Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        6 Etznab, 1 Tzotz, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We come before you with more information concerning your daily headlines. At this time, the worldwide energy waves for peace continue to grow. We are enormously pleased with what is unfolding around your globe. However, we must add that these are truly uncertain times. Much still hangs in the balance. To these considerable dangers is added the rising crescendo of your Sun's activities. Because of her energies, it is becoming more difficult for Mother Earth to hold back certain catastrophic changes to the human population that resides, for the most part, upon her surface. As a result, we have been closely monitoring these events as they develop. Meanwhile, your wildly insane secret rulers continue their march toward global conflict. Clearly, nature and Heaven are proclaiming that you have reached a truly decisive crossroads in your history. We call upon you to continue your magnificent energies toward peace. Also, we ask those of you who are helping the Earth to send her your healing prayers and meditations. They will be of great assistance in Mother Earth's efforts to delay these inevitable changes. Together, we will manifest a new reality and be victorious!

      Now, our responsibility is to offer advice, help where we can, and be the unseen recorder of all that is occurring upon your realm. Our deepest desire is to see you remain focused on peace. A small, dark and extremely powerful cabal that dwells on your world still has some leftover karma to use up. It is demonstrating extraordinary obstinacy. Although they could approach this situation in any number of ways, they insistently and forcibly continue to deny our best advice. Because we understand their nature, we realize that, soon, they will experience a great fall. A government does not justify its continuing legality by waging war. Short-term solutions only postpone problems that return later and with a vengeance. We are issuing this dark cabal a warning. We ask them to show they have the wisdom to respond. Frequently, when those in your realm have held significant power for a very long time, they lose touch with reality. They inhabit a dark dreamland and are incapable of discerning true 'reality'. This situation must not be allowed to continue for much longer. Specific events need to occur that will transform this most despicable game.

      The nature of their present action is not simply diplomatic or military. Rather, it is, ultimately, a vicious affront against Heaven and all who possess a sacred allegiance to the ever-loving Creator. There must be redress for this continuing ungodliness and this stubborn defiance of Heaven's wishes. Heaven hereby issues the cabals some timely advice. Cease these vile acts of power. Reveal the truth to all, dear cabal, and then depart quietly. We harbor no ill feelings toward you. You are as much a part of us as any other. The changes experienced in your bodies are the same as those in any other being living upon this beautiful, blue orb. Your future is allied with this outcome and no other. Inevitably, your ploys will fail. Realize this, and act wisely. Your greatest act of courage will be to admit that you have erred and to ask for forgiveness. We will gladly grant it. Success is fleeting. It can easily turn and fall upon you like an angry mob. We beseech you. Be sensible. Be ready to counteract what has occurred with your own enlightened realization. Love is the only answer.

      At this very moment, many events are unfolding in your realm. Lightworkers are progressing in their efforts to gain control. A struggle is now being waged between those who support the dark and those who are determined to transform it. As we mentioned previously, that struggle is occurring not in the Middle East or in South Asia, but in North America and Western Europe. Here, these various factions are engaged in a conflict whose outcome will be decided once and for all. Therefore, we ask you to focus your prayers and your great, global meditations on this conflict. We also ask your loving support for those who carry peace's banner to areas that may possibly be the first battlefields. Our purpose, dear Hearts, is to nurture a great and global harmony that will transform hate, divisiveness and the growing lust for power. We are a magnificent coalition that is joining forces in ways your world has not previously deemed possible. Together, we shall preserve peace and shower upon us all a most abundant prosperity.

      We in the Galactic Federation of Light strongly support the forces of peace and transformation. The old ways of this world are quickly fading, for they can no longer continuously spellbind the young, the caring and the just. Many things are about to change. The ways of your world compel you to understand this, dear cabal! Be wise, and show your wisdom by stepping away from the precipice. No good will ever come of your determination to stubbornly carry on. Choose, instead, to honor truth and obey the decrees of Heaven. In these acts lie the basis for your transformation from staunch supporters of the dark to loyal followers of the Light. Those who dwell upon this world and those who do not will all join in celebration of this process. Think from your hearts and act righteously. That is the only course of action that we are able to endorse. Any other way will be most regrettable. The consequences will be unimaginable.

      Above you, a great fleet awaits, its only recourse the decrees of Heaven. Your world is undergoing a dramatic change, reflected in the simple fact of our presence. We remain Heaven's divine hammer, a role that has led us, under Heaven's divine supervision, to oversee your transformation from limited to fully conscious Beings. As an integral part of this process, we have intervened and concluded indispensable agreements with many of your secret governments. We have made the importance of these concords well known to all concerned parties. They understand our annoyance and how resolutely we support the completion of these documents. We are encouraged by the absolute horror of most parties at the irrationality of such a few. We are confident that, with your help, dear Hearts, these agreements can be successfully concluded.

      The balance of power is shifting on your world. The actions of a demented few attest to that. They cannot possibly succeed. Although they may be able to continue for the short term, the tide of history is against them. The prevailing course of events favors those who remain calm, centered and deeply committed to peace. This force is rapidly multiplying upon your world. Its power is subtle and its abilities positively formidable. It challenges the powerful to acknowledge the meek, before they are given this power. Be gracious. Understand that Light is Love and contains compassion and grace without end. Do no fear. Use your great power and be just. Realize that this test will transform your realm and hasten the arrival of your new reality.

      The dark fears this new reality, but, in fact, their fear is only a grand illusion. Love is real. It possesses wonderful attributes that will transform you and make all your money and power unnecessary. This wisdom is invaluable, in light of ongoing events. The Light will transform the philosophies and beliefs you now so passionately adhere to. Truth is the ultimate arbiter of all things. Love weighs this Truth and brings into existence its grace and compassion. In this are found the creative solutions to all things. In Love lies the path to joy, harmony and Heaven. They are real. The world in which you reside is illusion. Now, illusion is being unmasked and the creation of reality brought to light. This process has many final stages. This time is one. It will only lead you toward your divine and glorious destiny - a world of Love that is real.

      Today, we have continued our discussion about the events of the day. We ask you to remain centered and calm. Stay strong and prepare to commit yourselves to peace. Understand that this tumultuous time is a final challenge and know that you are prevailing. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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