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Catch Mew at Toys "R" Us!

Peel & Win CardAttention Pokémon Trainers! Mew, the ultra-rare Pokémon #151, has been spotted at Toys "R" Us stores across the country.

What makes Mew so special? Its rarity! Mew cannot be found in Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow, and previously has only been available to Nintendo Power Magazine contest winners and at special events.

Soon, you too will have a chance to catch your very own Mew. On November 26, 1999, the first 1,500 customers at any Toys "R" Us store will each receive an official Pokémon Peel & Win card (shown on the left). Peel off the Mew sticker, and if the words "Caught Me" appear beneath the sticker you win!

If you're lucky enough to catch Mew, the Toys "R" Us staff will place the rare Pokémon on your Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow Game Pak. For more details, be sure to read the official Toys "R" Us Pokémon Peel & Win game rules.

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