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Cattle Training Impalement FAQs

California & Midwest Human Female
Stockman's Association

Perro Loco, Chairman C&MHFSA

We will soon have an online order form where consumers will be able to arrange to purchase or lease C&MHFSA Livestock. Remember that there is no limitation on the intended or actual use of any of our "Cows,' but should any leased livestock be terminated during the lease period, you will be invoiced for the full purchase price.

COW-Stephanie-public-1.JPG (59502 bytes) Cow-StephanieSlut.jpg (100229 bytes) StephanieLetter-1.JPG (50312 bytes)livestock_application-steph-1.JPG (68231 bytes) steph surrenders a1.jpg (30354 bytes)
Cow Stephanie's training is almost complete. She will soon be auctioned off as a Snuff Slave or Butchered for her meat. Her "Termination Options include, but are not limited to Total Dehumanization, Extreme Torture,, Hanging, Asphyxiation, Vivisection, Live Butchering, Impalement & Ritual Slaughter. The LTP Livestock Counselors have recommended that she be given a starring role in a Snuff Video. Stephanie NEEDS an owner. 
CowChelsea.jpg (71580 bytes) 
Always willing to put his money where his mouth is, C&MHFSA Chairman Perro Loco accepted his daughter Chelsea's Livestock Application. Chelsea Loco is currently enrolled in the Livestock Training Program & is being trained by our expert Livestock Counselors. 

She hopes to have a short career as a porno video actress and eventually to star in her very own Snuff Video.

We feel certain that she will achieve the high goals she's set for herself. (Of course, we are prejudiced.) So Please write and tell us what you think.


COW-Nathalia-1.JPG (55854 bytes) nathalia6_02B.jpg (67540 bytes) nathaliaheks2.jpg (51556 bytes)
Cow Nathalia is a pierced bi-sexual goth girl from the Netherlands. She is in great condition and her meat is firm, lean & somewhat muscular. Purchase or Lease price will include shipping to your destination of choice. She has been trained in Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Extreme Slave Training, Toilet Service and Torture. Termination preferences: Hanging and other Asphyxation and Progressive Dismemberment. Our Chairman recommends that she be kept as a slave until she reaches the age of 30 and then Live Roasted.
COW-Ashley.jpg (106489 bytes)
Ashley has just been "donated" to the C&MHFSA on an "involuntary" basis by her Ex-Boyfriend Dr. Gong Our new "Cow" Ashley is a 21 year old girlwho was "nominated" for being meat. Dr. Gong said, "She has been trained in Oral sex skills & we reccomend that she be used as a breeder, she would make a great start on a new line of human cattle, lean, but tall enough to get a good amount of meat back. She is a virgin clear of any STDs." A VIRGIN! Can you feature that? Write to C&MHFSA and let us know what we should do with a freekin' virgin!
COW-Tina-1.JPG (45979 bytes) meat.JPG (55982 bytes) COW-TinaNew.jpg (148953 bytes)
Cow Tina required very little training when she joined the California & Midwest Human Female Stockmen's Association "Herd." She was found to be so completely "sub" and willing to be used as a dehumanized sex toy. After the briefest training she was ready for absolutely any purpose that came to mind. Our LTP Counselors were unable to restrain themselves and used Cow Tina in a Cattle Training video to illustrate the fine art of Sexual Ritual Suicide (self snuff) We have a freezer full of her fine meat and the Cow Tina's Snuff Video will be available soon through our online order page.
cowgirlz-1.jpg (144572 bytes)
These "Cowgirlz" have signed up as a team. We had to take them all as part of a package deal with our contacts in Eastern Europe. The plump little dark one is from Morocco and has been working as a Lady of Negotiable Virtue until recently. The other girls thought they were signing a contract to have careers as "Models." Imagine their surprise when they arrived at the C&MHFSA stockyard.

We have a few ideas of our own about what to do with these girlz but we hope that you will help us decide their ultimate fate. Please write and let us know what we should do with these "cowgirlz."

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For additional information contact the Chairman of the C&MHFSA by e-mail or by posting a message in our Guestbook.
Perro Loco, Chairman C&MHFSA

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