 anyone? KDE 3 anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) it looks like something I can set in front of anyone with more than a passing familiarity with Windows.

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    "Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women." -- Natalie Portman


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