“Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.” — Jesse Jackson

Hola, My name is Jared Dunkin and this web site is dedicated to my two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic. I was fortunate to be to able to serve in the small business program in the beautiful tourist town of Puerto Plata. I have had an amazing time which would be difficult to put fairly into words. I have met interesting people, grown as a person, and have opened my eyes to another part of the world. I have lived with people, no matter how poor, that always wake up with smiles on their face. We can all learn something from that. I hope you enjoy my web page and that you too will discover the beauty and warmth of the Dominican Republic and her people.

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Last modified: January 20, 2001
Special thanks to the Puerto Plata Chamber of Commerce for their assistance.

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