Napoléon Errata (Feb 2001)



1. Cavalry Triple Fire - Do cavalry get TF on their first attack for all three instances (defending, charging from reserve to engage enemy units engaging their own Left/Center/Right, and of course charging the opponents columns)? To me the rules seem to say they get TF in all three events.

ANSWER: Yes, the cavalry get TF in all of these instances, on the first combat turn.

2. Retreat Attrition - A lone cavalry unit stands a Mons. The French push him out on turn one (must happen all the time). If the French force have no cavalry clearly he suffers no attrition. If they do have cavalry does the unit suffer a 1CV combat loss? The rules say cavalry suffer 1CV if engaged, but does this count as engaged?

ANSWER: YES. If you set up the battle on the battleboard with the British Mons cavalry in the center, the Frence cavalry can engage it on Battle Turn 1. One CV is lost if the British Cavalry retreats. You do not need to set up the battle, reduce the British Cavalry 1CV if the French have any cavalry.

3. Can I reinforce along the same road during battles that I already moved the maximum number of troops on?

ANSWER: YES. The wording would be better as: Units may reinforce during battles according to the 2/1 limit regardless of how many moved along that road in the movement phase.

4. Clarify the Road limits in varying situration.

ANSWER: Regular movement: 10/6 (halved on attack across rivers) Reinforcements: 2/1 per battle turn Retreats: 2/1 per battle turn Routs: 10/6 (halved across rivers) - additional units destroyed. Regrouping: 2/1