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Advising Health Care Institutions Integrating Complementary and Alternative Medical Providers.

Malpractice Considerations Affecting the Clinical Integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Tibetan Medicine and the Human Energy Field.

What is the Matrix? A Radical Look at Medico-Legal Reform.

Should Insurers Reimburse Patients for Integrative Medicine?

A Healers' Code of Ethics.

State Law Regulation of the Practice of Medicine: Implications for the Practice of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Setting Up a Holistic Health Care Clinic: Legal Implications.

Insurance Should Cover Alternative Medicine, Intellectual Capital, (March 25, 1999)

Law Review Articles

A Fixed Star in Health Care Reform: The Emerging Paradigm of Holistic Healing.

Holistic Health Care: Including Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Insurance and Regulatory Schemes, 38 Ariz. L. Rev. 83 (1996)

Malpractice and Vicarious Liability for Providers of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Bender's Health Care Monthly 3 (July 1996)

Toward a Bioethics of Compassion, 28 Ind. L. J. 667 (1995)

Reconstructing the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing as a Tort, 73 Calif. L. Rev. 1291 (1985)

Additional Articles

Ethics in Integrative Care: The Healer's Boundaries, 5:4 Alt. & Comp. Therap. 241 (August 1999)

Do Clones Have Souls and Other Medicolegal Mysteries, 5:3 Alt. & Comp. Therap. 177 (June 1999)

Yoga, Medicine, and the Law, 2:3 Alt. Healthcare Mgt. 16 (1999)

Medicine in “Flatland:” A Tale of Two Dimensions, 5:2 Alt. & Comp. Therap. 110 (April 1999)

Changing U.S. Dietary Supplements Regulation: Belief, Values, Policies, 2:2 Alt. Healthcare Mgt. 16 (March 1999)

An Indigenous Mexican Healer: A Personal Encounter, 2:2 Alt. Healthcare Mgt. 24 (March 1999)

Referral to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Providers: A Physician's Liability, Integrative Med. Consult 44 (March 1, 1999)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy: The Future of Regulation, 5:1 Alt. & Comp. Therap. 50 (Feb. 1999)

Sex, Scandal and Spirituality, 4:6 Alt. & Comp. Therap. 435 (Dec. 1998)

Examining The Legal Status of Energy Healing, 1:2 Alt. Healthcare Mgt. 14 (Nov. 1998) and 2:1 (Jan. 1999)

Integrating Complementary and Alternative Therapies: Strategic Advice for Health Care Institutions, 1:1 Alt. Healthcare Mgt. 10 (Sept. 1998)

Complementary Medicine: Legal Status of the Nonlicensed Provider in the United States, 4:3 Comp. Ther. in Nurs. & Midwif. 99 (Aug. 1997)

Scope of Practice Limitations on Unconventional Providers: The Case of Chiropractic, 2:2 Alt. & Comp. Therap. 110 (1996)

Guaranteeing Freedom of Access to Healing: The Access to Medical Treatment Act of 1995, 1:6 Alt. & Comp. Therap. 408 (1995)

Legal Ramifications of Homeopathy, 1:4 J. Alt. & Comp. Med. (1995)

Expanding Legal Paradigms to Incorporate Subtle Energies, 6:1 Sub. Energ. 99 (1995)

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