The Daily Commentary
30 March 2002


By Barry Chamish
Israeli Writer/Journalist

Being Passover, we conduct the annual ritual of housecleaning, or removing all "khemetz," leavened bread or the tiniest particle thereof from our homes. The same goes for computers. All old files are removed to make sure the computer is kosher for Passover. The same goes for passing thoughts that have never been used and are getting stale in the box.

So let's take whiskbroom in hand and clean out the files. And no fixing them up for grammar and all that; they're on their way out.

The first file I find is very relevant to our half-hearted Passover War. The week before, a suicide bomber blew himself up in Jerusalem, murdering three people, five really if Tsipi Shemesh's unborn twins were counted in the media tally, as they should have been. Immediately after, the Prime Minister's office clamped a media boycott on reporting of the atrocity. Here's what we know:

It seems our Middle East American peacemaker, Gen. Anthony Zinni was either fooled or was up to murderous mischief. He forced PM Sharon to release a terrorist from Nablus into Arafat's hands in Ramallah. Sharon complied, the terrorist met Arafat in Ramallah and then was escorted to Jerusalem where he slaughtered five Jews and disfigured three dozen more.

There are those who insist Arafat fooled Zinni. I'll gamble that Zinni knew what was going to happen. You see, he's here to make Israel and the PLO accept "peace" plans formulated by George Mitchell and George Tenet. Both are Jesuit Georgetown University members of the Council On Foreign Relations. We all know their plans for the decimation of Israel because we've already read the CFR's Middle East task force and other reports.

Now look in the CFR membership list and lo and behold, we find the name Anthony Charles Zinni. A little further research finds that we was educated at Catholic Villanova University where several "priests who were once chaplains" guided his military career.

Of Tenet we know that he trained and equipped the PLO death squads at a CIA base in Virginia. Our Defense Minister Binyamin Eliezer admitted that last July, not denying that Foreign Minister Shimon Peres had approved the advanced training in mass murder.

Of Zinni; let's just suspect that he's not staying in Israel right now to broker a peace. He's just laying back and enjoying the bloodletting he helped ignite.

For some background on George Tenet's real role read:

The second section of this article reveals that Rajoub and Tenet are good friends.

Our first hemetz file is a letter which provides some good background. A warning. It's unedited and raw:


What about thinking about coming here for like three days. It isn't dangerous as the attacks are really limited to certain situations. You don't get blown up (yet) sitting in a club or restaurant in any city in Israel. You get blown up on the street and on busses. Only certain people ride the busses. The army deaths are what really can destroy the country. 300 victims a year to an enemy isn't huge in a population of 5M. A country can survive.

The problem is the IDF has been totally decimated over past twenty years by Rabin and then Barak and Sharon who front for the NWO brokers abroad which don't like a strong and proud Israel so they keep them under control. Rabin killed the Lavie. That was a mistake. Barak stopped Israeli sales to China because of US pressure. Sharon is a walking puppet. Tell me, how does a man at that age have so much energy? How does Kissinger, at 84, able to have 20 appearances and meetings with other peoples, a day, every day, seven days a week. How? Others go to the home by 75, with these guys, it is different. Look at how old Israeli leaders have been, Shamir, Peres, Sharon, Beilin, Burg, they never disappear.

One last word. Check out Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps. I met him in person last week and was really impressed. He has taken the conspiracy to a much higher level than the rest of us guys. The leap makes sense and here is why. The Rothschillds came out of nowhere to become huge. From where? Bibi the same. As Carter and Clinton. You know what I am saying. If it comes out of nowhere suspect it. There was no reason why the kings who supposedly were in hock to the Jews, the Rothshilds, yet they don't kill these Jews just so they don't have to return paying their debts. After all, this is the 17th and 18th centuries we are talking about here.

Thus they created the myth of a "Jewish conspiracy" when in fact it was a Jesuit conspiracy but had the "Jewish angle" to it as its cover. Who created the CIA: Donovan, Casey, and Dulles. All members of Knights of Malta which is a Jesuit secret order that influences how America is run. The whole idea of the "covert operation" stems first an foremost, and historically, as a "Jesuit practice". Make no mistake about the fact that there has to be more than a "Rockefeller" to be in charge. That family alone couldn't control the entire "US NWO" enterprise. It doesn't make sense that the real power could be that concentrated. If the Jesuits are the source, the real power in the world, the ones guiding mankind, then it begins to make perfect sense. They couldn't control things if it was just recent. This control has been happening for hundreds of years. No one can deny this once they understand the whole story of what really went on in the past five hundreds of man's existence on the planet earth.

If you haven't read his book I think you must. It is awesome. This is nearly 20 years of research. A volume of info that doesn't exist in any public source. It is 700 pages. It is overwhelming to read. Along with John Daniel's "The Scarlet and the Beast", which I hope you have read, and if not, do so. It was my personal bible on these issues for a few years. I used to believe that Ralph Epperson's "The Unseed Hand" is the all time best alternative book on how history happened. Vatican Assassins is right up there at the top with these two other books.

I tried to tell people just how much America has changed and how fast it could fall to a dictatorial rule. Phelps is predicting the total breakdown of America civilization starting with the lack of private, independent farmers left in America. Joel Skousen is predicting by the end of the decade the Russians or Chinese will launch nuclear weapons on America. Phelps says the actual hoards of Chinese will come over through the naval real estate they acquired through Clinton in Long Beach.

So I got to tell you, what are you sitting around for over there. You will be the first one they come to take away (or do a deal with). You got to know that. This friend of Barry from the bible belt is now living in Cyprus after deciding to leave the US. He was big into anti-NWO in the churches and they caught up with him. He claims that Fritz Springmeir up in Oregon hasn't been seen for more than a month. They took him away.

So I figure Cyprus, you know what, may be good place. Take a look at it on the Internet. It is independent, has a small population, great weather, good telecom and banking services, friendly to foreigners and a large foreign resident community. Great beaches and houses that are incredibly cheap compared to real estate in the US or Europe. Phelps says Europe is the place to be for money because the Jesuits are behind the unification of Europe, not the Germans. The Germans work for the Jesuits. It is the Germans who do the bidding for the Jesuits/Vatican in the Middle East, and always has. Why was there such a cozy relationship between the Nazis and Arab leaders? I wonder why that is so? It is became of the Germans, who play a huge role in the Middle East but which is not known to all. They are secretive as are the Jesuits. The Germans are their puppets and always have been. That is why there was a axis of fascist Italy and fascist Germany. That makes perfect sense. Same origins. Same source.

Today, who do you think hypnotizes these suicide bombers, the Arabs? Where do you think "radical Arabism" comes from and has come from for the past 50 years? The "radical Arab movements" are all, 100% controlled by the European-German-Jesuit as a way to interfere into the affairs of the region. Otherwise, there would be stability (like there is every where else in the world) and prosperity would be enjoyed by all. Yet it isn't. The place gets more unstable as the years went by. It isn't logical. There should be some development to solve this stupid, inane conflict- but they can never, ever, do this. Why? Because the existence of the conflict gives the powerbrokers abroad an excuse to come here and talk about "peace plans" which never, ever happen.



The next letter I open is from a reader who has found a source which verifies my long-standing thesis on the Yom Kippur War. It's typical of the material I keep in my In Box. It's too good to be thrown out but too hard to place in an article.


Author F. William Engdahl believes that the October 1973, Yom Kippur war between Israel, Egypt and Syria, was orchestrated by Dr. Henry Kissinger � then the National Security Adviser to President Nixon. A protege of David Rockerfeller � a banker and oil Baron � Kissinger worked to further the goals of the Bilderberg Group, who decided in their May 1973, meeting in Sweden to hike the price of oil by 400%. The purpose of this strategy was designed to financially cripple Germany and Japan � seen as emerging and competeing financial powers. However, the primary purpose was to ensure the resulting hundreds of billions in �Petro-dollar� were invested in London and New York banks. This, would support and stabilise the dollar which, following its de-coupling from the Gold standard in 1970 was under intense pressure to devalue.


Here is a wonderful site which publishes my material. I'm sure it's not the last I'll find. I have no preferences. All the webmasters are my close friends even if we've never met.



It will be on top tomorrow. Thank you and please consider sending a few a day of your aged ones of relivance. For sure, future ones.

Al Colombo


While we're at it, My friend Hannah Newman has a site I should have publicized ages ago. That's why we clean house at Pesach, to find what we shouldn't have lost.


You can now access my latest research, which comes in the form of two new articles at my website
*The "Blue-and-White Scare" - a survey of extreme anti-Israel paranoia in the American intelligence community, which can be traced to a modern mutation of antisemitism.
*Who's Afraid of Jonathan Pollard? - a composite picture of the Pollard Affair from beginning to end and from several viewpoints, how Jonathan ties into the "Blue-and-White Scare" and vice versa.


In the past, I've exposed Jews on the take, accepting big money from the EU to further their nefarious goals towards Israel. Included among the Jews on the take were CFR executive Henry Seigman and soon-to-be-tried-for-breach-of-faith-and-more, former Justice Minister, Yossi Beilin. The next file I open is more EU financing and more Jewish taking.


The Interfaith Encounter Association is pleased to invite you to a weekend of Interfaith dialogue and discussions for Israelis and Palestinians, co-financed by the European Community. This will be the first time since the beginning of the past 18 months of violence that such a meeting, which is open to the public, will be held.


Here's proof of Beilin's EU backing.


Investigative reporter Yoav Yitzchak report in today's issue of Ma'ariv that former Labor Party MK Yossi Beilin is drawing an annual salary of NIS 350,000 - NIS 400,000 from The Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF), a Tel Aviv based organization that he formed with Yair Hirschfeld at the end of 1990.

Yitzchak notes that the bulk of the ECF budget is covered by the European Union. In addition to the salary, ECF covers Beilin's heavy travel expenses - including meetings with Palestinians overseas. For all practical purposes, Yitzchak writes, the European Union is paying for Beilin to negotiate with the Palestinians.

It remains unclear what role Yossi Beilin, (who is indirectly on the EU's payroll) has in the program or how this fits into news after Beilin's meeting today with Mubarak's chief political adviser, Osama El- Baz, in Paris, that in two weeks there will be a meeting of Israeli leftists with Mubarak in Cairo.


The CFR plan their wars well. They sent CFR member Thomas Friedman to Saudi Arabia where he tricked the Saudi leadership into initiating a "peace" proposal, which is a non-starter for Israel but clause by clause, CFR policy. It was accepted by the Arab League in Beirut the night before the Passover War. Not amazingly, the BBC made this the main news item and the massacre of 20 Jews in Netanya became secondary to the Arabs' united proposal for peace.

The next file I open contains a report, basically reiterating my previous coverage of the Muhammed Ad-Dura shooting by the PLO:

Arafat wins again!
Yasser Arafat seems to win all the time with more and more Terrorism. It makes no difference who he's killing as long as he is killing somebody. This morning a suicide bomber exploded his evil device on a bus loaded with mostly Israeli Arabs on the way to Nablus, (Shekhem in the Bible). It is also worth noting that over the past week he has killed at least 4 of his own people for collaborating with Israelis. Some were dragged through the streets of Bethlehem even on Major Square. It has now been proven by a German investigative reporter, no less, that the small boy "Muhammed al-Dura" who was caught with his father in a cross fire at the beginning of the Intifata was killed by Palestinians fire. And not by Israelis, but I haven't heard that reported on CNN or BBC. But when that lie came out it was then stated by the IDF that the Palestinians were the ones that killed the boy. But to make things even worse it is known that the boy didn't die, but the lie kept on being reported anyway, because it made good press for the Palestinians. But the fact that this devil Arafat is willing to kill his own people to reach his goal of the destruction of Israel makes no difference to the Moslem population around us. He is still considered their leader.


And speaking of cowardice, on the day of Passover, an anonymous concerned citizen published a full page appeal in four languages for Israelis to return to the 1948 borders and then there will be peace. This press campaign cost tens of thousands of dollars, so who paid for it? The "writer" refuses to give his name, saying only that he is an Israeli who has lived in London since 1954. Of course, there's no reason to believe him and even if it's the truth, the man is too cowardly to publish his name anyway. There are others like him. A coward living in Haifa hides his name by publishing a newsletter called cyber samizdat, a tool for demoralizing the Jewish Right.

A favorite correspondent of mine sent me some thoughts on treachery. Just to let you know, his past insights have turned uncannily true.


Dark Dealings?

Israel news sources reported today that there has been a recent phenomenon of buying in Israeli real estate. Therefore, just when the terrorist acts escalated to historic levels, a number of private investors have been buying into the chaos of war, not peace. These news sources pointed to the buying as primarily “emotional and Zionist.”

Now we can first see that the entire Oslo peace plan as envisioned by its primary spokesman Shimon Peres proves also to be nothing other than a real estate scam and opportunity. While others are willing sellers at lower prices facing the specter of war and death, those behind Oslo have been buying well knowing that the peace is something certain, since they have been and continue ready to give up half of Israel including Jewish life to realize the Oslo peace. A smaller Israel makes properties in areas where Shimon Peres envisions tomorrow’s new Hong Kong sure to soar ten to tweny fold in price, if the Jewish leadership gives up everything asked, to add to the intentional evisceration of the Jewish character of the nation.

So those not dedicated to G-d, to Israel, to human life, have taken this opportunity in stride, based on inside knowledge, to buy from the weak and put prime properties into the hands of the strong. Thus, these very same people aside from writing off G-d are happy to see the environment permitting them to buy at the bottom, so that they, who represent the arrogant and elite, can profit from the human carnage serving the Oslo peace.

Is there justice in this world and the next? I am certain there is in the next, while I am not altogether sure about justice any longer in this world. For those who bought knowing as a supporter of the Oslo process that there would be carnage in Israel to drive the Jewish people to accept the proposed peace, there is little doubt in my mind they will be held to answer in the world to come for them.

In the meantime, I would love to know who they are, the extent of their purchases, and where they purchased. I am certain that this declared “recent phenomenon” did not involve purchases in East Jerusalem or the West Bank.


New story from Arutz Sheva:

Jewish investors from the US and Europe are purchasing more homes in a number of projects in Israel, in spite of the situation. So reports the Jewish Agency's weekly Global Agenda report. The director of sales at the Marina Towers in Herzliya commented on this phenomenon: "The trend in the past two months is clearly pointing to an interest in identifying with events in Israel." Buyers include Jews from Florida, New York, New Jersey, and London. Another person familiar with the phenomenon noted, "Recent customers have made it clear that it is important to them to send money to Israel. The motivation is economic, too, but it is primarily emotional and Zionist."


This Pesach, Iris Mersel and I are building a Rabin website in at least three languages. I could almost exclude English because so many websites reproduce my material. Here are a few great examples:

And here is the address of the first Hebrew conspiracy chat page:;_ID=3

Two anti-NWO sites recommended to me:
New World Or is it?

And here is an expose of Dr. Yehuda Hiss, the police pathologist who covered up Rabin's real wounds: love it!

More Rabin exposes at:

Here's me in Russian:


Now I don't have to save these in my In files anymore. And they were short messages. Look what I can sweep away at last. It is a first time letter from someone I should have met ten years ago. It was too long to store in my In file, yet too astute to be rid of:


Dear Barry,

Thank you for the insightful report on Israel's conflicts with PLO. I was particularly intrigued by the mention that the British put both Arabs and Jews in the same small area to deliberately foment conflict.

This fits a series of developing facts that I am learning and trying to make sense of. For one, I discover that Lord Balfour was a Mason and occultist. In public he pretended to be a Christian. When I was young, Lord Balfour was a hero to me because he helped lead to the establishment of the modern state of Israel. I suggest that he did what he did because of hidden motives.

When I was young and simple, I never questioned why the UN would help establish the state of Israel. Now, I realize that the founders of the UN were almost all occultists of one stripe or another. I was going to mention them by name but then realized that the list is too long to go into. The occult has always opposed monotheism, especially orthodox jewish and christian faith. Madame Blavatsky, who had a huge influence on the UN, was an ardent anti-semite. Why would anti-semites help establish a jewish homeland ?

There had to be ulterior motives. I believe that the Masons central ritual about pagan Tyre's Hiram Abiff and his work building Solomon's temple reveals a desire on the behalf of global masonry to rebuild Solomon's temple, not for the benefit of honoring Jehovah with restored daily sacrifices in anticipation of the Jewish Messiah, but rather as an attempt to install an occult messiah in the place of the real one or to blaspheme God by defiling his temple like Antiochus Epiphanes did. Notice that the Masons focus on the period of Solomon's life when he had been drawn away from true worship of the God of his Ancestors and had been corrupted to worship the idols of neighboring pagan nations like Tyre. This is the Solomonic era that the pagan Masons wish to restore.

In order to draw the world's attention to a quiet and sleepy desert land that most of the world considered "no longer relevant," something had to be done to focus the world's attention on this area and recognize it as being important once again. If the Masons built a temple in the midst of the sands with no one to watch or care, it wouldn't give them any global power. It would have become a tourist attraction. A Jewish temple without Jews would not help them achieve their objective. The Jews had to return to Israel to make the temple a center of global significance. Furthermore, there had to be conflict that would affect people all around the world to get them to understand that the outcome of the issue had an impact on their own well-being. ( Oil prices, defense spending, nuclear holocaust )

Here, the Hegelian dialectic comes into play. The Anti-thesis is the role of hostile Arabs. The thesis is the existence of Israel. By playing the two against each other successfully, the masons hoped-for synthesis is a revived pagan empire built upon the site of the Holy of Holies itself, thus challenging and insulting the God of the Jews. Since Lucifer was cast out of heaven, this has been his goal. To stand in the place of God, proclaiming himself to be God.. Barry, it is your research that shows how the Masons might accomplish this. It could not be done without finding leading Jews who are willing to honor the gods of Egypt and Babylon by becoming FreeMasons who secretly venerate the very gods that Jehovah punished Israel for worshipping by sending Israel into exile !

These traitorous Jews would cooperate with the very enemies of God's people by surrendering control of God's Holy temple to Israel's sworn enemies ! Traitorous Masonic Jews will or already have bargained away the most Holy places to be used for blasphemous purposes. The eternal birthright of every Jew will be cynically bargained away for a false peace. Will a 7 year peace treaty be signed soon by Jew who "has no regard for the faith of his fathers," and a corrupt, lying global leader ?

Are there any Jewish Rabbis who are alarmed by the involvement of the nation's leaders in the Masons, the CFR, or other secret global societies ? Will the people sit idly by while the followers of Horus, Isis, Osiris, Baal, Ashteroth, Ra, etc control the land that Jehovah gave to the Jews as an eternal inheritance ? Does anyone in Israel care if their leaders worship the obelisk, the phoenix and the sun wheel and face east with their backs towards God's Holy temple ? ( part of Masonic ceremony ) Who will stand up against the idolatry of Israel's faithless leaders ?

Please tell me Barry, which forces in Israel are fighting to restore pure, original worship and keep the land that God promised to his people ?


There is a nice lady in Toronto, who I had the real pleasure meeting last November, who has greatly expanded my understanding of the European plot against Israel. For those who have been reading me closely, my overall feeling is that Arafat was a CFR-RIIA stooge until a few years ago when he switched to Europe because they made him a better offer; the end of Israel. That's why Arafat turned Clinton down at Camp David.

Now as we scholars know, while Rabin negotiated the Oslo Accord, Peres and Beilin were running the parallel Vatican Accord. Oslo, is a rare example of both the Anglo-Saxon and European NWO ganging up on Israel in harmony. Rabbi Michael Melchior was funded and groomed by Shimon Peres and is a rat in Israel's cellar. The lady from Toronto adds proof:


This is an interesting paraphrase posted on another site re: the Zenit article. CN Israeli Rabbi: "We Need Vatican's Support"

March 15�..Israeli Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Rabbi Michael Melchior, the leader of the Meimad religious party, met John Paul II today to ask for the Vatican�s support in Mid-east peace efforts. Israel will look to give the Vatican a key role in an inter-religious dialogue with its Muslim neighbors, but also realizes that the Vatican will dominate the political and diplomatic level. Rabbi Melchior said that Israel however must have the Vatican�s support. I have come to Rome to meet with the Pope and let him act as a mediator with my Palestinian interlocutors.


Still another fine lady is always keeping me updated on Peres' finaglings with the Europeans. Passover reminds me what a wonderful network of brilliant people I have getting my perspective together:


Statements to the press following meeting of Foreign Minister Shimon Peres with EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana Jerusalem, 25 February 2002 FM Shimon Peres: I'm am pleased to welcome our good and dear friend, Javier Solana, who is really working tirelessly in order to bring the parties together, in order to achieve a cease-fire and to clear the way for the future negotiations. I think we have had an extensiveand, I believe, constructive talk.We mentioned the following subjects: how to keep the cease-fire going on; how to react to the Saudi proposal; how to handle the Abu Ala-Peres paper, and how to answer some of the questions that were raised over the last 24 hours. I don't claim that everything is simple and satisfactory, but I think there are chances that we shouldn't miss.,


Coincidence must be divine. I had just read two marvelous books called, In The Beginning, and Genesis And The Big Bang, which both prove, and I do mean prove, that the Bible's telling of the birth of the universe is precisely that of modern science. One point the authors agree on is that Darwinism is wrong and on the way out. As soon as I finished the books, in came the following marvelous essay. I wrote its author informing him that two Jewish scholars agree with him and both accept the biblical version of creation. He didn't see how it was possible but he will once he receives the books. Recommended reading at:


A first time reader again. I answered her as I do all my correspondence and our friendship, like so many others, is blossoming.:


Dear Barry,

I have been aware of the machinations of the CFR for a number of years, so this does not surprise me. However, I am somewhat confused over the assassination of Rabin. What did they have to gain? Wasn't Rabin a dove for peace? Do you understand that there will never be peace in the area as long as the Arabs teach their young to hate Jews as part of their religion? These people are fanatics. I have discussed the problem in the Middle East with Palestinians and Afganis and Syrians and Iranians and Egyptians who live in the U.S. and it is always the same: Israel must go. There is NO room for negotiation. They tell me that there will be a time when they will all rise up and attack Israel together and annihilate her. How can you negotiate peace with people who are not interested in peace? It is not political, it is religious. These people believe that they must eradicate Israel, or their religion is not correct. It is vital that they be right. How can you fight that?


I am not going to sweep the next file away no matter how much space it takes up. I wrote a song called New World Order Coming which lots of readers liked. But when an author I admire, Dr. Len Horowitz, who wrote Emerging Viruses, the classic expose of Aids warfare, says he likes it, the file stays in the house, Khilul Pesach or not.


Great song Jiml Please relay to Barry my congratulations for a song well done! Len Horowitz


And here's another writer I admire, saying nice things about me, which naturally I saved.


Eric Jon Phelps completed seminars here last weekend - he has absolute respect for you and your works and so stated!!


My bulging In box is filled with 9-11 files. I don't know what to do with them. This is an American subject and I'm not really covering it, but people keep sending me important information and I haven't the heart to dump it. Alright, out it goes too:


With all the accruing evidence that the real Shadow Government is behind
 > >the 9-11 tyrannical plot that blew the WTC and Pentagon buildings - a
 > >very much reminiscent of what Russia's secret service did in 1999 in
 > >Moscow, blowing up several apartment buildings (and killing 300 people)
 > >have an excuse to bomb Chechnya into submission (see "Tycoon: EU Should
 > >Probe 1999 Attacks" (Mar 5)
 > >in_russia_berezovsky_3), we are left to wonder if anything or anyone can
 > >still stop "them" in their mad dash to expand their dominion over the
 > >planet. Some people in London and in the USA have begun expressing their
 > >outrage at all these disgusting actions as you'll see below, but it will
 > >take much more.


Now wouldn't you know it? Look what's in the very next file:



You can't escape the facts here. Is anyone willing to state that these facts have nothing to do with one another? These are all from reputable news agencies. They are worthy of repetition by virtue of the importance of their implications, both individually & combined:
"So bin Laden, along with a small group of Islamic militants from Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestinian refugee camps all over the Middle East, became the reliable partners of the CIA ",1361,584444,00.html
"Two months before September 11 Osama bin Laden flew to Dubai for 10 days for treatment at the American hospital, where he was visited by the local CIA agent"

Quotes from a document written in 1998 & available on Official US Website:
"CentGas can not begin construction until an internationally recognized Afghanistan Government is in place." (THAT WAS AGREED IN 1998!)

"I would caution that while we do support the project, the U.S. Government has not at this point recognized any governing regime of the transit country, one of the transit countries, Afghanistan, through which that pipeline would be routed. But we do support the project." (THIS WAS IN 1998!)
"U.S. authorities were alerted as early as 1995 that several Middle Eastern pilots were training at American flight schools and at least one had proposed hijacking a plane to crash into federal buildings, according to documents and interviews with Filipino and U.S. authorities.";=514&u;=/ap/20020305/ap_on_go_ ca_st_pe/attacks_1995_warning_1


1) America admits having funded & supported Osama bin Laden.

2) The American Government & oil industry agreed in 1998 that a new government was needed in Afghanistan. (September 11 was the only way that oi l would ever have been reached.)

3) The American authorities knew September 11 was coming but took no action - when a simple warning to airports might have prevented the disaster. They had specific information relating to deliberate aviation crashes.

Please, for the sake of those who died and are about to die help us to share the truth with as many people as possible.

What more do you need, a signed confession, before you accept the obvious truth!?



And the file after that:


There can be no question now -- our government and leading institution ruling elite are mass-murdering criminals, slaughtering thousands, raping a country, deceiving their own countrymen, for opium profits, for global energy monopoly, to become masters unaccountable neither to man nor morality.

Time for the administration to resign.

Time for the CFR media monopoly to be broken up.

Time to remove the globalists from all boardrooms.

Time to confiscate their stolen treasure. (The first reparations must go to the New York and Afghan families of their victims.)

Time to cancel all of their ill-gotten debt-instrument asset holdings.

Not with guns -- but with numbers -- 6 billion of us -- and Mohatma Gandhi resolve.

Its all over. They are coming down.

for more information on the FRAME-UP:


Now lookee here. I write a song, and someone writes a reply to it. That was a file worth keeping. There was logic to all this khemetz buildup:


Shalom again, Barry!

Meditating upon your poem I felt your despair and question of whether truth will prevail since you only penned the bad news. Your dirge serves as a lamentation, but we need GOOD NEWS that there is a God of justice (Zion shall be redeemed with justice). God knows those who question His existence and those who question His apparent inaction and takes note of it in Malachi 2:17. Therefore, I've added, for myself, a few lines of hope and not despair, faith and not fear, to balance things. I didn't spend much time in my humble efforts, but perhaps you'll enjoy their sentiments regardless!




Yet out of ashes & rubble of repentance
A New World Order will arise
Spoken of by the Prophets who
Assure us of Europe's demise

Ten little naked emperors with
Towers will quake and fall
And the crawling Child will suddenly
Stand and walk six feet tall

The Gods will dwell among men
With Earth restored to Eden again
The King of Righteousness reigns
And nothing will ever be the same

The old world has passed away
The Dawn has given birth to a new day
Let Elijah herald Babylon is fallen, fallen
For in Judah and Jerusalem God is exulted!

Jerusalem is remembered and redeemed
Israel a Kingdom of Light to be seen
The Darkness couldn't bend Heaven's Will
The Ancient of Days in His people fulfilled!

David Ben-Ariel


A reader sends more Seigman treason.


Arafat said to endorse Saudi plan

By Gil Hoffman

JERUSALEM (February 26) - Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat endorsed Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud's peace plan yesterday, said Henry Siegman, a senior fellow and director of the US/Middle East Project at the Council on Foreign Relations, who met with Arafat yesterday.

Click here to read more:


It's not everyday one receives an affidavit from an intelligence agent. Usually they pass documentation to me without daring to sign it. So I had to save the following from a courageous former spook.



The purpose of this affidavit is to show how the FBI will do anything in order to make or win cases.

During the period of 1985/6, the office of the US Attorney in Albany, N.Y. was persecuting (not prosecuting) the Dowd family, who were friends of mine. I offered to help the US Attorney to make his case. My whole purpose was to sabotage their case and feed them with misinformaton and disinformation. When the Dowd family heard that I was helping the government against them, they were greatly relieved, as they knew that I would totally confuse them (not a difficult job).

In order to help convince the Feds of my sincerity, I found some people in Schenectedy, New York (very close to Albany) who were followers of Louis Farakhan's Black Muslims. I convinced them that I was a Moslem and since that I am a Moslem, then my enemy is the white Christians. I explained to them that the white Christians oppress all Moslem people through their police force and first we must terrorize and destroy the Police. I explained to them how they could make Molotov cocktails to throw at police cars and police stations. They were very enthused about this. Then, in order to show my sincerity to the Feds, I gave all this information to them. The Feds were very happy to get this information and they surely thought that I was a true American.

At that point, they brought in FBI Special Agent Rose who was very impressed with me and asked me to infiltrate the Jewish Defense League (from which came Kach) and to report to him. This I refused, as to me it would have been a Chilul Hashem to have even pretended to do so.

One of the FBI agents said to me that the purpose of the FBI is "to put people in jail".

Prior to this 1985/6 episode, I was an agent for the US Secret Service in New York, working under Group Leader Wolf and Agent Albert Angelone. I was actually a double agent working against them (I will not say at this point for whom, but it was not any Israeli or Jewish organization). Surely the American government would have realized that I was not a trustworthy individual and was just selling them false stories for the benefit of my groups (not Israeli or Jewish). Yet, they tried to use me, knowingly that my information was tainted, in order to help win their cases. It is very well within the scope of the Feds to frame the 2 L.A. Kach members in order to show (and to justify their budget) how they protect the community.

Thank you,



Testimony backing the claims in my review of The Scared And The Doomed by M.J. Nurenberger.


I read a small book over 20 years ago by Moshe Schoenfeld entitled Holocaust Eyewitnesses Accuse. I bought it at a Jewish bookstore in Brookline. It was published in New York. The author cited the following example: The religious Jews of New York planned to buy real passports from Central American countries giving citizenship and more importantly exit permits for 500 to 1,000 Jews of Nazi occupied Europe. While the devout were raising funds, the "Jewish leaders" of New York decided to inform the Nazis through diplomatic channels of the plan so the Central Americans had to pull out of the agreement. The "Zionists" explained that only they were in charge of saving Jewish lives and that no other groups would be allowed to interfere. This case would seem to worse than most of those cited by MJ Nurenberger, because none of the money would go to Nazis. It would have stayed in the Americas. I apologize for not having more details about the author (a Rabbi) and the publisher, but this was 20 years ago.


More confirmation on the abandonment of the Jews by their American leaders during the Holocaust. Thanks to this letter I picked up the recommended book from its publisher and will review it in time.


Book is "Shake Heaven & Earth" by Louis Rapoport Published by Gefen ISBN 965 229 182 x - published 1999 Hillel kook used the name Peter Bergson. Bergson tried in the US to save the Jews in Europe but the USA refused, as did the Jewish community there, to recognize what is going on.


For some reason, Toronto is producing some of my most exciting and knowledgeable correspondence. Would you have been able to delete a letter like this?


Hey Barry...

By all means, please keep sending your updates. You're more or less working on the same thing I am, but from a different angle. Reading your work also helps fill in some blanks... we may not see eye to eye on everything, but our goal of seeing an Incorruptible Jewish state free from the influence of outside forces that have hijacked Zionism is the same. You made a statement at the end of your article that I find to be not entirely true... I'm wondering if you could either address my question or provide the rationale behind your reasoning...

"There are no Jewish organizations colluding with our mass murderers. We defend Israel with honor because it is our rightful national home. We make no more pacts with devils."

The USA provides the most financial and military aid to Israel. Is this not collusion with your mass murderers? Is it not a pact with the devil? Consider the following:

Standard Oil, The Ethyl Corporation, ITT, GE, Ford, IBM and others provided essential war materials for Hitler, even after America entered WW II. William Randolph Hearst, Charles Lindbergh, the B'nai B'rith, and Joe Kennedy provided the public with appeasement policies and justification for remaining neutral, even after people became aware of what the Nazis were doing.

The Bush family fortune comes from the Third Reich. Prescott Bush kept 1.5 million of Nazi money after funds were seized from the Bushes under the trading with the enemy act. Reagan and George H W Bush had known Nazi war criminals working in their ethnic outreach programs, and in fact a number of Bush's campaigners quit over this issue. Bush Jr in March of this year appointed William Farish, the son of Standard Oil's CEO William Farish (who gave the Nazis the patent for Tetra-ethyl-lead) as Ambassador the the UK... the son of the man without whom the bombing of London would not have been possible.

Bush Jr continues to use Nazi emigres in his GOP outreach programs. Jr has appointed as Attorney General a man who ran for the senate on the campaign platform that racial integration and desegregation is an 'outrage to human decency' and an 'affront to God'. Half his cabinet has direct links to Charles Murray, the author of The Bell Curve, which is basically a eugenics program out to prove that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites. Eugenics, forced sterilizations, and laws against inter-racial breeding did not originate with Hitler. These ideas and laws came from America, and in 1933/34 the Americans in fact sent a delegation from Cold Harbor Springs to Germany to show Hitler how to set up a proper eugenics campaign... they even went so far as to show him how to set up a functional program of testing and sterilizations.

America financed Hitler. They armed him. They showed him the road map to the final solution, and gave him the tools to carry it out. Were it not for Roosevelt scheming against corporate America to get the American people behind the war, 1/3 of the world would be speaking German, 1/3 would be speaking Japanese, and only in North America would anyone be speaking English. After the war, some 20,000 Nazi emigres were settled in North and South America by the Americans. Most were known war criminals which the State Department covered for. The descendents of these men, and some of the old warriors are still actively involved in maintaining a Nazi agenda within the Republican party, and they do so with the full knowledge of Mr Bush. Barry, the real criminals behind the Holocaust have never been punished. In fact, most have never even been openly accused of the crimes they were responsible for. I implore you to read the work of John Loftus and Mark Aarons... the Belarus Secret, Unholy Trinity and the Secret War Against the Jews. Also Chris Simpson's Blowback and Splendid Blonde Beast.

The Nazi agenda is alive and well in America. Bush has even rewritten the criminal code (the so called Patriot Act) in such a way that it's now a mirror image of the Reichsgetzenblatt legislation enacted after the Reichstag fire... take a look at the Nuremberg Trials description of the legislation and job descriptions of the Gestapo, then take a look at the Patriot Act and the description of the Office of Homeland Security. They're almost verbatim. The entire framework for fascism that was created in 1933 is again in existence, and as Bush said the war may last for decades. He intends to make war on every non-white race on the planet. Bush sanctions regimes, turning nations into concentration camps, from 1991-2001 have killed more people than Hitler killed from 1933-1940.

So... given that all of the above is documented and verifiable, how does one justify taking financial and military aid from America, when it's so obvious to one who studies history that this so called beneficial aid is being given with a rather cynical, anti-semitic intent?

America gives billions in free weapons to Israel, which makes Israel and Jews in general hated throughout much of the world. America then ensures the perpetual nature of the occupation of Palestine by using its veto power, making more trouble for Israel and Jews with the world at large, instead of helping them integrate into the greater community. The vetoes serve to drive an impassible rift between Israelis and their Semitic brothers in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

Americans may think that what their government is doing is for the benefit of the Semitic people, but in reality the effects of America�s policies toward Israel are clearly anti-Semitic. These policies propagate hatred of Jews, resentment toward Israel, oppression of Semitic Muslims, discord between the Jewish and Muslim Semitic tribes, and instability in the Middle East. American arms manufacturers make billions of dollars selling weapons to Semitic people on both sides of the fence as brother kills brother, Wall Street gets rich, and only Semites die.

Does this sound like the actions of a friend to you? If taking 6 billion a year from the US without forcing them to acknowledge their past isn't making a deal with the devil and breaking bread with monsters, I don't know what else you'd call it. Everyone except the US and the Vatican has had their turn paying the piper.

Covering for the Americans as Israel has been doing is just plain foolish... I believe that America is trying once again to set up the Jewish people as a scapegoat for the world's problems by having Israel fire the first shots in a coming world wide conflict. In doing so, Israel and not America will take the fall, and America will ride off on with its Imperial ambitions, using Israel's destruction as the pretext to full spectrum world domination.


So many important writers and so little space, time and energy. How can anyone keep up with this flurry of talent?


Dear Barry,

I have written about two books.

The main one is the book of Shabtai Beit-Zvi, the founder of MAOZ. It is serious research with huge amount of documents. You can get English edition by his grandson Ran Markovich - - here in Israel or another grandson Yeal Markovich - - in USA. The second one is my small booklet about MAOZ, Golda and Shabtai Beit-Zvi. It is in Russian. Chizhik is my pseudonym. Here I put its synopsis.

A new book of S. N. Chizhik "MAOZ - SOCIETY FOR HELP TO SOVIET JEWRY" was published on November 2001 to yahrzeit of obm Golda Elin. The book describes the history of MAOZ - Israeli independent public organization. Since1958 MAOZ fought for free exit, emigration of Soviet Jews from the USSR and for proper absorbtion of new immigrants.

The history of MAOZ is shown against the background of the political situation in Israel during last 42 years. All this time the activity of MAOZ met with the resistance of Israeli governments and political parties.

Importance of this topic - MAOZ opposition to general line - is clearly seen in manner Israeli newspaper "Vesty" ("�����") published an article of I. A. Dobruskina about MAOZ and Golda Elin (November 29, 2001). They did not ask a permission of the author to change the text. Unauthorized severe cuttings resulted in distorted image of MAOZ and Golda. It looks like they intentionally created it because this distorted image is more suitable for Israeli establishment.

It shows that the establishment continues to fight with MAOZ even when its activity ceased with the death of Golda Elin. "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past" (George Orwell "Nineteen Eighty-Four").


Another thoughtful new historian who I've been saving for months and now, sadly, has to leave.


Dear Barry,

Have you ever wondered why the choice of insignias for the State of Israel and the entire Zionist movement is a Star of David, a combination of two Greek letters? Besides seeming wholly un-Zionist in nature and out of place, it is worthwhile pointing out that putting two daled�s together, which would be more appropriate in representing David in a Jewish state, would result exactly in the Masonic insignia.

This makes me wonder if perhaps the Zionist movement and all Jews in general weren�t meant to be part of some involuntary Masonic fraternity. Why are Masons so damn friendly to Jews?

It seems we might have some idea of how Masons treat their fraternal brothers--that is, sacrifice isn�t meant purely figuratively. Could they be setting up Jews for some mass ritual sacrifice? A few months ago I heard stories of a Palestinian who was arrested with a backpack nuclear device. The recent EU, uniting "once"-Nazi Germany with its arch enemy France would seem to prove the effectiveness of using Jewish blood in other peacemaking efforts. It seems the entire middle east might be next on the Eurabian agenda.

If this is the case, it seems they�ve got their formula hammered out and would probably want to make this one happen sooner than 50 years: Get all the Jews in one place, have the Arabs kill them all with nuclear, Bio & Chemical weapons, capitalize on collective Arab guilt so they agree to let the Americans occupy the entire Arabian & Persian Gulf region, and sure enough, the bankers arrive, install new NWO regimes, and the EU becomes the Eurabian Union. As for the Jews, more films will be made for them to mourn their tragic demise at the hands of "Terrorists" (with capital T, as in National Terrorist Arab Workers Party) while all the "modern" Arabs wonder how things got so out of hand, and so get to show their generosity by donating to Jewish and Israeli charities for the few thousand still left alive.

I could be wrong about all this. The masons could be very nice people. I have relatives who are masons and all of them seem pretty nice & harmless. But I can�t figure out why the Zionists picked out Greek letters for their insignia. This makes absolutely no sense and contradicts all logic. But just put the two dalets together and it�s unmistakable.


This lady is furious at me for aiming my vitriol at the CFR when there is a deeper plot to be covered.

** I have sent this far and wide; however, the fate of Israel is not in Richard Haass hands, but was clearly (if researched) determined many years ago by Cecil Rhodes' Sir Albert Milner and friends among the real leaders of what is now called The Committee of 300. Including, but not exclusively by the Crowned Cobras of Europe. The Committee of 300 being the old Directors of the British East India Company during Queen Victoria's time.

Bush [either jr or sr] is not a factor in this storyboard. They follow the blueprint set up in the overall final scheme of things to bring in the New World Order a/k/a as One World Government. Many groups decided the final solution including The Round Table even Rhodes Kindergarten long before the CFR, the American branch of RIIA was even considered a reality. The CFR does not, despite your continued insistence, control the Committee nor has even has the remotest power to override determinations put into place long ago.

I urge you again to read The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley and "The City" [The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of the British Government] by E.C. Knuth and Dr. John Coleman's "The Committee of 300."


Please forgive me for finally deleting this significant list of recommended books:


Grab copies of these books... they're indispensible: Killing Hope by William Blum - The most comprehensive list of CIA Black Ops available

Rogue State by William Blum - The cold hard truth about America America's Secret Establishment by Anthony Sutton - Expose of the Yale Skull and Bones Society, which effectively controls the CFR, Trilaterals, State Department, Universities, and now the White House. The Shadows of Power by James Perloff - Expose on the CFR The Praetorian Guard by John Stockwell - Memoirs and warnings about Bush and the CIA

In Search of Enemies by John Stockwell - Memoirs of CIA Angola Who's Who of the Elite by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr. - The ULTIMATE book of lists. Lists everybody, and I mean everybody. No actual writing here just lots of lists, but its invaluable. When you see news reports that seem bogus, look for the author, edtor or publisher in this book. You will find him/her listed almost every time. When some politician is pushing a corrupt bill for passage, look him/her up on the list, and you will always find the name there unless the person is a freshman in the House.

Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola by Len Horowitz - Get this book. Everyone should be forced to read it. Horowitz has been working with the Nation of Islam in getting the word out about the American creation of AIDS in a Central African research program called the Special Virus Cancer Program sponsored by Merck and the National Institute of Health.

The program was under Dr Robert Gallo... the same Robert Gallo who won that award for AIDS research was the man who created the damn virus in the first place. The scariest part of this book? ALL of horowitz's information comes from declassified US government documents... reports from the SVCP about experiments they were doing. Horowitz tracks the mutation of AIDS from a Bovine Retrovirus right up to HIV over a series of experiments. Even if they didn't create THE AIDS virus, they definitely created an AIDS virus in their lab.

The origin of the AIDS epidemic in the US and Africa can be traced to an Experimental Hepatitis Vaccine that was introduced into the gay population of NYC, and to an experimental Polio vaccine that was given to people in the Congo. The Vaccine was created and administered by none other than Merck... the NIH's partner in the SVCP. Every single person who got either vaccine died of AIDS.

America is doing everything in its power to commit global genocide, and they've even written down exactly how they're going to do it. The SVCP is a direct result of Kissinger's National Security Memorandum 200 report. Read the report closely, and you'll find it to be as sinister as Mein Kampf. Unlike Hitler, Kissinger talks around things using code words, but it's all there. As early as 1974 they were actively working toward the depopulation of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The report is supposed to be about Least Developed Countries (LDC's). But in the report, Kissinger refers to Singapore and Hong Kong as LDC's... two Asian countries that in 1974 were more developed than 75% of Europe. Therefore, he's not talking about Least Developed Countries, is he? He's talking about non-white countries. Hitler was just a dry run for the Americans. They won't be satisfied until EVERY nation but America is completely beholden to the IMF and US monetary policy, and has signed over all mineral rights and privatized (sold to America) all domestic service industries. Anyone who won't comply is a terrorist and will be invaded, and their leaders will be murdered or imprisoned for all time.

Consider the facts. According to Howard Zinn and many other historians, no less than 250 million Indians were killed in the creation of America and Latin America. I've spoken to economists and historians who also believe that of the some 80,000+ people who die daily, something like 36,000 of those daily deaths can be attributed to US foreign policy, monetary policy, or sanctions. Do the math. That's like 290 million people. Add to the total another 30 million killed in war, covert action or state sponsored terrorism since WW II, and we're talking about 570 million mostly innocent human beings killed in the name of AmeriKKKa.

Add to this total the number of non-whites sterilized by the UN, WHO, Peace Corps and Planned Parenthood, who incidentally make Europeans and Americans pay for sterilization, but sterilize non-whites for free outside Europe and America... some 300 million sterilizations since 1911. That's 300 million potential family trees wiped out for all time. Just look at how many Jews there are living today from the small number that Oscar Schindler saved during WW II, and you have some idea of the colossal impact of 300 million sterilizations.

For every person alive in America today, each individual's life is built on a pyramid of the corpses of three innocent human beings. No greater evil has ever existed, or could ever exist than the course America has chosen for itself. No tyrant has been as ruthless, no butcher as savage. Iraq is a concentration camp... close to 2 million dead now from the blockade. So is Central Africa. So are half a dozen South American nations.

Everywhere there's a US military base, the incidence of rape is double that of the US, and often triple the rate of reported rapes in the invaded country. Rape is another weapon of genocidal mass destruction... stamping your genes on their culture. Military rapists are protected by the Pentagon, and almost never charged with a crime. It's encouraged by the institution.

The 'Hero' of the movie black hawk down has his name changed for the film. According to the author of the book, the Pentagon forced the name change, but let the movie go ahead and gave an incredible amount of assistance to the producers. Why the name change? The Real American Hero, John Stebbins, is doing time for raping and sodomizing a child under 12.

This is a nation that's proud of what it's done, and as Bush Sr said, "I will never apologize for America". They're PROUD that they've killed so many people. Bush Sr. spent hundreds of millions on Columbus Day celebrations in 1992, even though we can read in Columbus' Journals that he had every intention of enslaving and murdering the indigenous population... "...with a few thousand guns, we could enslave them all..."

Over 100,000 Americans, mostly poor black children, were forcibly sterilized by the Government just like the Nazis did to the Jews. To this day, only the State of Virginia has apologized. To this day, the Supreme Court Decision Buck v Bell which gives the states the right to forcibly sterilize people still stands, and has not been challenged. While the laws are no longer enforced, in many states they're STILL ON THE BOOKS AS LAW. Israel really needs to stop doing business with Nazis, and they ARE Nazis... at least the people currently in charge.

Yep. Again I have to agree with you. Michele Sindona, Florian Galdau and Laszlo Pastor among others were used by the Nazis/Vatican to infiltrate the GOP at the same time as Reinhard Gehlen infiltrated the CIA. These guys have been pulling strings since Nixon, after the GOP door was opened for them into the Nixon campaign by none other than Prescott Bush.

Pastor and Galdau both worked for the Heritage Council, of which John Ashcroft is also a member. This is a white supremacist organization in disguise... I say in disguise because recently it's added token blacks to it's roll. Pastor is STILL active in this current Bush administration.

I believe the Vatican has been blackmailing the CIA and GOP since at least the first Bush administration and probably longer. This is why mobster John Gotti went to jail... he was connected to Sindona and if he'd gone down for money laundering, a whole lot of people were going down with him. That's why Robert Mueller was called in to shut Gotti down and ONLY charge him with murder using a witness even more corrupt than Gotti.

If you want some background on the Gotti/P-2 connection to Mueller, Bush and the GOP let me know.



And so, at last the hemetz is out of the computer. It was hard but nowhere near as bad as the end of Passover when you have to sweep all the matzah out of the house.


The toll free numbers to inquire about my books are:

USA - 1 877 RABINYY 7224699
ISRAEL - 1 800 RABINY 722469

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