77island - complete discography 

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to a fully re-edited version of this discography. To complete this discography I need your help and cooperation. This refers on the one hand to information and on the other hand to scanned cover images.

You will find in some cases question marks to indicate missing information. I am not interested in publishing supposed information but confirmed - so if you feel qualified and authoritative to fill the gaps, please don't hesitate to contact me. Moreover, if you own a release not mentioned in this discography or have confirmed information about one please contact me too and give me as much information about it as you can.

I strive for showing you the frontcover, the backcover and the complete booklet of every listed item as well as the coverside of cds and the vinyl label of records. There is a certain amount of items without images, some other images I found in the world wide web, are poor of quality - so if you own a scanner or can use one at work and want to support this discography feel free to scan your records and send the images to me. Tell me exactly to which item the image belongs. In some cases I linked japanese items to the standard images. Actually I would like to present the small japanese insert too, so if you are motivated to scan them I'd be pleased.

In some cases you get the possibility to view an enlarged version of the image. Just mouse and click on the image to see if there is a link.

I really encourage you to contact me in any case for making this discography better, more complete and containing as less errors as possible. I need your positive and negative feedback.

I would be very glad if you include this discography in your links list or promote it in any other way. Thanks.

Thank you for your cooperation and for using it. Thanks to all previous supporters of this discography. You know who you are.

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