Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

May 9, 2000 (10 Men, 8 Moan, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come today in joy! Filled with expectation! Many wonderful things are quite close to happening. We shall not dwell on the specifics. Nonetheless, let us simply state that these coming events contain some truly marvelous surprises. Long ago, your secret rulers were able to obtain a period of dominion over you. This period is coming rapidly to its finality. Hence, the time to regain your magnificent powers is likewise fast approaching. Dear Ones, constantly view these present moments as merely a well-planned transition. Even though it can seem to you an eternity, it is really not. In fact, these times are just a final period in which to adjust to your great gifts. These gifts are the ones that you have been forced largely to ignore since childhood. Now, they can blossom and lead you back to your fully conscious selves. In addition, they will permit you to gladly meet your heavenly and cosmic kin. We are eager to complete this mission and we fully intend to do so. These last moments may seem extremely long to you. We simply ask that you now go within, seeking the advice of your inner councils.

      Dear Hearts, inside you exists a vast realm filled with answers to all of your questions. When you agreed to incarnate upon this orb, you did not come alone. Besides you, your many guides, councils and fervent supporters also arrived. Each Order of Heaven has freely sent many of its finest members to these sacred shores. Your joint mission is to awaken this realm and lead it to its grand destiny. Along the way, you have been subjected to restrictions that your reality instantly puts upon any newly arrived sentient inhabitants. You have been severely tested. Still, you have somehow survived. These yokes have shown you the rough manner of this reality's ego-centered secret rulers. Yet, in spite of all this, you have endured. Now, you reach the time when all of this acquired knowledge can be employed to free your world. This process is one of which you need to be quite proud. You have earned every accolade and truly deserve every privilege that you are about to acquire. In addition, bear in mind that you are near the restoration of your greatest gift - full consciousness.

      As you move through the next aspects of your mission, constantly remember that you are NOT alone. It is often easy to forget this simple fact. However, Heaven has established a system that allows you to seek our divine guidance. This system is founded upon you looking within, staying centered and being willing to listen. Following this process, you need to put aside times in the day for outer quiet and deep inner reflection. Learn to meditate. Develop a procedure that best suits you. Be able to practice this discipline and to fiercely guard those moments that you have chosen. Like all exercises, a degree of routine can increase your abilities. As you learn its great value, you will become even more protective of these moments. The guidance that you receive may, at first, seem illogical. Nevertheless, it is given by taking into account both the long-term view and your best interests. Your guides belong to those Orders that are coming to help you. Treat them as your sacred advisers. However, do not treat them as gods. You are co-creators of this lifetime and have a say in how it is to be developed.

      This leads us to the requirement that you learn to properly anticipate. Here, take two elements into account - intention and desire. When any detailed intention is matched to deeply heart-felt desire, it is quickly manifested. First intend only what you truly desire and then let it go to the Creator. The divine plan has prepared for these items and has accounted for them previously. When your anticipation is wrongly matched to anxiety, it rarely manifests. A negative can rapidly cancel out the positive effects of an intention. Hence, your reality continually fills you with fears and uncertainty. To this end, you have forged a whole series of thought-forms founded upon these illusions. Furthermore, your ancestors gave you the 'gift' of theirs even before you were born. It is this energy that surrounds you each day and greatly limits any action. Part of our many procedures has been to transform these many living entities. As they change, you have the ability to become more 'present' and more able to positively construct this lifetime.

      As you adjust easily to manifesting, you learn even more about anticipation. You learn how the Creator has a divine timetable. Everything occurs according to a divine edict. Edicts are arranged in many layers of potential scenarios. The one chosen depends upon whether those most affected by it maintained a positive, letting-go attitude. The more you dissociate from your anticipation, then the more you allow an intention to manifest. The more you worry or fret about it, then the more 'time' it takes to eventually manifest. Leave it up to the Creator. Let your heavenly Maker work a special magic and poof! it appears. Any problem appears only because you are not really listening. Every problem is driven by a solution. This solution is merely the path that you have so far failed to follow. Dear Ones, your life is meant to be a success. It is your responsibility to learn to listen, evaluate, and then take the appropriate action.

      Everything that you encounter in your reality is a portent of what you have agreed to do. The difficulty for you has been that once within the maelstrom of this reality, you have forgotten what you came here to do. See everything as a potential signpost. Here, it is important to develop your inner discernment. It can quickly evaluate these signs and lead you toward your destination. Without it, you are like a poor traveler wandering some desolate landscape without food, water, transportation and a much-needed map. You go aimlessly from one point to another and fail to discover exactly where you are. It is for this reason that we heartily recommend that you take the time to go within every day. Stay centered, positive and fully trusting in your inner guide's abilities, as well as your own. By employing them, you can only succeed in whatever you choose to accomplish.

      What we are discussing with you is a simple formula. This formula has the capability to collectively alter your reality. In doing this, see it as challenge to complete your mission as quickly as possible. At the same time, do not fret over any timetables. Your reality is destined to change. You are setting the stage for a much quicker scenario to be put into place. Regardless, dear Hearts, there is still your destiny. This destiny has only one outcome - your rapid return to a state of full consciousness. For this reason we have asked you to go within, learn to operate your inner discernment, and become aware of the principles of intention, desire and anticipation. In employing these tools, you become Beings of Light encased in a limiting environment - an environment that you have the ability to easily transform.

      Your innate powers cannot be underestimated. After all, you are physical Angels - Beings who have come here to change the very nature of this reality. This mission has many allies. They have come to assist you in their own ways. They have come to act as your guides and as co-creators of your new reality. These responsibilities are ones that none of us take lightly. We fully recognize the nature of the reality of which you are now a part. Each of us has an assignment which Heaven and the many decrees of Lord Surea have dutifully given. The purpose of our mission is to see that you successfully transform this reality following the timetable established by the Creator's divine plan. Hence, we monitor you continually and are prepared to take whatever action is deemed necessary to ensure your success.

      Today, we have discussed many of the elements that are forging your new reality. We request that you absorb this message. Fully analyze its meaning. Employ your inner tools and then take appropriate action. Together, we are a mighty team moving toward our goal - to restore full consciousness to each and every one of you. We now take our leave. We bless you all. The great gifts of Heaven are manifesting to combine with your marvelous abilities and produce a truly magnificent new reality. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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