The Imperial House of Osman


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1839 - 1861 H.M. Sultan 'Abdu'l-Majid Khan I Ghazi, 31st Sovereign of the House of Osman, Sultan of Sultans, Khan of Khans, Commander of the Faithful and Successor of the Prophet of the Lord of the Universe, Protector of the Holy Cities of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, Emperor of the three Cities of Constantinople, Adrianople and Bursa, and of the Cities of Damascus and Cairo, of all Azerbaijan, of the Magris, of Barka, of Kairuan, of Aleppo, of Arabic Iraq and of Ajim, of Basra, of El Hasa, of Dilen, of Raka, of Mosul, of Parthia, of Diyarbakir, of Cicilia, of the Vilayets of Erzurum, of Sivas, of Adana, of Karaman, Van, of Barbary, of Abyssinia, of Tunisia, of Tripoli, of Damascus, of Cyprus, of Rhodes, of Candia, of the Vilayet of the Morea, of the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea and also its coasts, of Anatolia, of Rumelia, Baghdad, Kurdistan, Greece, Turkistan, Tartary, Circassia, of the two regions of Kabarda, of Georgia, of the plain of Kypshak, of the whole country of the Tartars, of Kefa and of all the neighbouring countries, of Bosnia and its dependencies, of the City and Fort of Belgrade, of the Vilayet of Serbia, with all the castles, forts and cities, of all Albania, of all Iflak and Bogdania, as well as all the dependencies and borders, and many others countries and cities, KG (16.8.1856). b. at the Besiktas Sahil Palace, Constantinople, 25th April 1823, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his father, 1st July 1839. Girded with the sword at the Great Mosque of Eyub, 11th July 1839. Rcvd: Knt. of the Order of the Anunziata of Savoy, GC Orders of the Legion of Honour of France in brilliants, and St Stephen of Hungary in brilliants. m. (first) m. Sarvatsaza Bash Kadin Effendi (b. 1824, d. 24th September 1878), styled Bash Kadin Effendi from July 1839 to 25th June 1861. m. (second) Khushiar Kadin Effendi (b. 1824; d. 1849). m. (third) at Constantinople, 1st August 1839, H.H. Savkafza Valida Sultana (b. at Poti, Caucasus, 12th December 1820; d. at the Ciragan Palace, Ortakoy, 17th September 1889), styled 3rd Kadin 1839-1849, 2nd Kadin 1849-1861 and Valida Sultana 30th May-31st August 1876. m. (fourth) at Constantinople, 10th November 1841, H.H. Tir-i-Mujgan Kadin Effendi (b. at Erivan, Caucasus, 16th August 1819; d. at the Fariya Palace, Constantinople, 3rd October 1852), styled 4th Kadin 1839-1849 and 3rd Kadin 1849-1852. m. (fifth) H.H. Vard-i-Janan Kadin Effendi (b. in the Caucasus, 1826; d. at the Fariya Palace, Constantinople, 9th November 1889), styled Bas Iqbal 1843-1849, 4th Kadin 1849-1852,and 3rd Kadin 3rd October 1852-25th June 1861. (sixth) at Constantinople, 2nd October 1842, Rus-Dil Kadin Effendi (b. at Derbend, Caucasus, 5th May 1824; d. at Kandilli, Bosphorus, 31st October 1887). m. (seventh) 27th March 1843, Gul-Kamal Kadin Effendi (b. in the Caucasus, 1826; d. at Ortakoy, 16th November 1851). m. (eighth) Shah Jahan Kadin Effendi (b. 1831; d. 1860), styled Kadin from 16th November 1851. m. (ninth) Gul-Istu Kadin Effendi (b. 1831; d. May 1861), styled 4th Kadin 1860-1861. m. (tenth) H.H. Rahima Parastu Valida Sultana (b. 1830; d. at the Machkadaki Palace, 1904), who adopted Sultan 'Abdu'l-Hamid Khan II and became his Valida Sultana, August 1876, possibly of Persian origin from Fars, styled 4th Kadin from June 1861. m. (eleventh) Zarini Malika Khanum Effendi (b. 1824; d. 1842). m. (twelfth) 1842, Duzd-i-Dil Khanum Effendi (b. 1825; d. 18th August 1845), styled Bas Iqbal and later 3rd Kadin. m. (thirteenth) Nazrin Khanum Effendi (b. 1826; d. 2nd May 1853), styled 2nd Iqbal from July 1850. m. (fourteenth) Jailanyar Khanum Effendi (b. 1828; d. 17th January 1855). m. (fifteenth) at Constantinople, 1841,  Nukhatzaza Khanum Effendi (b. at Hope, Caucasus, 2nd January 1827; d. at Besiktas, 15th May 1850), styled Bas Iqbal from 1846. m. (sixteenth) Navakmisal Khanum Effendi (b. 1828; d. at Shams-i-Pasha Kasri, 5th August 1854), styled 5th Iqbal. Bazmi. m. (seventeenth) Mah-Tab Khanum Effendi (b. 1830; d. 1888), styled Bas Iqbal from 1848, 2nd Iqbal 1852-1855, and 5th Kadin from 1855. m. (eighteenth) Nargizu Khanum Effendi (d. at Constantinople, 26th October 1848), styled 4th Iqbal. m. (nineteenth) Navasar Khanum Effendi (d. at the Yildiz Palace, 12th September 1889), styled Bas Iqbal from 1861. m. (twentieth) Nalan-i-Dil Khanum Effendi (b. in the Caucasus, 1829; d. at the Fariya Palace, Besiktas, 1865). m. (twenty-first) Sayasta Khanum Effendi (b. 1838; d. 11th February 1912), styled 4th Iqbal. m. (twenty-second) Aisha Sarfiraz Khanum Effendi (b. 1837; d. at the Ortakoy Palace, 9th June 1905), styled Bas Gozde, 6th Iqbal, and later 2nd Iqbal. m. (twenty-third) Bazm-i-Jahan 'Alias Bazmara Khanum Effendi (b. 1845), styled 2nd Gozde, Bas Iqbal, and later 6th Kadin. m. (twenty-fourth) Husn-i-Jahan Khanum Effendi (d. 1843), styled 3rd Gozde. m. (twenty-fifth) Safdarun Khanum Effendi, styled 4th Gozde. m. (twenty-sixth) Yildiz Khanum Effendi, styled 2nd Gozde. m. (twenty-seventh) Shams-i-Nur Khanum Effendi. He d. of tuberculosis at Constantinople, 25th June 1861 (bur. Sultan Selim Mosque, Fatih), having had issue, eighteen sons and twenty-five daughters:
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