Within three days of September 11, American Suzuki, its dealers and employees had responded to the tragic events which occurred in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. American Suzuki Motor Corporation, its employees and dealers all worked together to make a difference. Some of those differences were small -- like donating lunch and snacks to the nurses and Red Cross volunteers at the local blood bank. Other differences were large, like donating SUVs and ATVs to aid rescue teams on-site at the World Trade Center. In addition, the individual employees and dealers of American Suzuki reached into their own pockets and donated over $31,000 to assist in relief efforts. In response to the generosity of our employees and dealers, American Suzuki provided matching funds to make their total contribution over $62,000.

The people who comprise American Suzuki Motor Corporation come from all over the globe and from every corner of America. We are all proud to have assisted our fellow Americans in the recovery effort.

If you would like to contribute or learn more about relief efforts currently underway, please visit www.libertyunites.org