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(Ajit, Jyotika, Priyanka Trivedi)

After their teaming in films like 'Vaali', 'Mughavari' and 'Poovellam Unn Vaasam', the successful team of Ajit and Jyotika come together again in a new film titled 'Raja'. Playing the second female lead is Priyanka Trivedi who had played Dilip's pair in 'Rajjiyam'. Produced by Thiruvenkatam of Serin Movie Makers ('Hello', 'Parthein Rasithein'), the film is written and directed by Ezhil ('Poovellam Unn Vaasam', 'Thullatha Manamum Thullum' and 'Pennin Manathai Thottu'), this being Ezhil's fourth film.

The supporting cast has Vadivelu, Vyapuri, Radharavi, Madan Bob, Jyoti, Nalini, Sonu Rajan P. Dev, Manivannan, Mahanadi Shanker and Mayilsami. Livingston plays a crucial role, while Manthara has been roped in to do a single dance number in the film. Shooting took place at Ooty and Kerala, with songs to be picturised abroad. The film's theme being, it is better to marry someone who loves you, than someone whom you love. The hero realises it after he undergoes various experiences. Part of the story is set in the village and part of it in an urban ambience.

Ajit plays a youth from a village who goes to a city college. A scene was shot on Ajit and villain Sonu. It was of Ajit confronting Sonu who was harassing Ajit's friend. The friend is in love with his classmate, and Sonu was trying to separate the lovers. Ajit confronts Sonu and a fight ensues between the duo.

A fight scene was also picturised on Ajit, Sonu and 40 stunt-men on a train that travelled from Mettupalayam to Ooty. For the scenes the train was hired for four days at a cost of about 40 lakhs.

Yet another scene was shot on Ajit and Jyotika in the backdrop of a village. Ajit makes a trip to his village to attend a festival. He is pleasantly surprised to find Jyotika there. She had come to see the festival. Jyotika slips and falls into a well, and Ajit jumps in and rescues her, and carries the unconscious girl home.

Cinematographer Arvind canned the shots as Ezhil guided his artistes. The sets are designed by M. Prabhakaran, editing is by Suresh Urs, stunts by Kanal Kannan, dance choreography by Tarun Kumar, Raju Sundaram and Dinesh, and music by S.A. Rajkumar.

Comedy blended with action and sentiment, 'Raja' is to hit the theatres shortly.

Malini Mannath
published on 3rd June 2002 

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