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NB ILLGOL, Illgola-2, and Illberon have been deprecated by Cat's Eye Technologies' newest offering,
Open Sores Illgol##
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"Yet another language that exists solely
by virtue of the fact that there's
a compiler for it that (mostly) works."


Teach yourself ILLGOL

If you want to learn ILLGOL, you probably want to read the documentation first. But you likely won't learn much from it. You'll have to play with the sample sources to discover more.

To play with ILLGOL you need to download a copy of the Illgol## distribution which contains all the sample sources, documentation, and an Illgol##-to-8086 compiler.

The ILLGOL compiler translates ILLGOL programs into MS-DOS .COM files. Syntactical errors will be caught, but may cause the compiler to go into a fit. Very little by way of array bounds checking etc is done, though. It's a very stupid little compiler. The command line syntax is:

  ILLGOL illgol-file [com-file]

If com-file is omitted, OUT.COM will be written.

by Brian Connors

ILLGOL in short: Take three parts Perl, two parts Basic, two parts Fortran. Marinate for six hours in Budweiser and canola oil. Boil until pulped and serve with a side of Intercal.

ILLGOL in detail: ILLGOL is [WWW]Magenta in the small. Kludgy, incompletely documented, fuzzy-minded about its aims, and just barely useable enough for real work, ILLGOL is easily the most disturbed language project I've ever seen.

What sets it apart from ordinary computer languages is the initial air of normalcy. It looks like a fairly ordinary scripting language until its loose ends stick out: control structures like a bizarre combination of Basic and Fortran, clunky and arbitrarily vague runtime capabilities remniscent of Intercal, and a general lackadaisicalness straight out of the Camel book.

ILLGOL is, to steal a word from the British, naff.

Last Updated Jul 6 2001