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Local Policing

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Welcome from 
Divisional Commander
Ch Supt Dick Rothwell

Pudsey Police are based in the west of the city covering an area of more than 18 square miles which borders with the neighbouring city of Bradford.

They serve a community of more than 115,000 people, who mainly living in Pudsey, Armley, Bramley, Farsley, Calverley and Rodley.

The division has a fairly dense population of housing, with the full range and spectrum of social challenges that brings. It also houses one of the largest remand prisons in the country at HMP Leeds

Superintendent Dick Rothwell is Pudsey’s divisional commander. He has 22 years service, previously serving with Cumbria Constabulary.

His police career has been based in uniform with most of the last nine years spent in the Force’s Operations Support Division, specialising in policing public disorder and firearms incidents.

He was the scene manager at the IRA bomb explosion at Leeds Railway Station in 1997.

Since arriving at Pudsey Division as Chief Inspector in 1998, he has been both Head of Operations and Personnel.

Supt Rothwell said: "I am firmly committed to presenting the public with a visible Police Service and have taken steps to maximise uniform policing initiatives within the division. "I am delighted to continue to work within the division, providing the desirable continuity of command and understanding the needs of the local community, its elected representatives and Members of Parliament.

"Excellent progress is being maintained in achieving local crime targets."

Divisional HQ Map

Map showing Divisional HQ
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Useful Contacts

0113 241 4859

Crime Prevention 
0113 241 4839

Domestic Violence 
0113 241 4949

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