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Intelligence Quotient; Smarts; Powers of Reason. IQ is only a slice in the pie of an individual's total synergistic makeup. Character is certainly, far more important than IQ. Emotional stability is another aspect which could be deemed more valuable than IQ. Nevertheless, the intelligence quotient is a viable factor in determining the whole.  I take more satisfaction from other aspects of my life, like things I had to accomplish. Smarts are a gift, not a developed skill, so in some ways, it's very frustrating. Fact is, I wish I were smarter, but there's not a thing I can do about it.

Thus far, my maximum IQ scores have hit a ceiling somewhere around the 99.9th percentile (an IQ of about 150).  I've scored as high as 159, but 150 seems to be a safe bet.  It's actually pointless to list a single IQ score, since different tests score on different scales; a score of 165 on one test, may be equivalent to a score of 132 on another. Some IQ tests use only raw scores. Therefore, percentile rankings are better for evaluating performance. The percentile rankings for just about every IQ test are well established.

The following is a list of tests I have taken.  I scored at the 97.0 - 99.0 percentile on three, at the 99.0 - 99.5  percentile on six others, and at the 99.6 - 99.99 percentile on the remaining five tests.  They are listed as follows in alphabetical order:


California Test of Mental Maturity Yes
Encephalist-R  (Jouve) No
G-Test  (Lygeros) No
W-87  (Harding) No
Mega Test  (Hoeflin) No
Miller Analogies Test Yes
Mysterium Examination  (Grove) No
OCIP  (Smith) No
SAT Math (1988) Yes
SAT Verbal (1989) Yes
Sigma Test  (Mel„o) No
Test For Genius (Cooijmans) No
Wechsler WAIS-R Yes
Wonderlic Yes

I guess I'd like to be smarter than anyone on Earth, but if I'm only smarter than 9,992 out of every 10,000 individuals, I'll have to be satisfied.

Presently, I'm a member of the societies listed on the left index bar.  Locally, I retain membership in Mensa and Intertel.  The rest are primarily online.

I recommend you check out the sites below to see what the High IQ community is all about. If you're still interested, there are some take-home tests below. It's fun stuff. Just remember... you didn't do a thing to acquire your IQ, whether high or is a gift you are expected to use wisely.

NYC High IQ Society   (95th percentile)
Mensa    (98th percentile)
Sigma Society   (98th percentile)
Mysterium  (98th percentile)
Top One Percent Society    (99th percentile)
Intertel  (99th percentile)
Colloquy    (99.5th percentile)
Poetic Genius Society    (99.5th percentile)    (99.7th percentile)
Glia Society    (99.9th percentile)
One In A Thousand Society    (99.9th percentile)
Triple Nine Society    (99.9th percentile)
Int'l Society for Philosophical Enquiry    (99.9th percentile)
Ultranet     (99.997th percentile)
Prometheus Society
    (99.997th percentile)
Pi Society    (99.9999th percentile)
Mega Society
     (99.9999th percentile)


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Albert Einstein

Zo, you zink you vould like to try zum tests, eh? You vill have fun vith zeez:

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, PGS, Cerebrals, Glia and Pi.

Paul Cooijman's Test For Genius
See if you've got what it takes for TOPS, PGS, OATH, Glia,and Pi

Xavier Jouve's Encephalist Test
See if you've got what it takes for Cerebrals
Glia, and Pi.


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