Of all the Xena recurring characters Ephiny is one of the best. Her character (played by Danielle Cormack) was introduced in the Season One episode “Hooves And Harlots.” She was a brash young Amazon warrior ready to fight the Centaurs to death to defend her sisters’ honor.

She made numerous appearances on Xena (and even a couple of Hercules episodes) as her character Ephiny. After “Hooves And Harlots” she returns in “Is There A Doctor In The House”, the Season One Finale in which her Centaur husband is murdered in a dispute during the Mitoan-Thessalian War. It is this episode that she gives birth to her son whom she names Xenon in honor of Xena. Her next appearances are: 3-“The Quest” (Season Two) Gabrielle is returning Xena’s body to Amphipolis after she was killed in “Destiny”. While she is traveling she is stopped by Ephiny who implores her to return to take her place as Amazon Queen to stop evil Velasca from taking over and turning the honorable Amazon’s to their old violent ways.

4-“A Necessary Evil” (Season Two) Ephiny continues to show her loyal nature when she fights with Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto to stop the immortal Velasca from killing Gabrielle in revenge for not giving her the crown.

5-“Maternal Instincts”(Season Three) Ephiny must work to save the children from Hope and Callisto’s evil plans to kill the children, namely Xena’s son Solan.

6-“The Bitter Suite”(Season Three) Ephiny does all in her power to save Gabrielle from a revenge-minded Xena who is determined to kill Gabrielle at Ares’ urging to avenge Solon’s death. She bravely goes up against Xena, though I think we all know she knew in her heart that she didn’t stand a chance of winning. This proves once again how loyal Ephiny can be to a friend.< 7-“Endgame” (Season Four)Ephiny’s last battle on Earth happens in this episode when she is killed in battle by Brutus while fighting off a Roman invasion and saving Amarice.

8-And lastly “Last Of The Centaurs”-Ephiny returns to save her son Xenon, now a grown man, from Balak (son of Boreas) when the man puts a bounty on Xenon’s head for falling in love with Nika, Balaks daughter.

Ephiny was a brave warrior, loving mother and devoted friend to Xena and Gabrielle. She made an impression on the hearts of all Xenites and she will never be forgotten as long as the show is remembered.

-Caina Q. Fuller