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Vision: A Healthy World Through Healthy People
Founded in 1985, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) is the national professional society representing naturopathic physicians who are licensed or eligible for licensing as primary care providers.  Policy is established through a House of Delegates, which consists of representatives from 34 state naturopathic associations, four naturopathic specialty societies and the four recognized naturopathic medical programs.

AANP membership has grown to over 1800 members including students, supporting and corporate members, as well as approximately 40% of the estimated 1500 eligible Naturopathic Physicians practicing nationwide.  Nearly 80% of today’s naturopathic physicians entered practice during the modern rebirth of naturopathic medicine, which commenced in the early 1970s and parallels the broader public interest in natural health care.


  • Promoting development of nationally standardized licensing exam (NPLEX)

  • Development of an annual national convention

  • Assisting in achieving US Department of Education recognition of the accrediting agency for naturopathic education (CNME)

  • Publication of the quarterly newsletter, The Naturopathic Physician

  • Recognition of research needs of the profession

  • Development of Standards of Practice

  • Completion of major demographic survey

  • Unprecedented media exposure on national television

  • Proposal of policy recommendations to the White House Commission on CAM policy


  • Increase the visibility and understanding of naturopathic medicine among the general public.

  • Increase the numbers of quality naturopathic physicians to serve the public through: 

  • continued recruitment for the colleges, expansion of the educational system, and maintaining the CNME recognition by the DoE; as well as maintaining federal recognition of our colleges.

  • Increase the number of jurisdictions that license naturopathic physicians.

  • Clearly identify naturopathic medicine and its standards for the profession and in the national consciousness.

  • Full integration in to the national health care system.

  • Promote the successful practice of naturopathic physicians.

  • Increase the representation of the profession in the AANP.

  • Demonstrate the efficacy of naturopathic medicine by continuing research, setting strategic goals and develop a socio-political model of integrated and effective naturopathic health care.

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