A Council on Foreign Relations Policy Initiative is designed specifically to encourage debate on crucial topics in U.S. foreign policy. The substance of a volume benefits from the comments of several analysts and many contributors, but responsibility for the final text remains with the project director.

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Reshaping America's Military: Four Alternatives
Project directed by: Lawrence J. Korb
Council on Foreign Relations (Forthcoming - Advance Draft)

Reshaping America's Defenses: Four Alternatives
Project directed by: Lawrence J. Korb in collaboration with John Hillen
Council on Foreign Relations (Forthcoming - Advance Draft)

The tragic events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 have focused America’s attention squarely on the question of how best to provide for our national security. It is to add, as best we can at this time, to these important debates that we offer the following advance draft of Korb’s “Reshaping America’s Defenses: Four Alternatives.” This text describes what options the United Statesmust choose between in considering how best to structure its military to defend against both the threats we face today and those we will face tomorrow, including terrorism.

Although combating terrorism worldwide has understandably become the central element of most discussions on defense, choices about how to prioritize our forces’ missions and where to spend our defense dollars – even beyond anti-terrorism efforts –must still be made. “Reshaping America’s Defenses: Four Alternatives” lays out the best case for four different possible paradigms, each of which could serve as the organizing principle for future U.S. defense plans. It is our hope that providing this manuscript, even in draft form, will allow readers to engage in a vital debate with a more comprehensive view of the options available to this country.
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Humanitarian Intervention: Crafting a Workable Doctrine
Project directed by: Alton Frye
Council on Foreign Relations (October 2000)

Future Visions for U.S. Defense Policy : Four Alternatives Presented as Presidential Speeches
Project directed by: John Hillen, Lawrence J. Korb
Council on Foreign Relations (September 2000)

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