ASGARD - Cold Season

Asgard - Cold Season - Track listing:

1. Cold Season  2. Book Of Hel  3. Beware The Wolves / Cosmogony
4. Battle Of Shadows  5. To Walk The Path Of Odhinn
6. As Wolves Gather Beneath A Frozen Moon
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TITLE: Cold Season
CAT #: GWN005
FORMAT: Compact Disc
ORIGIN: Canada
STYLE: Deadly cold Black War Metal!

Hot facts:
  • This is the long awaited debut CD from this new Black Metal sensation!
  • This album will please all fans of Scandinavian War Metal!
  • Their debut MCD Asgard was recorded with GORGUTS' Steve McDonald...
  • Very intense, ripping and brutal, yet very harmonious and symphonic
  • 300 promos shipped to the most relevant radios and mags worldwide...
  • Distributed by Local Distribution in Canada...


This quartet has gone through its share of problems and line-up changes, etc., which has caused this album to come out much later then originally anticipated... But the perseverance of the main members made them get through all the problems successfully... The end result is this incredible piece of organic Black Metal that will make every fans of Black Metal beg for more!!!

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Cold Season