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This game is a rework of the Atari Classic "MOONBUGGY". We've brought it right into the 90's with 256 color VGA graphics and some of the weirdest aliens you have ever met. Meet the juggling SCHNOZ and the goo throwing GYRO Schnoz in a non stop game of action and skill. You must jump over large craters, whilst avoiding those mean green aliens, collect our poor Astronauts and recover the stolen satellite dishes.

Cheat codes are available


  • Smooth Scrolling 256 color graphics.
  • Crazy,Crazy animations and sounds (Sound Blaster).
  • Twin Laser power.
  • Adlib/Sound Blaster Support.
  • Automatic "Smart" Save.
  • Choose any level to play.
  • Ten Levels of mayhem (Registered Version).
  • Keyboard/Joystick/Gravis Pad Support (Gravis Pad Recommended).
  • Produce your own screenshots using the built in PCX screen grabber.


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