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Wildcats, iss. 20, pub Image
Daemonite lord Hightower, while being hunted down by the WildC.A.T.S in their building, tricks their leader, Jacob Marlowe, by assuming Voodoo's shape. Very brief, two panels.

Wild C.A.T.S. Iss. 3, pub. Wildstorm
Spartan and Wildcats leader Lord Emp go undercover as Bambi and Connie Devereaux: a mother enrolling her daughter at an exclusive private school with some dark secrets. The three-foot-tall Emp wears an elaborate disguise as "Connie," complete with false head. In the case of android Spartan, however, it's somewhat apparent that a physical change has occurred; in one scene, a hypnotized "Bambi" sits on the lecherous headmaster's lap and kisses him. And when Spartan becomes himself again, he's still wearing lipstick.

Witness Protection, The New Yorker This is a cartoon I got out of a New Yorker magazine a few years ago, but I didn't have the scanner to digitize it until recently.

World's Finest Iss. 257, pub. DC
A bag lady gets hold of a magical creature that grants wishes.  Briefly she changes herself into a tall, beautiful brunette.

[World's Finest 264]

World's Finest Iss. 264, pub. DC
An attractive female casino owner turns out to be a male criminal previously thought to be dead.

Xmen 2099, Iss. 17

Xmen 2099, Iss. 17, pub. Marvel

Halloween Jack assumes the shape of a beautiful female crime boss to fool her gang, then uses her handprint to electronically transfer her assets to him.

Xmen Iss. 23, pub. Marvel
We discover that the body thief Mountjoy has been hiding out in a woman called Scribe.

Xmen iss. 137

Xmen Vol. 1, Iss. 137, pub. Marvel

The X-men are battling a legion of alien superheroes with other alien races observing. At one point, the Skrull observer shapeshifts into Storm to catch Wolverine off-guard.

Aoi Futaba

You're Under Arrest!, English translation, pub. by Dark Horse, iss. 5 of 8

This is an fun series about a squad of the Tokyo Highway Patrol. It's played mostly for laughs, with a collection of oddballs as squad members. One such is Aoi Futaba, a sweetly demure young lady who actually happens to be a young *man*. (One of the running gags of the series is that Aoi is more lady-like than the genetic females in the squad.) In the story 'Nice Shot, Aoi!', a former classmate comes to the station house, looking for Futaba.

Savage Dragon, iss. 73, pub. Marvel *NEW*

A "cloaking device" device built by Dr. Nirvana allows Dragon to pose as a blonde (possibly his fiancee, Smasher?) and Dart to pose as surrogate daughter Angel. Appears to be illusion, although the device duplicates the woman's fingerprints. Brief. (Description from

Piranha Club - Newspaper strip - May 2001 *NEW*

An alien male seeking atomic secrets first gets transformed into a
dumpy-looking human. When that doesn't work, he becomes a curvy

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