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A Petition Against the Crown of New Zealand
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A Petition Against the Crown of New Zealand

Janine Francis Jones MA (Honours)

I, Janine Francis Jones of Rotorua, allege that the crown of this country has authorised, without condemnation, a secret medical experiment and the use of torture upon a citizen.

I write this petition seeking Justice and personal redress on the grounds that I am the victim of the above crimes. These crimes have been perpetrated in New Zealand in violation of national and international laws and treaties.

I write with urgency seeking an absolute halt to the persecution I am suffering. I make this appeal to the rule of law on the grounds that the government of New Zealand, with knowledge of the above crimes, has failed to protect me from itself. Thus, these allegations merit a serious, impartial response aside from government. I turn to you because as they currently stand, the Human Rights Commission and Privacy Commission, both lack capacity to deliver Justice in my case. Furthermore, because the Whistle blower Protection Bill remains unratified in Select Committee, this petition is necessary; although I have repeatedly put my case to statutory bodies, especially the Prime Minister, nothing has been done to help me.

To those who read this, you will never know the terror and personal agony I have endured being victim to the above crimes. Pain and isolation have been mine alone to bear. This said, I do know of other victims such as I who have unwittingly been subjected to the same medical experimental abuse and subsequent torture resulting from it. Of these individuals, some have been driven into institutions while others have already died. A few such as I resist, because we chose life and cherish who we are. These cases including my own, are carefully documented. In this petition I present only the most salient facts for scrutiny. I do so with knowledge that this, together with a comprehensive catalogue of evidence, will stand up to any official interrogation and rigid test of law. Please understand that this task I undertake is the hardest assignment I have ever had to write despite years of academic training and scholarship. With this said, I open my case:

I was a student at Massey University, Palmerston North, from 1984 to 1991. In 1989, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology. My academic record was sound with mostly A grade passes to my credit. While enrolled at university my income was the DPB and temporary work at Massey. I had two daughters in my care. In 1989, I began postgraduate study in Criminology, then went on to specialise in Policing. In 1991, I graduated with a Master of Arts (Honours).

It was during my three years of postgraduate study that official interference in my life first became manifest. It was initiated using agents who operated under various guises. These operatives befriended me and began to follow me, gaining access to my private life and the research I was undertaking. The interference was progressive and by their presence, these agents encroached directly upon my life and work. Many times I tried to resist this encroachment but I could not prevent it. They were subtle, well trained and did not respond to being told to leave. After a time I was afraid to cross them. Initially, the intrusions ranged from knocking at my door uninvited, telephoning me early in the morning and late at night and trailing me on campus. One particular agent nearly always appeared wherever I went.

I thought these persons might be the New Zealand SIS taking an interest in me because of the sensitive nature of the research I was doing for my thesis. This was the only justification I could find for the sudden appearance and obvious monitoring of these agents, those actions indicated that they were watching me in order to learn all they could about me. I found this disturbing as the university was actively supporting my education and I was awarded scholarships and grants on an on-going basis. Thus, I was under considerable pressure trying to complete a thesis, while raising my daughters and maintaining a home. The persistent presence of surveillance was an additional strain during this time.

I completed my thesis and left Massey in April 1991. I started to apply for career positions, first within New Zealand then overseas. Initial feedback from potential employers was promising with institutions like the Royal Police Training College at Manley, NSW, phoning me to tell me I was at the top of their list of applicants for the job of police educator. They were keen to interview me via telephone and did so a couple of weeks later. Another opportunity came from America, from a Professor Gary Marx, Chair of Sociology at Boulder, Colorado, who upon reading my thesis, also telephoned me with a firm offer of a position as doctoral student in his faculty. However over the months to come, these two chances of an excellent career within my field of interest, were swiftly shut down during negotiation, by third parties unknown.

Throughout 1991 and 1992 I failed to secure employment due to the continuous meddling in my life. It intensified after I left Massey and became crude and obvious. This external source with the power to do so, tapped my telephone, interfered with my bank account, continuously tampered with my mails (all outgoing and incoming correspondence of a confidential nature) and broke into my private documents held in Safe Custody at the Bank of New Zealand, searched the contents in two packages and fraudulently re-wrote my instructions and signature on the outside of one package.

It was an increasingly fearful and disillusioning time for me. In addition, a few friends I had known for years, began asking me strange questions, quite out of character, as if they had been asked to act for others. The overt thwarting of my attempts to gain employment and a broad abuse of my civil rights was sustained well into 1993. By then, I had long ceased to use the telephone and postal system in good faith and I grew confused and angry. As replies to job vacancies I received became more brief and curt, I lost the will to compete in the market and just gave up.

It had become clear that certain authorities unknown resented me working in New Zealand and abroad. The rough treatment of my property and on-going invasions of my privacy and life, indicated to me that the perpetrators knew what they were doing and were comfortable about the harm being done. Support for this conclusion often came from the agents themselves, with one claiming openly to me that "We wont let you go to America without getting paid for it." Such remarks were never backed with explanation but I would be confronted with them many times. It led me to conclude that my life was controlled and my future out of my hands.

My daughters were also sad and disallusioned by the interference process and consequent loss of future for me. With a student mother as a role model, they had been raised to value a good education as the means to a worthwhile life and work. I had consistently stressed these values as we struggled to achieve on the benefit, never doubting that one day, a better life would present itself. Now, government agencies intervened and all that we held positive about life, was washed away.

Throughout 1993 and into 1994 this systematic harassment had become a vendetta. Trickery and damage to my property surfaced. This included damage to my car and threatening behavior on the roads. My home and later on that of my mother's, was entered and articles of clothing were removed and switched from house to house. I was subject to knocking at my door with nobody there, footsteps around my property at night and noises outside my bedroom window. Persons began to sit idly in cars outside my home, gazing in our windows. These agents started to follow me while I jogged, playing çat-and-mouse'and thrusting arms out of windows to point at me. I felt like prey as the behavior was relentless and intimidating and I grew very stressed. This 'frontier thuggery'extended to town for example, if I went into a coffee house, one or more of these agents would enter and sit down next to me. They would proceed to stare doing nothing else. On all occasions these persons dressed in suits and looked professional. One, who would later stalk my daughter, began pre-empting my visits to coffee houses, by being there at my usual table when I arrived. Their presence was heavy and made my outings unbearable but more crucially, I began to fear for my life. One evening it was quite late when I finished jogging. My friend had gone on another route and I returned to my car which was in the carpark at the Collage of Education. As I stood by my car, another car appeared and the driver began circling the carpark, slowing near me and shining the headlights into my face. I was blinded and could not see the driver. After repeating this about four times the car was accelerated and came straight for me, stopping a few feet from where I stood. My friend came into view and the car sped off leaving me at the point of collapse. Such threatening action would be repeated over the months until it culminated in the use of the telephone to issue the threat that they would kill me. Life, it seems in this country, is cheap.

In consequence, I began having nightmares and felt near breaking point. I withdrew from the wider community. Of those who witnessed my deterioration, some knew the cause. One friend tried hard to protest this harassment and intimidation but an individual has no impact against such subterfuge and the extensive resources at its disposal. I too, had appealed through the correct channels to those in charge of NewZealand Post, the BNZ and the Banking Ombudsman and Human Rights Commission. But responses here ranged from avoidance to inadequate redress. I then turned to Massey University for help as the stalking and interference has started on campus. I went to the Massey Harassment Committee (comprised of senior lecturers) and the Assistant Vice Chancellor (Academic) who had, as HOD Sociology, recommended me for financial assistance in the past. The former said it was out of their jurisdiction but suggested I approach the campus constable, who said the same thing. Both the Harassment Committee and the constable were aware that my life was in danger but failed to act. The constable did visit the home of one of these agents however, and told him I was complaining of harassment. This agent then phoned me and reminded me of my vulnerability. References to my daughters and cat were made. I deeply feared this man's capacity for violence.

I then sought help from the member of parliament for Palmerston North and a professor of Massey. Both listened carefully and both promised to investigate the harassment. But this was not done. The M.P. telephoned me to say that he could not get involved, wished me luck and hung up.

In May 1993 in desperation, I wrote to the Prime Minister as head of the NZ SIS. I wrote to the Minister of Police also. I outlined the behavior against me and made clear the risk I was under. I asked them to call a halt to the harassment which, by this time, had gone well beyond the laws and protections guaranteed to protect citizen rights in this country. Mr Banks, Minister of Police, did not respond and passed my letter down the line. Mr Bolger too, was silent. Another letter followed then under legal cover, a third appeal was lodged with the Prime Minister. In a brief reply to the lawyer, Mr Bolger was to deny any suggestion that I was under investigation by the SIS. Shortly after, the Police would confirm the same, that no investigation was being conducted against me.

I had nowhere to go for help anymore. It was terrible to experience a blanket abandonment and I felt like a pariah left to face an officially endorsed persecution. I also realised that those acting against me must be extremely powerful to tie official hands thus. This country which embraces open politics and democratic principles, has stooped so very low. As the harassment steadily continued I began to internalise the shame of being an unwitting party to this malicious conduct that operates outside the law. My final efforts to counter it were directed to the NewZealand Council for Civil Liberties and Amnesty NewZealand. But no response came back from either.

When an individual is secretly marked for a 'third-degree' treatment, the fear of a set-up and entrappment becomes very real. As a sociologist I was acutely aware of my utter defencelessness and wish to make clear the ramifications of my victimisation: I stopped using my telephone and dreaded incoming calls. I lost faith in the postal system to protect my mail (as I write, incoming reistered parcels and letters still arrive roughly slit open and tampered with). To protect my money I was compelled to withdraw from the bank I had been at for twenty four years. I curtailed normal, daily activities and worried for my children. I stopped writing and ceased forever, to contemplate a career. Because I have had to contain a deep fear and disallusionment, I have come to loathe this country I grew up in and once appreciated. For almost a decade I have lived with a moral outrage at my treatment by this state. Now, in presenting this petition, I break my silence.

By early November 1994 I must have been passed on to the military as the harassment intensified and changed its form to become no less than torture. This torture was to be conducted unrestrained, for two years and three months, the military deploying sophisticated electronic weaponry to cripple, maim and punish in what was a 'reign of terror' for me.

The so-called "soft kill" weapons currently in vogue with those who have death on their minds, was my form of torture and, from a terrible personal experience, I suggest with confidence, that there is no limit to its cruelty.

In the following testimony, that which I omit, has been carefully recorded in a diary and other evidence available. Here I affirm that my torture was done using light, sound and other radiations. That these have been deployed against me indiscriminately by the military with the consent of parliament and the Prime Minister of NewZealand. This intangible punishment continues to date (December 1997). Because this ammunition is mostly undetectable to all those except its victim, secrecy of operation is assured to its perpetrators. This electronic torture I have endured, needs no dungeon, nor rack, because as it is known within physical laws, the electromagnetic utilities it harnesses are everywhere, yet remain invisible to the human eye.

With this said, the military have applied this against me in the following ways: precisely and diffusively, from the air and on the ground. And whether it was nearby or remotely controlled, I could never know the exact source, but there has been no respite nor escape from it. Not only have I suffered directly from this, but I now live with the knowledge that permanent damage done to me may lie dormant over time, to become manifest later on, in cancer or tumour. Consequently, I believe that those whose aim it is to inflict this cruelty, by unleashing such weaponry, have done so with an unfathomable callousness and hatred for life. When a country's military begin to 'experiment' with this soft kill weaponry, existence itself is threatened. This electronic troture I am alleging, consented to by those in office, was being used against citizens as far back as the late 1970s. It has been fully articulated and its horror exposed in the book called "Such Things Are Known" by Dorothy Burdick, published in 1981. And while Dorothy Burdick and I have shared the same experience, I am only too aware of the advances in electromagnetic weaponry since her time. Now, with precision, one is tortured with measured doses which enable suffering to be sustained over time. While not necessarily killing it is none the less lethal. As a victim, I have known the line between life and death to be very thin.

What havoc it has created in my life: When it began there was no warning. Initially I was deprived of sleep. For night after night over months, sleep was replaced with sheer terror. This was produced by the radiations flooding my bedrrom. I quickly became disorientated, fearful and confused being unable to grasp the magnitude of what was happening to me. My body grew painful, my eyes bloodshot. My skin reddened and became excrutiatingly itchy around the eyes and nose. My hands became blotchy and raw. My vision blurred as excessive light was pulsed around my bedroom and blinded my eyes. My whole head throbbed with a continuous barrage of electronic noise. This included images and voice carried on modulated microwave and frequently, loud moise like doors slamming shut, robbed me of my sleep. I was subjected to alternating frequencies which ranged from piercing screams to low droning noises. A continuous, static pounded my left ear, while the rest drove through my right ear. I have been thrown unconscious and brought to my knees, unable to balance or put one foot in front of the other to walk. I was subject to a terrible pressure which gripped my head like 'pincers'. This electronic torture was unbearable while standing and when I lay down, death would have been merciful. Increasingly, throughout 1996, I was very sick. My body collapsed through saturation and I was hospitalized with a sudden acute gallbladder infection and subsequent pneumonia.

When electromagnetic waves and rays are thrust at one's body there is no mercy, only atrocity. Frequencies normally outside of human perception, addle the brain and one's senses race to accommodate this presence. They stripped me of peace and I was filled with dread of a grand mal seizure or possibly a brain hemorrhage. As further, more intensive noise is applied, the victim sees sparks and white light arcing behind the eyelids. It would inevitably heighten at night and I was subject to sudden voltages ripping through my body, firing first at my head, the electronic shocks causing my kidneys to fill, my muscles to convulse and my feet to twitch and jump. Often, this went on all night and I would eventually fall asleep exhausted and sick, at three or four in the morning. With this in view I cannot forgive these people for having done this. My torturers, while distant and hidden from view, are known by their methods.

On an environmental level, our home at 40 Keeling Street was swamped with radiation and became a 'hot spot'. My daughters and I dwelt under these fields but anyone visiting us became unwittingly at risk. The walls ticked and at night this was magnified to include the surging of our electrical power. As this went on and on, the glands behind my ears (in the mastoid area) swelled to bursting point. I know the neurochemical processes of my brain were thrown out of kilter. Towards the end of the year, my head had absorbed so much radiation that my brain began to malfunction. I became acutely sensitive and receptive to electronic shocks from ordinary electrical equipment and in turn, the electrical discharge from my brain caused these devices around me to malfunction.

This only abated when I moved away from Palmerston North. I now live with my mother in Rotorua. The attacks against me continue but at a reduced level and threshold of pain. However, my mother's home is now a target for radiation because I am here. She is in her eighties and is recovering from cancer. My daughters are here also. Directed energy disrupts our power and splatters each night, over the roof, windows and walls. Fire is the risk we live with as our blinds and curtains have already been shredded by laser. I continue to suffer with electronic noise and shocks still surge through my body at night. I awake each morning my head frazzled and sore. Many of my teeth are falling out.

I have long ceased to pose the question "doesn't anyone care?" The answer has to be no because there is a ferocious contempt for human life in this country which, in the 1980s, was rated second only to Sweden by the United Nations, in its fine human rights record and its concern for citizens. I wish to suggest that historically, those who torture, have gone to great lengths to shield its shame from public view.

For as long as there is secrecy to ensure its survival, it will persist. In New Zealand, there is a pervasive normalcy that guarantees its practice. And, when a military is permitted to 'finish the job' by government, this is tyranny to me.

The remaining parts of this petition draw your attention to the reactions taken to my torture and I provide the cause of it.

In May 1996, for the fourth time, I appealed to the Prime Minister and begged his immediate intervention, citing previous appeals to his office. My mother wrote also, but no move was made by Mr Bolger to guarantee my safety. My mother wrote again and eventually would receive a brief reply that amounted to dismissal. I sought medical help in Palmerston North, Auckland and Rotorua, but no doctor was prepared to recognize and act upon the presence of torture. I would later access my medical file and find that I had been classified as 'neurotic', hence someone to be patronized and dismissed. Finally, when anyone did ask what was wrong, I said nothing.

It is worth noting that after I had written to Mr Bolger, the harassment resurfaced and my daughter Abbie, was targeted. As she completed her 7th form year she was stalked. When she began applying for tertiary training, her mail came back to us ripped open and shoved in our letterbox. They were doing to her what they had done to me. As for my youngest daughter Seka, during 1996, her bedroom too was a target for pulsed radiation. These actions were not isolated incidents. Rather, they formed a continuum of wanton battery and assault.

In the rush to sell my house and escape Palmerston North, I stayed for a week at the home of an old friend prior to leaving. But even then, her home was targeted and we were both subjected to assault from aircraft flying over her roof.

Now, at the end of 1997, I am attempting to regain my health and sense of who I am. I am on a sickness benefit and will not entertain living alone until it is safe to do so. In July, I flew to Sri Lanka to meet another victim of electrode implantation and electronic torture. There, I obtained important evidence which will help me with my case. Upon departing Sri Lanka at the airport, the electrodes in my head set the X ray alarm off and I was subjected to military detention and frisking. When they found nothing I was released but it was one more humiliating episode to bear.

Before I finish I also wish to point out that during my persecution I had one life-link. This was my work as a scribe for disabled students at Massey University. From 1987 until the end of 1996, I owe a deep gratitude to the Examinations staff for this employment. Apart from bringing in desperately needed money, it was the self-discipline and stability of mind required for this work, that kept me going. As the torture progressed I struggled to re-orientate myself to help these students reach their goal. Having to scribe, sometimes for four hours, while suffering the effects of microwave, was very hard. But no one knew and when I was called upon to assist, I always did. As I worked, although I wished each student success, it was painful to be present on campus amidst a background of eager academic progress and achievement.

I close this petition by disclosing the reason for the crimes above. This was revealed to me during the course of my struggle and is as follows:

I was born in January 1949 at Lower Hutt Hospital and subsequently adopted. While still in hospital care I was subjected to a medical experiment know as psychosurgery. In this, a stereotaxic procedure was utilized to implant in depth electrodes inside my head. These electrodes (known as stimoceivers) were to become connected to my senses, brain and nervous system. This psychosurgery using in depth electrodes was perfected by the neurophysiologist from Yale, Doctor Jose Manuel R. Delgado and initial experiments using human subjects were conducted successfully as early as 1947. I was one such guinea pig and I know of another victim of this early operation to implant electrodes. Bengt was born In 1947 and lives in Sweden.

But, while still alive today, he is severely disabled from the procedure. The electrodes planted in his head and mine, have served as radio transceivers connecting us to computers, throughout our lives. In this way, a continuous, monitoring of my body functions, behavior, emotions and neurological processes, has been underway while remaining unknown to me. It was not until these electrodes inside me were activated by light and sound, that I became aware of the horror I contained. The psychosurgery at my birth had laid the foundation for subsequent interference and torture, forty five years later. This act would not only set in place that which would rob me of freedom but would ensure with the march of technology my susceptibility and personal risk in the face of it. Currently, I carry active circuitry inside me. This means any one can, with knowledge of this and the correct frequency, transmit through me as they would a mechanical device or toy. For this condition I hold the New Zealand crown responsible. It seems I am 'Frankenstein's daughter' and I ask that you try to grasp this horror of living as a live transmitter. For me it is darker than lobotomy, and other hideous experiments that human beings have done to their own species. As for what I have been through, I believe the military (and SIS) knew I would be a ready conduit for radio waves and higher radiations. That they initially hung around then in November 1994, activated my electrodes. This would incur the torture which followed. Now, I live with the knowledge that I am fodder for both medical and military experimentation and cruelty. I can be manipulated, hurt and altered. I fear leakage and burnout of these old electrodes. Already, oxygen levels inside my frontal lobes are depleted. But the deepest fear lies in my awareness that the public are largely ignorant of both psychosurgery and biotelemetric control. Yet this has been around for decades but nobody has listened to those who have tried to declare it.

I conclude this petition with the wish that those parties mentioned above, be held to account. Previously, my cries for help have been met with a cowardly silence when principled action should have followed. As I am, I cannot protect myself from the future. This must be the job of the state.

The crimes of secret biomedical experimentation and torture are regarded with abhorrence by a recognized universal consent. Against this, the New Zealand government does not honour its human rights obligations. Therefore, I now call for redress and I draw on the laws and treaties below:

A) New Zealand

  1. Crimes of Torture Act 1989
  2. Human Rights Act 1993
  3. Privacy Act 1993
  4. NZ Crimes Act (Parts governing theft, fraud, arbitrary search and trespass)
  5. Security Intelligence Act (part governing conduct with citizens)
  6. Codes governing military action inside a country of origin.
  7. Postal Services Act 1987
  8. Telecommunications Act 1987
  9. Codes governing medical ethics

B) International

  1. Declaration of Human Rights 1948
  2. International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.
  3. Covenant Against Torture & Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, 1984.
  4. Torture as a tort in violation of the law of nations as is laid down by Filartiga v. Pena 1980, 630, F. 2d 876, 890 (2d CIR 1980).
    Also as laid down in Siderman de Blake v. Republic of Argentina, CV 82-1772-RMT (MCx).

I ask that personal redress include the following:

  1. An immediate, absolute halt to any persecution against me.
  2. A guarantee that further abuse will not occur.
  3. Appropriate medical attention for the removal of the electrodes in my head.
  4. A thorough, impartial investigation to be conducted independent of government, security and military parties, with no suppression of evidence.
  5. That those who have conducted torture be brought to trial before an open court of law. Also, that during this trial, the court in New Zealand recognize the use of electronic weaponry and its inhumane consequences for those subject to it.
  6. A reasonable redress for the crimes committed against me in the form of financial compensation. That this compensation be equal to that of a current scientific research salary and be backdated to my birth. It is reasonable also that financial compensation be continued until such time as the electrodes are safely removed.
  7. That for their exposure to radiations and loss of peace and enjoyment that my mother and daughters receive recompense.
  8. That if the law in New Zealand is inadequate to deal with my case, then it should be placed under international law where remedies exist to adjudicate on and decide the case.

In completion, I list evidence available to substantiate the facts herein:

  1. A detailed diary covering the period and events outlined here.
  2. A thorough documentation of psychosurgery and its purposes for biomedical research and other purposes.
  3. A Comprehensive documentation of the in depth electrodes implanted under my skull including X rays, CT scans and a corroborative medical statement confirming their presence and likely damage to myself.
  4. Adequate information to locate the psychosurgery at my birth.
  5. A medical file to support events described above.
  6. Flies showing technological advances in biotelemetry and its microminiaturization.
  7. Evidence showing continuing experiments with radiations on unwitting human beings, in this century.
  8. Data on implantable radio transmitters in human subjects.
  9. Evidence of the continuing use of torture by modern day governments.

This said, I pass the onus of my knowledge onto others. In doing so, I swear the contents of this petition to be a true an accurate testimony.


Janine Francis Jones MA (Honours)


Letter from Dr. M. E. Godfrey

(Confirmation of Implants)

Dr. M. E. Godfrey  M.B.B.S., F.A.C.A.M., F.A.C.N.E.M.
Environmental & Preventive Medicine

Mrs. Janine Jones
Holdens bay, Rotorua

28 6 98

Dear Mrs. Jones,

Having seen copies of your x-rays and the Radiologist's report, I am sure that you do indeed have two identical looking foreign objects, centrally placed deep to the frontal bones and in close proximity to the frontal lobes of the brain. I have never seen anything like these objects on an x-ray. They are radio-opaque, metallic, and certainly could be "electronic". I will do whatever I can to help you find a surgeon who could either remove them or prevent them from stimulating your brain,. if the latter is, indeed, the more appropriate course of action.

M. E. Godfrey



Letter of Support from Ms Anjanette Roddick


14 November 1996

To Whom It May Concem


Janine has been employed by Massey University on a casual basis as an examination Supervisor and Scribe for numerous years. In this position, i have found her to have the utmost integrity and dedication and is always willing to step in at short notice to assist.

I have also had very positive feedback from many of the students that Janine has either scribed for or supervised during examinations.

Janine has a very friendly and obliging personality which, when matched with her dedication and loyalty, make her a very pleasant and reliable invidividual to work with:

I would have no hesitation in recommending Janine to any prospective employer and I wish her well in endeavours.


Ms Anjanette Roddick
Administrative Assistant
Examinations Section
Massey University


Letter of Support From Audrey Violich

21st March 1998

To whom it may concern.

In respect of the Petition of Janine Francis Jones against the Crown of New Zealand.

I Audrey Violich of 84 Taraivera Road Rymone Rotanua New Zealand, do hereby acknowledge that I have known the author of this petition for many years when she lived with her parents in Rotanua as our neighbours and have been friends with her and her mother to the present time.

For some time now, I have been aware of the trouble in Janine's life and have witnessed her struggle to try and stop it. I believe Janine's testimony presented to be an accurate record of her life over the past eight years.

I support her petition and hope that something can be done to help her.

Yours sincerely,

Audrey Violich (mrs.).


Letter of Support from Patricia Johnstone

Palmerston North
New Zealand
30th March, 1998

To Whom It May Concern

This is to verify that I have known Janine Jones since 1985, first meeting her when she was coaching children's swimming for a local club. We became good friends and our families were frequent visitors to each other's homes. The contact remained steady up until the time Janine began postgraduate study when it became somewhat sporadic.

Sometime after janine's graduation we resumed frequent contact and became close friends. I did however, notice a great change in her which became increasingly apparent. From being an outgoing, fun-loving and physically healthy person with a great sense of humour, Janine gradually became withdrawn, distrustful, fearful and physically incapacitated in many ways.

I have helplessly watched Janine's decline, being able to offer love and friendship only, and seen her battling valiantly on a daily basis to survive and trying to cope with her life as described in her petition.

I believe her petition to be a true and accurate account of her struggle over the years.

I fully support Janine's petition and sincerely hope that she will be given the help she most desperately and urgently needs to enable her to regain her health and to have some prospect of a future.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Johnstone (Mrs).


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