Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

July 11, 2000 (8 Etznab, 11 Kumku, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come to give you some interesting data. At present, your galaxy is in the process of presenting you with some amazing signs. These heavenly portents are another signal that your reality has changed. Currently, it is altering the fundamental perceptions that you presently carry. The procedure is moving along on three fronts. First is the matter of your integration process, the wondrous merging of the many parts of you that were scattered when you were first conceived. Now, these physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are to be reassembled. Second, your reality and those controlling it have been vastly modified. These events ensure that your numerous complex alterations can be accomplished as swiftly as Spirit and you so desire. Third, you have had your perceptions modified by Spirit and by the decrees of the divine plan. This last aspect is the most important of the three. The others are a part of our strategy to accelerate your inner growth. At all times, know that you are a Being of Light who contains a truly divine consciousness.

      As we stated in our last message, consciousness is endless. It contains Creation, and the many elements that constitute Creation. The Creator gave you this miraculous perfection that represents the great Love shown you by Mother/Father God. In it, you have grown as spiritual and physical Beings. In each instant of your existence, you carry out the great sacred decrees of the Creator. As part of these divine decrees, you have been given the abilities to co-create the realities that you inhabit. Each of you, dear Ones, is currently undergoing a process of spiritual growth, which increases your 'Presence'. That is, you are accepting your responsibilities and, at the same time, learning their extent. This education is essential to what is shortly to happen to you. You are quite close to a vast change in how you view yourselves and your environment. This change in outlook is meant to push you into the last stages of your grand transformation. These sudden developments will alter your many core perceptions concurrently.

      These core perceptions are quite crucial to all that is happening now. Here, imagine yourselves as an electronic locking device. You have the ability to secure what is contained within you, yet you also have the capability to change the nature of the lock securing it. This locking device is similar to your core perceptions. To change them is a complex process that requires a series of complicated encrypted code transfers. Likewise, you need to see your perceptions as enormous layers of consciously encrypted codes. There are two types of codes, set up either by a timing sequence or by a series of special frequencies. Our process is to affect the timing sequence first, and then to use the transformed codes to quickly alter the rest. This is exactly what we are accomplishing now. The timing sequences are tied to two parts of your physical body: your gene sequencing, and the base frequencies of your physical body and its various energy centers. By altering your Light and your base frequency codes, we have begun to modify the outer layers of your core perceptions.

      As we change your various sequencing codes, we modify the way you have encrypted the rest of your core perceptions. Here, your would-be secret controllers have added some countermeasures. They have put forth a great deal of inner and outer denial, environmental misinformation and thought-forms that produce a resistance to what is happening to you. These countermeasures carry out such acts in a loving way and, seemingly, with your best interests at heart. Here lies the ultimate counter-strategy to their many defenses: Love and gratitude. Together, they form an undefeatable team called compassion. True compassion and a 'real' dialogue with them can lead only to their eventual transformation. We ask you to carry on this earnest and loving conversation, which will assist us in speeding up your transformation. Remember, you are simply a complex Being who is now integrating and positively altering your many parts. We are constantly co-creating this process with one another.

      Look upon each moment of your day as a process of co-creation. Each instant, you produce forms that create yourself and everything that makes up your reality. In this way, it is similar to a television monitor; only the transmitter that is sending the electrical codes to this monitor is you. Here, individual and collective aspects of your reality come into play. The interplay produces your reality and allows you to co-create your environment. Hence, you are altering not merely the essence that is you, but also the collective essences of those around you. Consequently, as you change, so does your environment. In turn, the environment affects you. This exchange produces the societal consciousness field to which we have long referred. At one and the same time, it is local, regional and global. Each of you contributes to it in your own way. Additionally, it is set up as both an instrument of change and a defense against it. In many previous messages, we have described the extent of this process.

      The modification of your core beliefs is quite complicated. Still, now it is reaching some very critical positions. Surrounding you is your living world, whose environment has become quite fragile and extremely disturbed. This process has been brought on by two important factors. First is your mistreatment of Earth's sacred self. You have misjudged the nature of your connection to Mother Earth and gone forth almost insanely with plans that seemingly threaten her and your own existence. Second is the great shift in consciousness now occurring to Mother Earth, to your global society and to you. They have created a vast inner and outer crisis that is a sign of the enormity of what is happening to you. This process has reached the time for a resolution, prophesied long ago, that employs a most miraculous solution - full consciousness.

      This process is bringing you technologies that can correct your most serious environmental problems. In doing so, they open up opportunities for the acceleration of your transformation. These technologies combine consciousness with a new science that derives its abilities from the energies that bombard you every day. Certain select individuals are receiving this information. They know who they are, and the great responsibilities that they have taken on. Further, specific additional resources needed to augment these technologies are, likewise, in the process of being manifested. Here, we ask sincerely that you continue your spiritual and various positive ritual practices. They will help us to make the next aspects of your transformation occur as planned. We are extremely grateful for all the marvelous things that you do each day to aid us.

      All that is happening to you has a primary purpose: to restore you to full consciousness. The next stages of your inner growth will bring you an increased presence. This greater knowingness will permit you to better understand what we have told you today. Look upon this process as a jigsaw puzzle that can only be put together in a certain way. You are now constructing the puzzle and will soon gaze upon its final form. This process has been a learning experience. During its construction, you have discovered many things about life, your purpose, and the nature of Creation. You have also discovered that you are not alone and that you have begun the process that swiftly evolves you from being a planetary human to a galactic human. This cosmic journey has led you through much travail and produced a great wisdom.

      The growth in awareness has caused great turmoil. It has apparently led you into a most interesting period of your history. This is the time when you will learn your purpose and shed the perceptions that have limited your abilities to interact fully with your spiritual and space kin. We ask simply that you see this change as a swift process that we are co-creating on a vast and quite sacred scale. We now take our leave. Employ all that Heaven and your abilities have given you, and create your wondrous new reality. Amen, Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for: Be One! Be in Joy!)

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