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Our vending tent Full racks and tables of goodies! Great in the wind and cold on Saturday Our colorful banners Music, CD's and books on one side
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Jewelry, bindis, and scarves on the other Our tent became a social hangout at times People milling about and sitting in the grass near our tent Our friends in Goddess Squad came by, visited, and did their make-up at our tent Elizabeth and Julia before their performance
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Goddess Squaders snacking away Since our tent was so big, Raqs Halim and Veils of the Nile got to use it as their dressing room before the shows. It was very nice to have our own space to dress in! My troupe-mate and friend, Selima, visited before her solo performance Saturday.
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Proud proprietesses posing for the camera We had a successful raffle both days of the event, giving away a pair of silk pantaloons and a lapis necklace Making a sale. Yay! Henna that Selima did on me for Med Fest. She fit me in last minute on Friday night, and her work was fast and impeccable. Gorgeous.
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