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Koan for Software Developers

Koan is the most advanced publishing system for interactive or generative ultra-low bandwidth audio - from fixed sounds and tracks to non-looping experiences. Using text based audio vectors, which can be as small as 10 bytes, Koan can deliver quality sounds and music VERY, VERY FAST. Two desktop authoring tools are available, Koan Pro and Koan X.

Koan is a comprehensive and proven audio platform for developers, including a fully re-routable and powerful integral softsynth and generative music engine. Koan is a tailored approach for delivering interactive, context sensitive, audio to games and entertainment - be it webpage based or software based.

The Koan system can play vector audio, Koan files and MIDI files. Koan content can include fixed melodic sequences and patterns, and utilise and apply FX to audio samples (e.g. MP3). The Koan system can also deliver complex and evolving non-looping generative audio, which can be driven by external events, and so is ideal for usage in games and interactive entertainment.

Because the text based Koan vector audio format can also include synth sound settings and FX, it is a "normative" or scalable solution. This means your Koan material will sound consistent on any platform on which Koan is installed, be this Windows or Mac computers, or PDAs like the Compaq iPAQ.

The licensable Koan platform is soon to be available on a number of mobile devices through the Tao intent platform. SSEYO is in discussions with a wide range of vendors.

The Koan vector audio track on this page is only 1.1Kb

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