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Q) What is Narconon Montreal?

A) Narconon Montreal is a LONG-TERM, NON-TRADITIONAL inpatient treatment center for drug addiction and alcoholism. Our success rate is around 70%.

Q) What does NON-TRADITIONAL mean?

A) Most treatment centers use a combination of 12 step recovery and group therapy in an effort to handle addiction. While some people respond to this type of treatment, factually speaking, most do not (click here for an article on traditional treatment). This means that 1 or 2 out of 10 people who go through traditional treatment may end their drug or alcohol problem. At Narconon, approximately 7 out of 10 people permanently conquer their addiction after completing the program.

Q) What does "Narconon" mean?

A) Narconon comes from two Greek words. "Narco" means drugs and "non" means "no". So Narconon means "Drugs-No!".

Q) How did the Narconon program start?

A) Narconon was founded by
William Benitez in Arizona State Penitentiary in 1966. Mr. Benitez was a heroin addict who could not seem to get off drugs using traditional forms of treatment. Utilizing the techniques of humanitarian researcher L. Ron Hubbard, Mr. Benitez was able to get himself and other inmates off drugs. This was the beginning of the Narconon program. Today, Narconon has more than 30 centers internationally.

Q) How is the Narconon program different from other drug treatment programs?

A) The Narconon program addresses 3 areas that are not intensively treated in more traditional programs. These areas are:

1) Physical detoxification - Long-term use of addictive drugs can cause an accumulation of drug residues and metabolites in the body. These residues can remain in the body for years, causing drug and alcohol cravings and drug-induced depression. Narconon uses the Hubbard method of detoxification to remove these residues, resulting in an individual who is free of the harmful physical effects of mind-altering drugs.

2) Life-Skills - Many people do not realize that some of the most common abilities and skills which they use everyday are not instinctual, but are learned. These are all areas in which drug addicts and alcoholics have been found to be deficient. These are NOT instinctive abilities. They require training and practice to perfect.

The Narconon program gives heavy emphasis to life-skills training. Some of the areas addressed are communication skills, study skills and applying ethical principles in everyday life.. The result is an individual more comfortable with his life and less likely to be overwhelmed by it. The practice of these skills are extremely therapeutic in and of themselves.

3) Other therapeutic procedures - There are a number of therapeutic procedures unique to the Narconon program. These therapies are designed to free a person from the guilt, remorse and regret of past actions, and to restore the self-control that is inevitably sacrificed when a person becomes addicted to drugs.

Q) What is Narconon’s success rate?

A) Narconon has a 60%-70% success rate over two years. This compares to a 10%-20% success rate of traditional treatment programs.

Q) How long does it take to complete the Narconon program?

A) Completion of phase I -the New Life Detoxification program - can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks. The balance of the program generally takes approximately 2 months to complete.

Q) What type of people are treated at Narconon?

A) People from all walks of life, from all over the world come to Narconon for treatment. Ages range from 18-65. There are usually about 40% female and 60% male clients in treatment.

Q) What does the Narconon program cost?

A) Costs differ according to what therapies are delivered. In general terms, the cost of the Montreal Narconon program is much less than other hospital programs. U.S. residents in particular benefit from a very favorable exchange rate.

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