I am looking for a company or persons that want to help me to build a prototype of an electromagnetic space craft which I first learned about from my grandfather as he and I flew the craft when I was about 11 years old. I have written up a 92 page book describing all I remembered as well as all I have been able to add after years of researching the aspects of such a electromagnetic space craft. The book has many depictions including proof that such a craft can be built and made to fly to the distant planets much faster and safer than any spacecraft available today.

This space craft could carry hundreds of people to Mars along with supplies and need no special fuel load or landing pad to return the whole ship to earth at any field or airport. Notice the differing colors and pie shapes on the surface of the craft. My grandfather impresed me with the need to understand the YIN YANG aspect of electromagnetic effects of electrons on the input and output surfaces that collected electrons from space and are used to lift and propel the craft. It uses a battery, capacitor, electromatic rotor water system to derive propellant and move the craft through inner or outter space.IF YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN CONTACTING ME ABOUT ANY ASPECT OF WHAT YOU SEE HERE CONTACT ME BILL KORESKI AT MY EMAIL ADDRESS OF

I added this jet engine depiction to aid in understanding the working aspect of the electromagnetic rotor disc engine to be used on the space craft. I propose we get a group of people together or companies that want to provide such a craft. I should add that current aircraft and spacecraft builders would be in competition and so far have shown very little or no interest in my proposal.