Features of Resident Evil 2 N64


By enhancing an already great game, we went further than anyone expected to bring you an incredible experience in Survival Horror:

  • With a 4 MB expansion pack, all graphics render at resolutions up to 640x480 pixels, which is 4 times as good as the PlayStation version. The result is clearer, sharper graphics throughout.
  • All full-motion videos are included and even play at 24-bit color depth.
  • The characters feature smoother movements and sharper uniforms--benefits of higher screen resolutions, perspective-corrected textures, and bilinear interpolation of texels.
  • The cartridge provides much faster access to data than a CD-ROM player, which reduces load time between rooms and speeds up gameplay.
  • The sound effects and music benefit from MusyXTM, the kick-ass audio system from Factor 5 that Dolby Surround approved for the N64. Two legendary musicians from Factor 5, Chris Huelsbeck and Rudolf Stember, converted many of the sound tracks personally.