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Celeb Spotlight on Triple Image

No, you're not seeing double—or triple. That's Triple Image, the latest girlie band consisting of three cutie sisters—12-year-old twins Bridgett and Brittney, and 11-year-old li'l sis Brianna. We caught up with the girls in between rehearsals for their tour with 'NSync. The girls are hittin' Boston, Philadelphia and Orlando with the boys this month. So if you dig 'em live, check out their debut album in stores this summer.

By Alicia Clott

Girls' Life: Are you excited to perform with 'NSync? How are you preparing for the tour?
Brittney: I'm very excited and a little nervous because there's going to be a lot of people there.
Brianna: We have four hours each day of rehearsals. We have to choreograph the entire show. It's mostly serious work, but after we learn the choreography we play around with it.

How do you feel it will promote your career?
Brittney: Very well. 'NSync is so big, and everyone goes to their concerts.

So, who's the older twin?

Brittney: I'm the older one by four minutes.

Do you have like a weird sense about what the other one is thinking or feeling?

Brittney: If we get close together, we get this tickling sensation on our forehead. It's so weird.

Do you ever play pranks on your friends or teachers when you were younger?
Brittney: Not really because Bridgett is taller and bigger. Sometimes our teachers got us confused.

Do you have any other siblings?
Brittney: We have two older sisters.

Do you all like the same music?
Brittney: Brianna loves Creed. I like 'NSync. Bridgett likes Nickleback.

How are your personalities and stuff different?
Brianna: We're not that different except my sisters are older. They are turning 13—they are going to be teenagers.

I hear Brianna is the one with the attitude?

Brianna: Ya, I'm more aggressive when I perform.

Any embarrassing moments you want to spill?
Brianna: Brittney has. She split her pants on stage. They were black, and she was wearing white underwear. She had to turn around and hold her pants where they split.

Do you guys have time for boyfriends?
Brittney: We're not allowed. If we were allowed, we're still so young.

Do you guys ever fight, not get a long or have problems sharing the spotlight?
Brittney: On-and-off, a little. We're sisters. We mostly get along, but we always have our moments.
Brianna: We don't fight all the time. They look out for me instead.

What's your favorite song on the album?
Brittney: "Celebrate"—it is very fast and cool. Everyone loves it, and so do I.
Brianna: "None of Your Business" or "Celebrate."

What will be your first single?
Brittney: "Last One Standing."

How do you get pumped up for a show?

Bridgett: We pray, and warm up our voices.

Do you get nervous at all?
Bridgett: When the music starts, it's all over. In the beginning I do, but once I get halfway through a song I'm not nervous.

Where do you hope your career will go?
Bridgett: I hope we're really famous, sell a lot of records and do what we love.

(Photo credit: Reggie Casagrande)

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