Smiling Pets Cover

1. Wonderful / Adventures in Stereo

2. Good Vibrations / Secret Chiefs 3 *

3. Surfin USA~You're Welcome / Melt-Banana

4. I'm Waiting For The Day / SHORT HAIR FRONT

5. Do You Like Worms? (Do You Dig Worms?) / The Olivia Tremor Control

6. Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Spring Breaks and Back to Winter) / Jim O'Rourke

7. Wonderful / Sports Guitar

8. Here Today / Thurston Moore

9. Tones / OnoTetsu

10. ~teabreak~

11. Heroes and Villains / FORMS **

12. Cool Cool Water / Harpy

13. You Still Believe in Me / Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her

14. Little Pad / The Ships

15. Wind Chimes (After Perpetuity's Noon) / David Grubbs

16. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times / Feelds

17. Let's Go Away for Awhile / John McEntire
  1. 18. Caroline, No / DM3


A Beach Boys Tribute Album from Sony Japan

"Smiling Pets" is another Sony Japan compilation album featuring weird modern bands reworking the hits of better bands from a better period in musical history! The shocking thing about this CD (cover songs from the Beach Boys late period: "Pet Sounds" + "Smile" = "Smiling Pets") is that it is DAMN GOOD.

Often plaguing these kinds of releases is a habitual, cowardly tone of cynical "kitch" or "cheeseiness" that is refreshingly absent from this CD, leaving room for some sharp productions and genuinely inspired renditions of these CLASSIC songs. Obviously we are biased because both the Secret Chiefs 3 (Good Vibrations) and FORMS (Heroes and Villians) appear on the CD, and turn in possiibly their best studio work to date. But wait until you hear Olivia Tremor Control's (USA) version of Do You Like Worms?, or Feelds' (JAPAN) incredibly well produced I Just Wasnt Made For These Times. Or what about The Ships (who?) version of Little Pad, or DM3's (USA) simply beautiful and emotive "Caroline, No"? Who ARE these fucking bands?

I really like the fact that the "unknowns" on this album outshine the bigger names in most cases. Sure, there's a little schlock, but not that much. And WAY LESS than you usually find on compilation

albums! All told, you really get the feeling that everyone who contributed to this CD actually did their best. It will truly shock you!

Not just a "collector" item at all, this should be on every Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fans shelf. And Secret Chiefs 3 fans would do well to take note as well!

* Good Vibrations / Secret Chiefs 3 features

William Winant - Timpani, Jaw Harp, Ankle Bells, Sleigh Bells

Danny Heifetz - Drums, Tambourine

David Slusser - Theramin

Trevor Dunn - Upright Bass, Distorted Bass

Gregg Turkington - Lead Verse Vocals

Bär McKinnon - Flute

Trey Spruance - Chorus/Harmony Vocals, Organs and Keyboards, Hollow-body Bass, Guitar, Zither, Ribbon Theramin.

Arranged, Produced, and Engineered by Trey Spruance

** Heroes and Villains / FORMS


William Winant - Timpani, Hammered Dulcimer

Trey Spruance - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards

Arranged, Produced, and Engineered by Trey Spruance