C of E - Day By Day

C Of E - Day By Day - Track listing:

1. Day By Day (audio track)
2. Day By Day (video track avi format)
3. Day By Day (video track quicktime)
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TITLE: Day By Day
FORMAT: Multi-Media CD-ROM
ORIGIN: The Netherlands
STYLE: Ultra Heavy Brutal Metalcore Extremists!

Hot facts:
  • This is C OF E's first video clip...
  • It is already getting some airplay in Europe...
  • The computer generated effects are breath taking! Very high quality video!
  • There also is an audio track for regular CD listening...
  • 300 promos shipped to the most relevant radios and mags worldwide...


The song Day By Day is taken from C OF E's debut album Protect Me From What I Want, released on GWN Europe and also distributed by GWN America for North America. Extremely aggressive, brutal and in your face music... Fans of both Thrash Metal and Hardcore will love this piece of insane Metalcore! Don't expect any Machine Head type of crap: This is the real thing! Thrash, Metal, Hardcore, brutality, heaviness, aggressivity, no compromises!

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Day by Day
Scenes from the video tracks...
Day By Day - Video Track
Day By Day - Video Track
Day By Day - Video Track
Day By Day - Video Track