Title: In Dreams (reference to the really crappy Robert Downey Jr. movie unintentional.)
Author: Desire
Rating: Differs between parts. No rating is lower than PG-13.
Setting: Season 6 after “Gone”, therefore major spoilers for Season 6.
Coupling: B/S (but you knew that ;D) in my own fucked up way, plus some various stuff along the way.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters sadly do not belong to me, they belong to Joss Wheadon, Mutant Enemy, the Fox Corp., and UPN, who own everything but my soul. Only the idea is mine.
Author’s Note: The stories “The Family Man” and “Heart of Darkness” are based solely on Spoilery Speculation for S. 6. The dreams are all my interpretation of where the Character’s (Buffy, Spike, Xander, Dawn, & Willow) are at in S. 6. Basically, it’s just me diving into their psyches for shits and giggles.
Pop Culture 101: In the prologue, Willow’s fave Cheerleader movie is none other than Bring it on…so the lines “Brr.. I said it’s cold in here…” are from that movie. There are also references to Lord of the Rings and Red Dwarf…if you are clueless about these things and have a geek within your reach, ask them to explain.
Summary: The Nerds of Doom use a bit of magic to crack into the nightmares of Buffy and those closest to her. *yup, that’s all the summary you’re a getting.*


“I know you did it!” Jonathan’s eyes flashed with anger. His fingers began to curl unconsciously into fists at his sides.

Andrew nervously shoved his hands into his pockets. He averted his head away from the glare of hatred coming from the other direction.

“Did what?” He asked innocently. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The two friends stood in the middle of the lair of the Nerds Of Doom, otherwise known as “Warren’s basement.” Andrew still continued to avoid Jonathan’s looks of “death” while trying to maintain his ‘innocent’ face. The ‘innocent’ face was slowly crumbling into the ‘guilty’ one.

“Yes you do, don’t lie to me!” Jonathan shouted, his growing anger and impatience made his voice crack and take on a high pitched nasal sound.

“How could I be lying? I have no clue what the hell you’re talking about!” Andrew was determined to stick to his original plan and play clueless, plus it was funny to hear Jonathan squeak like that. His voice kind of sounded like Mariah Carey caught in a bear trap, he thought, holding back a smile.

The features on the shorter geek suddenly began to soften. It looked as if a wave of calm had come over Jonathan, and he smiled reassuringly at his friend.

“It’s okay.” The tone in his voice settled back into its normal nasal form, without the squeak. “Just tell me the truth and I won’t get mad.”

Andrew opened his mouth to speak but hesitated and ended up shutting it again. He mulled over whether or not to stick to his plan or just give up and tell Jonathan the truth. He really looks like he’s not mad any more…oh what the hell.

“I used one of your Red Dwarf tapes to record the Lord of the Rings movie special on MTV.” He finally admitted.

An uncomfortable silence fell between the two. Andrew noticed how the smile on Jonathan’s face had tightened. In fact, it looked almost painful, as if his face should crack and bleed at any second.

“See…” Jonathan, said nodding his head. His voice, beginning to crack once again. “I’m not mad.”

Andrew smiled as a small sigh of relief escaped his lips. He chuckled a little. He had been holding onto that secret for weeks now. It felt so much better to be rid of that and now to find out that Jonathan isn’t angry at all made him wonder why he had held onto it in the first place.

“You son of a bitch!” Jonathan shouted, as he bum rushed Andrew, knocking him to the ground.

The two geeks wrestled each other, rolling around on the floor. Jonathan gained the upper hand and pinned Andrew to the ground. He climbed on top of him, straddling him, and began a full on attack.

“You said you wouldn’t get mad!” Andrew screamed. He put his arms up around his face for protection.

“An MTV special! You used my tapes to record an MTV special!”

“It was LOTR, dude!”

“I don’t believe you!”

“I ran out of tapes! They were going to show exclusive clips of the Baggins shire!” Andrew had managed to scrunch himself up. His forearms covering his head. It took him nearly a minute to realize that the punches had stopped. He slowly uncovered his face and looked up at the 20 year-old sitting on top of him.

“They showed clips of the Baggins shire?”

“That’s right, Frodo.”

“Get. Up.”

Warren, the self-proclaimed leader of the Nerds of Doom, now loomed over his two cohorts. His arms crossed over his chest, scowling down at them. He looked like an annoyed father ready to punish two little boys.

“This is so unprofessional. How are we supposed to get anything done with you two acting like fucking morons!”

“He started it.” Andrew whimpered, causing Jonathan to punch him on the arm.

“You hit like a girl!”

Warren’s patience had worn thin. “Shut up! Both of you, stop it!” He screamed angrily. “We have work to do.”

Most of the time, Warren felt like a baby sitter when it came to Jonathan and Andrew. He had decided long ago, that when he got rid of the Slayer, his sidekicks wouldn’t be far behind.

“Get your asses up. I’m calling an emergency meeting.” Warren sighed, leaving the two to join him in the ‘meeting area’ of the basement. Warren assumed his position at the ‘objective’ board, while Jonathan and Andrew took their seats.

“Okay…” Warren began. “A couple of side notes before I get to the real purpose of this meeting. First up, the Fett.”

Andrew and Jonathan exchanged looks.

“Which one of you touched my limited edition Boba Fett.”

“I didn’t-“

“I never touched it…”

“Someone touched the Fett. When I find out who, I’m taking the freeze ray and giving him a permanent case of blue balls.”

Andrew motioned towards Jonathan, discreetly pointing his finger and nodding his head, mouthing the words “He did it.”

“Second order of business…” Warren began. His cheeks reddened as he spoke. “My mom wanted me to tell you guys to make sure that you take all of your cups and dishes back into the kitchen when your done. She-uh, she said she found something fuzzy growing in here, and it would really help cut down on the ant problem.” He cleared his throat and tried to recapture his leader-like tone. Bringing up his parents was always a source of embarrassment for him. Talking about them only helped to remind him that he was living in their basement.

“Now, the real purpose behind this meeting. The Slayer…”

“What about her?” Jonathan asked, cutting in.

“Now that she knows we’re her arch nemises-ses we’ve got to step up our game. She’ll be coming after us…”

Andrew spoke up:

“Umm…how do you know she’ll be coming after us? I mean, she really didn’t seem…umm…that threatened.”

“I don’t think you were looking closely. Trust me, she was threatened, it was all in the eyes.”

“I was looking closely.”

Jonathan snickered. “Yeah, but not at her eyes.” He and Andrew laughed in agreement.

“Isn’t her hair cut adorable?”

“Guys, can we focus, please! She felt threatened, she’ll come after us, and when she does, we’ve got to be prepared. We’ve got to focus in on what makes her tick, on who she’s surrounded by, who she’s close to. Any suggestions on how we do that?”

“W-We could tail her and her friends in the van.” Andrew suggested.

“No. They know about the van.” Warren shook his head. “Plus, we’d have to follow her little sister, and the high school’s right across from the Pre-School playground. You do remember what happened the last time we parked the van in front of the Pre-School playground.”

The three wanna-be super villains sat in silence for a long while. Each of them lost in thought. After what seemed like an eternity, Andrew broke the silence and stopped their inner musings.

“Hey, do you think that footage of *NSYNC as Jedi Knights will ever be on the Internet?”

Warren and Jonathan simultaneously shot him looks.

“What?” Andrew asked.

“We could try a spell.” Jonathan suggested.

Warren’s eyes perked up. “What kind of spell?”

“Well, I could use my magic bone to…”

Both Warren and Andrew began to snicker loudly and it quickly turned into full on laughter.

Jonathan sighed loudly. “Come on guys!”

“Okay, okay…” Warren said, wiping the tears from his eyes, still giggling. “You were saying.”

“I could use my magic bone to…” Once again, Warren and Andrew snickered, suppressing any further laughter. “I could use my magic bone to…open a portal to Buffy’s dreams. We-We could find out what she’s most afraid of then use it against her later.”

“You could do that?” Warren asked.

Jonathan nodded and smiled proudly.

Andrew was still giggling. “Magic Bone.”

Spike stared up at the ceiling in his crypt. He was trying hard to block out the sound of clothes rustling beside him.

“What?” Buffy asked, slipping her right leg into her pants.

“Nothing.” Spike said, reaching over to grab his crumpled up jeans. He sat up and began to search through the pockets, finally pulling out his Marlboro Lights and his Zippo. He lit his cigarette and lay down, reclaiming his semi-comfortable spot on the rug.

Buffy sighed as she zipped up her pants.

“Say it.”

“Do you always have to leave? Would it kill you to stay, just once?”

“I can’t leave Dawn alone all night, you know that.”

“She won’t be alone, the Witch is there and so is half the bleedin’ town most of the time.”

Buffy gave him a look as she slipped on her top.

“And we know how reliable “The Witch” has been as of late.” She said rather coolly, ducking behind the couch and out of sight. “Where’s my other shoe?”

“That was cold, pet. Red’s been tryin’ hard.”

Buffy’s head reappeared from over the back of the couch. She frowned at the naked vampire lying on the floor. “Don’t call me that.” Once again, she dropped out of sight. “I know she’s been trying hard…I didn’t mean…look, you know I can’t stay, so just drop it.”


“Why what?” Buffy was getting beyond annoyed. “Why do you ask so many questions.” She said smartly, moving from behind the couch, carrying one shoe.

“Why can’t you…no…why won’t you stay with me.”

“Because…staying would imply that this is a normal, functioning relationship, which it is not.” She slipped on her one shoe and inched closer towards the door. “Shit. Spike, let me know if you find my other shoe.”

“You’re goin’ to walk home with one shoe on? How ever will you explain that one? Tony, the evil shoe stealin’ gnome attacked you.” He said, rolling his eyes. He took one last puff on his cigarette, then sat up, looking around for an ashtray.

Buffy, sighed audibly. She walked, as best she could in one shoe, over to the small table that was turned over on it’s side. She bent over and picked up the ashtray that was hiding behind it. She walked over to Spike and dropped it beside him.

Spike looked up at her, sneering as he put his cigarette out. “Don’t forget to lock the door on your way out.” He growled.

Buffy turned, limping her way back towards the door. She let it slam loudly behind her.

Spike’s latest secret romp with Buffy had left his crypt looking a little worse for the wears. He sat on the small rug in the middle of all of the destruction, in his naked splendor. To tired and too angry to move, he lied down once again and slowly began to fall asleep.


Willow sat on the couch, looking half interested in the movie. She shifted and stretched her legs out to get more comfortable.

Dawn lay asleep on the floor, her legs, scrunched up to her chest. Xander and Anya had also taken Dawn’s lead. Anya lay with her head in his lap, while Xander sat against the couch, his head tilted back, snoring loudly.

The aftermath of yet another Friday movie night.

The front door slowly opened and Buffy, limped her way inside, closing it as quietly as possible.

Willow turned her attention away from Kirsten Dunst and towards the doorway. She smiled. “Hey, Buff.”

“Looks like I missed all the fun.”

“Yeah.” Willow nodded, smiling. She caught a glimpse of Buffy’s ‘new style’ and raised an eyebrow. “Umm…Buff. What happened to your other shoe?”

“Have you ever heard of Tony the evil shoe stealin’ gnome?”


“Oh.” Buffy said quietly. “ Watch out for him, he’s a wily devil.”

The tired Slayer kicked off her one shoe. She looked towards the TV and slightly cringed. “Bring it on, again? That makes this what, the thousandth time we’ve seen this movie.”

Willow blushed. “What? Kirsten Dunst gives a riveting performance. I never knew cheerleaders had to work so hard…and…okay I can’t help it, I’ve kinda got a thing…”

Buffy laughed. “ ‘Night Will.” She said, turning and heading up the stairs.

“ ‘Night Buffy.” Willow called after her.

She rested her head on the arm of the couch and tried to focus her attention back on those cute little cheerleader outfits. She really hadn’t slept in weeks. The with drawls had been so bad that she had spent most of her nights shaking or raining sweat; but tonight, the lack of sleep was starting to take its toll. Willow’s eyes were growing heavy and not even Kirsten Dunst doing tumbles in that skirt could keep them open. She finally couldn’t fight it any longer, and they began to close.

“You guys ready?”

The Nerds of Doom sat in a circle, in the middle of the basement. The room was lit entirely by candles, adding to its new Erie feeling. The ‘Magic Bone’ sat in the middle of the three.

“Yes, we’re ready. Let’s get this over with.”

“Okay, um, let me explain how this works.” Jonathan started. “If the spell goes as planned, there will be a beam of white light that will go threw the three of us. Then, a second light should form around each one of us. Um…according to where we’re sitting, my light should be blue, Warren’s green, and Andrew, yours orange…”

“Why does he get to have green!”

Warren reached over and slapped Andrew in the middle of his forehead.

“Shut up.”

“Hey, are you guys going to pay attention or what? Now, the second light, the one that-that’ll surround us, this is the portal. To keep it open for the whole dream, you’ll have to keep your minds completely clear.” Jonathan reached out and grabbed the spell book that was sitting in front of him and pulled it into his lap.

“Would you read the damn spell already!” Warren grumbled.

Jonathan shot him a look, then focused his attention back on the book. “It’s hard to read without the lights on!” He leaned forward, angling the book into the candlelight.

In dreams we keep our
Hearts desires and fears
Open the door and let
The nightmares
Be revealed.

End of Prologue


Rating: NC-17 (does your mamma know you’re reading this?) Not as graphic as some…but the sex is described in detail…which is why I chose to give the Adult stamp of approval. If you have the eyes of a new born babe…I suggest you skip over to the next dream.

Authors Note: There are songs in this (the musical is implied) but I wouldn’t quite call it a song fic. It does help if you’ve seen the musical, as there are many references to the ‘tap-dancin’ demon Sweet.

Seeing as how I don’t have enough creative flow to actually come up with some original tunes, In the grand tradition of Mr. Baz Lurhman, I’ve borrowed *cough, stolen* some recent Songs and interjected them into my funny lil’ fantasy.

The songs are as followed: ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’, snippets from ‘Pride (in the name of love)’, ‘I was made for lovin’ you (not entirely sure that’s the title of the song…sorry), “#1 Crush”, (the whole song, cause I love Garbage ;D), and various snippets from “Tainted Love” (hey, who doesn’t love Soft Cell ;D). I don’t own any of these songs, I’m just using them as a backdrop to some sort of plot (although I think you’d be hard pressed to find one), please don’t sue me.

All singing will be in ITALICS.

One more thing, then I’ll stop talking: This is my VERY first full, fledged attempt at smut. Please, be kind and let me know how I’m doin’. ;D

Buffy rose up as Spike shifted down. They came back together in a slow, agonizing move. The motion repeated again and again.

Their mouths recaptured each other in a crushing blow, their bodies now moving in a faster, harder, constant pace.

He opened his steely blue eyes and met her hazel ones, in a long stormy gaze. Taking a sharp breath that he didn’t need, Spike boldly dipped one hand between them, capturing her quim between his fingers.

Her vaginal walls grasped at his shaft. Buffy moaned softly as her orgasm hit her, seemingly shattering her into a million different pieces.

Spike pulled her closer, driving deeper into her. He too slipped over the edge, spilling his cold seed deep within her core.

Their eyes were still locked together, steely blue melting into hazel. Both breathing heavily, shivering from post-orgasmic chill.

Overcome with emotion, he moved in closer, now inches from her lips.

“Buffy, I…” He began, his voice slightly above a whisper.

Suddenly, the passion and utter emotion that had played across her features disappeared. A pair of cold and unfeeling eyes stared back. Any moment that had been, now gone.

She pulled away from him, climbing off and taking a quick seat on the rug.

“I’ve gotta go.”

“You’ve really got to work on your post-coital cuddly conversation skills, luv.”

Ignoring the comment, Buffy looked around as best she could without actually having to move.

The room was in complete shambles. The furniture had found a new home, turned over on the floor. Clothes were strewn about. Books and papers that had once been sitting on a shelf had also found a new, resting place, scattered around the crypt. The only item to make it out alive was the fridge, the microwave hadn’t been so lucky.

“Where are my pants?” Buffy asked, her eyes darting around the room.

“Well…” Spike sighed. “I guess this concludes the ‘romantic’ portion of the evening.”

“Huh?” Buffy said, disinterested. Her eyes, still scanning the room for her slacks.

“Nothing, just-nothing. I’m not even here.” Spike stammered quietly. “Your knickers are hanging off of the fridge over there. I’d think you might want to put those on first.”

“As soon as I get my legs back, I’ll make an attempt to move. She smiled slightly, lying down.

Spike smiled back at her, taking her lead and lying down beside her. He propped his head in his hand, his elbow resting on the floor.

“You know, you don’t have to move at all.”

Buffy smiled. “Does that mean you’re going to be nice and get my clothes for me?”

Spike cleared his throat, sneering.

“No. Actually, that was my vain attempt at getting you to stay.”

“Welcome to the land of déjà vu.” She sighed. “Somehow, I think we’ve had this conversation before.”


She ignored him, climbing slowly to her feet. She made her way over to the refrigerator, snatching the lacy, black panties off of the door and slipping them on.

“Buffy.” Spike repeated slowly.

“Have you seen my jeans?”

Spike sighed angrily, what little patience he had, completely gone.

“God damn it, woman! Will you talk to me!

“We have nothing to talk about.”

Growling, the vampire scrambled to his feet. He hurriedly picked up Buffy’s scattered clothing, then flung them in her direction.

“I’m going to take a shower. Don’t forget to lock up when you leave.” He said coldly, turning and walking out of the room.

Buffy let the door to Spike’s crypt slam loudly behind her. She thoughtfully rubbed the goose bumps on her arms that the chilly night air had given her.

The moon glowed high above the Restfield cemetery. The trees rustled by the strong gusts of wind, swayed slowly.

She looked over her shoulder at the door behind her, a part of her tempted to go back in, if for nothing but to steal his jacket. Holding her arms, Buffy walked away from the crypt door and away from the little voice that was telling her to back inside.

As she walked among the headstones, she began to sing softly:

“I follow the night, can’t stand the light.”

“When will I begin. To live again?”

“One Day I’ll fly away. Leave all this to yesterday.” She stopped in her tracks, turning to look back at the crypt, as she continued to sing. “What more could your love do for me? When will love be through with me?”

“Why live life from dream to dream?”

“And dread the day…when dreaming ends.”

As the gusts of wind began to swell, so did the emotions within her. Breathing heavily, Buffy set her sights on that door and made quick strides towards it, singing at the top of her lungs.

“One day I’ll fly away. Leave all this to yesterday.”

“Why live life…from dreaaaaam to dreaaaaaam?”

She stopped in front of the door, nervously rubbing her arms.

“And dread the day when…dreeeeam-iiiing. Ends.” She sang softly. “One day I’ll fly away. Fly, fly. Away.”

She raised her hand and knocked softly on the crypt door. It seemed to only take a second for the heavy door to fly open. Spike stood in the doorway, his right hand holding up a towel. He cocked his eyebrow as a sign of disbelief.

“Since when do you kno-“

His words were cut off by a bruising kiss. Spike let his towel drop to the floor and used his right hand to pull Buffy inside.

Without breaking the kiss, Buffy using her left leg, kicked the door shut.

“You gonna sing another lil’ ditty for me, luv?”

Spike smiled sheepishly. He lied in bed, propping his head in his hand. He looked down at the sleeping blonde next to him, unconsciously playing with her hair.

Buffy’s eyes fluttered a bit and she groaned at Spike’s comment.

“Oh, god, we’re singing again.” She smiled, looking up at Spike, giggling sleepily.

He leaned down and gently brushed his lips on her forehead. “You were wonderful last night. Staying on key, hitting all of the right notes…or was it just *me* hitting all of your right notes?”

She smiled, closing her eyes again.

“Shouldn’t this guy be haunting Michael Flatly or something?”

He grinned at her and cleared his throat. “Well…as long as we’re in a singing mood…”

Buffy quickly opened one eye and gave Spike a ‘funny-looking’ disapproving stare.

“Oh, please don’t…” She said halfheartedly

His grin only growing wider, the peroxide blonde leaned in close to her ear once more. He began to sing in soft, low voice:

“I was made for lovin’ you baby, you were made for lovin’ me.”

She eased away from him. The tone in his voice was making her tingle in all the right places. “Stop it.” She meant to say in an assertive tone, but it came out in more of a needy whisper.

Spike inched closer to her, now gently raining kisses down the side of her neck in between his words.

“In the name of love…one night in the name of love.” He sang, slightly above a whisper. His lips now making their way down her shoulder. He used his free hand to roam the soft curves of her body. His long fingers traced the outline of her ass and ran slowly along the back of her thigh.

“Spike…” Buffy sighed, her voice dripping with lust.

Running his fingers across towards her inner thigh, he used them to push her thighs slightly apart, dipping his hand in between. All the while, Spike continued to sing. The tone in his voice changed with the next song. He drawled the words out in a painful whisper.

“I would die for you. I would die for you. I’ve been dying just to feel you by my side…to know that you’re mine.”

He slowly slid one finger inside her tight passage.

“I will cry for you. I will cry for you. I will wash away your pain with all my tears…and drown your fear.”

She moaned throatily, pumping her pelvis to meet the thrusts of his finger.

“I will pray for you. I will pray for you. I will sell my soul for something pure and true…someone like you.”

He found her throbbing clit and teased it softly with his thumb.

“See your face every place that I walk in…hear your voice every time I’m talkin’. You won’t believe in me…and I will never be ignored.”

“I will burn for you. Feel pain for you. I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart…and tear it apart. I will lie for you, beg and steal for you…I will crawl on hands and knees until you seee…you’re just like me…”

Spike quickened his pace, with Buffy meeting his actions equally.

“Violate all the love that I’m missin’…throw away all the pain that I’m livin’. You won’t believe in me and I can never be ignored.”

He could feel her inner muscles tightening around his digit. Her breathing became more ragged and Spike pumped his finger faster, preparing to bring her over the edge.

“I would die for you. I would kill for you. I will steal for you. I’d do time for you. I will wait for you. I’d make room for you. I’d sail ships for you, to be close to you. To be part of you, cause you believe in me. I believe in you…”

“Oh god…” Buffy moaned as she shuddered and spasamed into his hand.

“I would die for you.” Spike drawled the last lyric to the song. He slid his finger out of her, bringing it to his face. Drinking in the musky scent, he sucked the finger into his mouth almost greedily lapping up the taste of her.

He grinned, “ I have a new found appreciation for musicals.”

Buffy reluctantly sat up and pulled the covers back. She carefully swung her legs over the side of the bed. Everyone on of her muscles ached and she wondered if she could make it two steps without falling on her ass.

“Where are you going?”

“To find out which one of the gang unleashed the ‘tap-dancin’ demon this time.” She found her legs and managed to climb out of bed.

“What do you think they’ll say?” Spike asked.


“What do you think they’ll say, when they find out about you?”

She turned to face him, looking at him as if he had grown two heads. “Find out what?”

“I’ll go with you.” Spike said, climbing out of bed. “Me and you can get a jump on finding that demon.”

She continued to stare at him blankly, the subject, apparently having been dropped.

“Come on, get dressed. You’re not gonna stand there naked all day are you?” He smiled, putting on, a pair jeans. He bent down and picked up a gray T-shirt, then quickly slipped it over his head.

“Nice day out, isn’t it? Nice and sunny.” Spike mused.

He walked over to the door and opened it. Standing in the doorway, Spike turned his head, when he noticed Buffy hadn’t joined him.

“You are coming, luv, aren’t you?” He asked. The sunlight, illuminated his face making it look as if he was glowing.

Buffy nodded dumbly. She hesitated a little before walking out into the light with Spike.

The sky began to darken as the pair walked through the cemetery, becoming almost black before they walked out of the gates.

“Where did the sun go?” Buffy asked looking up at Spike.

“Dunno,” He shrugged, “guess it didn’t feel like stayin’ out.”

“But how did it get so dark all of a sudden?”

“You should know, pet. It’s not me…it’s you.”

She stared at him, shaking her head. “Okay…” She huffed, “When did you become cryptic-boy?”

“So, which one of your little pals do you think unleashed the demon this time? Bet it was the whelp again.”

“Again with the subject switching! Spike what did you mea-“ Buffy stopped herself midway in her sentence. The streets of Sunnydale were unusually crowded and all eyes seemed to be on her.

Concern growing on her face, Buffy turned to Spike once more. “Spike, what is going on?”

Shrugging his shoulders, he repeated absently. “It’s not me, it’s you.”

Buffy walked closer to her vampire companion. The eyes of the crowd following her every move. Passers-by blatantly turned to stare at her, each whispering as they passed,

*What do you think they’ll say, when they find out about you?*

“Spike, this is not good. We need to get home.” She said, her voice trembling slightly.

Her head darted from side to side, drinking in her surroundings. Everything seemed so unfamiliar.

“Are we going the right way?” She asked.

*What do you think they’ll say, when they find out about you?*

Spike nodded, continuing to be uncharacteristically silent.

“This isn’t the way… I’ve never taken this road before… I think we’re lost…” Buffy rambled.

“You can’t take the other road anymore, you have to take this one.”

*What do you think they’ll say…*

“I don’t like this road…it-it’s so…dark.” She mumbled. She was now clinging to her companion’s arm, showing a level of fear she never knew she had in her.

“’All the world’s a stage and the men and women are merely players.’ That’s Shakespeare. I think I said that line right…” Spike said to himself. He turned to Buffy, his eyes locking on hers for a moment. “Which part do you play?”

“We’re lost…” Buffy began to whine, loosing her patience.

“We’re not lost” Spike interjected

“And you want to start waxing-philosophic on me?! I’m really sick of this shit! I’m turning around and I’m taking the other road.” Buffy let go of his arm and quickly turned to head off in the other direction.

Spike grabbed her and turned her back to him, holding her arm tightly. She squirmed, trying to break his grasp.

“Now, now. You know you can’t go that way unless you tell me which part you’re playing.”

*What do you think they’ll say…*

“Part? Part? What the hell are you…”

“In the world. You know, luv, ‘All the world’s a stage and the men and women are merely player’s.’ I think I’ve got that right, I’m not sure. Shakespeare’s a tricky fellow.” He said, tightening his grip on her arm. “So, which part do you play? Are you the hero or the villain of the piece?”

Buffy stared at Spike blankly.

“Let. Me. Go.” She said menacingly, spacing her words out carefully.

“Hero or villain?” He repeated.

The whispers of the passers-by had stopped and were now replaced by low singing.

Sometimes I feel I’ve got to…run away…

I’ve got to…get away

From the pain you drive in the heart of me…

“ Spike, let me go or I break your arm.”

“Hero or villain?” He said once more.

Once I ran to you..

Now I run from you…

This tainted love you’re given…

Buffy didn’t answer. She continued trying to wrestle her arm out of Spike’s grasp.

“Hero or villain?”

Once I ran to you….

Now I run from you…

This tainted love you’re given…

Give you all a boy could give…

Take my tears….

“Hero or villain, Buffy? You won’t know if this is the right road until you tell me which part you’re playing. ‘All the world’s a stage’, you know.”

Buffy sighed. She stopped struggling and looked up at him, her eyes locked in a steely gaze.

“Villain,” She said. “I’m the villain of the piece.”

Spike smiled. “Good then, we’re going to right way, like I told you.”

He let go of her arm, taking her hand instead, intertwining their fingers, as they continued to walk into the darkness.

End. (onto the next nightmare)


Setting: The whole story is S. 6, but for this story, it helps if you’ve seen S.5’s Fool for Love.

Rating: This one is PG-13 kiddies.

Author’s Note:. Some of the events play along the lines of the Victorian party scene in FFL…but I’ve tweaked them *a lot* cause I can do that. I’ve borrowed some *okay a lot* of the original dialogue in FFL, so I’m going to give a big writing credit to Douglas Petrie, for these are his words, not mine.


William sat in the corner of the parlor, composing. He was in the midst of a dinner party, but found more solace with his pen and paper than engaging in conversation with the aristocrats that surrounded him. He tugged at his spectacles and stared thoughtfully at the parchment paper in front of him.

“Luminous…” He mused. “Oh, no, no, no. Irradiant’s better.” He set his pen to paper and began writing once again. He hardly noticed the presence of the waiter, who was standing by his side.

“Care for an hors d’oeurve, sir? He asked, extending the tray towards the poet.

“What’s another word for ‘gleaming’?” William asked, looking up at the waiter. His golden blond hair fell over his eyes. “It’s a perfectly perfect word as many words go but the bother is nothing rhymes, you see.”

The Waiter smiled, patronizingly and moved off into the crowd. William tapped his finger against the paper, thinking out loud. “Gleaming….hmmm….streaming….beaming….dreaming…plead-“ His breath caught in his chest.

It was her.

The inspiration for all of his poetry. She was a goddess, the very picture of Victorian beauty. Her hazel eyes sparkled brightly and the soft light of the room gave her skin a radiant glow. She moved easily through the crowd, with a sense of grace and belonging.

“Buffy…” The name rolled off of William’s tongue in a gentle whisper. Filled with sudden inspiration, he turned his attention back to his poem and quickly jotted down a few more lines. He then rose to his feet, and moved awkwardly through the crowd towards her.

“I mean to point out that it’s something of a mystery and the police should keep an open mind.”

William tried to pass by the group of young aristocrats that had gathered without being noticed.

“Ah, William! Favor us with your opinion.”

No such luck.

“What do you make of this rash of disappearances sweeping through our town? Animals or thieves?” The young man asked.

William pushed his spectacles up further on the bridge of his nose. “I prefer not to think of such dark, ugly business at all.” He said haughtily. “That’s what the police are for.”

His eyes fell upon Buffy, he smiled softly. “I prefer placing my energies into creating things of beauty.”

The young aristocrat snatched the poem out of William’s hands. He glanced over it, smiling.

“I see. Well, don’t withhold, William.”

“Rescue us from a dreary topic.”

“Careful. The inks are still wet.” William made a grab for the paper. “Please, it’s not finished.” He said to the young man, his eyes pleading with him for mercy.

“Don’t be shy.” The young man beamed from ear to ear as he read aloud:

“My heart expands/’tis grown a bulge in it/inspired by your beauty, effulgent. Effulgent? He laughed cruelly, the others joining in.

Uncomfortable, Buffy glanced at William before walking off. William sighed angrily and snatched the poem out of his hands, shooting him a sour look. He turned and followed Buffy into the other room.

“And that’s actually one of his better compositions.”

“Haven’t you heard? They call him William the Bloody because of his bloody awful poetry!”

“It suits him. I’d rather have a railroad spike through my head than listen to that awful stuff.”


She turned around and sighed at the sight of William. “Oh. Leave me alone.”

He chuckled nervously. “Oh, they’re vulgarians.” He sat down beside her. “They’re not like you and I.”

“You and I? I’m going to ask you a very personal question and I demand an honest answer. Do you understand?”

He nodded.

“You’re poetry, it’s…they’re…not written about me are they?”

William hesitated. “They’re about how I feel.”

“Yes, but are they about me?”

“Every syllable.”

“Oh, God!’ Buffy moaned.

“Oh, I know…it’s sudden and…please, if they’re no good, they’re only words but…the feeling behind them…”

Buffy shifted away from him, hiding her face. He smiled nervously. “I love you, Buffy.”

“Please stop!”

“I know I’m a bad poet, but I’m a good man and all I ask is that…that you try and see me…”

She turned towards him, looking directly at him.

“I do see you. That’s the problem. You’re nothing to me, William.”

His face began to sink.

“You’re beneath me.” She added, shoving the last knife in his heart. She stood and hurriedly walked away.

“Buffy! Buffy, wait!” William shouted. He clumsily climbed to his feet and ran after her.

Buffy ran through the darkened cobblestone streets of London, trying to get as far away from William as she possibly could. She could still hear him calling her name, which only gave her more incentive to run faster. Finally, she could take no more and stopped, nearly out of breath.

William caught up with her, stopping beside her panting and wheezing heavily.

“Buffy-Buffy, please…” He said in between gasps for air. “Please, listen to me.” His breath steadied to it’s normal pace. He grabbed her arm to keep her from running away again, at this rate he wasn’t sure he could take another chase.

“I know that I’m not…but you…you…make me feel… like I can be better. Like I can be better for you. I know that I’m not at all what you want, what you hope and dream for…but maybe if you gave me a chance, I could be. “

Buffy, squirmed trying to pull away from him, William jerked her closer.

“This isn’t right, I know, I’ve been over it a million times in my head! All I know is, I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m with you…I’ve never…I’ve never felt more like a man.”

Buffy’s eyes burned into his. “Well, there in lies the problem, William. You’re not a man.”

“I know that…but, but you make me feel…”

“You’re a monster. You’ll never be anything more.”

William violently shook his head. “No! No, I’m better than that! I’ll prove it to you…”

“You think you can just shut the demon out? She scoffed. “It doesn’t work like that, William. The demon is who you are. The man in you is dead.”


Buffy seductively bit her lower lip. She raised William’s hand and placed it across her chest. “This isn’t what you want.” Her voice lowered into a husky whisper. She tilted her head, bearing her neck. She raised his hand and genitally ran his fingers across the nape of her neck.

“This, is what you want.”

William stood silent, his lips tightened, shaking his head.

“Don’t be afraid to be what you are, William. Take what you want.”

He could feel her blood pulsating beneath his fingertips as he grazed them against her.

“Take what you want.”

He swallowed hard and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. He looked deep into her eyes as his demon began to surface.

He kissed her once more, then bared his fangs, sinking them in to the neck of his beloved. The blood trailed from the two puncture wounds in one long stream. William pulled her closer, sinking his fangs deeper.

He sucked, hungrily, blocking out the winces of pain the lady would make every so often. She fell limply onto the ground when he was finished draining her.

William looked down at his goddess, her blood still smeared on his lips. She was still his picture of Victorian grace. Her pale lifelessness, in his eyes, could never hide her beauty-effulgent.

End (step into the next nightmare)


Rating: R (for language)

Author’s Note: This should be the lightest of the bunch (I hope…hey, I think I’m funny ;D). It’s a future Xand-Man, but everything in the Wheadonverse up to S.6’s “Gone” has taken place and has relevance. That’s pretty much it from my end.

To Be Continued...

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