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Local Election Results May 4, 2000
Elections were held in 17 wards (a third of the council seats).

The make-up of the council prior to the election is as follows:
  • Labour 25
  • Liberal Democrat 19
  • Conservative 4
  • Independent 3

Liberal Democrat1 8
Conservative4 1
Independent 2 

The make-up of the council is now:
  • Labour 22
  • Liberal Democrat 20
  • Conservative 8
  • Independent 1

The party that was currently holding the seat has been highlighted - (not always current sitting councillor)

C = Conservative;
L= Labour;
LD=Liberal Democrat;
G=Green Party.
Others as indicated.

Liberal Democrat gain
BradwellNumber of votes
Dean Mohammed Junayed Ahamed Miah (C)324
Graeme Ellis Lindsay (L)776
Phillip Stephen Gerrella (LD)1281
Liberal Democrat Gain

Bradwell AbbeyNumber of votes
Donald William Hoyle (C)503
David Lloyd Lewis (L)497
Christopher Leslie Williams (LD)159
Conservative gain

Campbell ParkNumber of votes
Malcolm Fryer-Kelsey (C)386
Martin Ronald Petchey (L)498
Roger Edward Tallack (known as Cec) (LD)1154
Clive Robert Bailey (G)72
Liberal Democrats retain

DenbighNumber of votes
Roger James Jacobs (C)1021
Gladstone Roy McKenzie (L)952
Edis Bevan (LD)243
William Denis Harnett (I)435
Conservative gain

Eaton ManorNumber of votes
Dennis Reginald Thatcher (C)326
Reginald William Edwards (L)809
Vanessa McPake (LD)158
Labour retain

Linford NorthNumber of votes
David Tunney (C)633
John Mclinton (L)326
Robert Charles Benning (LD)929
Peter Edwards (G)87
Liberal Democrat retain

Linford SouthNumber of votes
Peter John Davies (C)297
Claudine Suzanne Elliott (L)625
John Bernard Monk (LD)1117
Liberal Democrat retain

Loughton ParkNumber of votes
Andrew Peter Dransfield (C)1382
George Conchie (L)1016
Isabella Forsyth Fraser (LD)336
Conservative gain

Newport Pagnell NorthNumber of votes
Michael Thomas James Horton (C)331
Brian Todd (L)197
Euan Scott Henderson (LD)1079
Liberal Democrat retain

Newport Pagnell SouthNumber of votes
Amanda Box (C)336
Dawn Brandy Hoyle (L)234
Irene Henderson (LD)1239
Liberal Democrat retain

OlneyNumber of votes
Ann Johnston (C)449
Peter James Hevey (L)156
Graham Arthur George Mabbutt (LD)974
Joan Margaret Jones (I)213
Liberal Democrat retain

StantonburyNumber of votes
Roy William Miller (C)688
Henry Kilkenny (known as Harry) (L)598
Robert Lloyd Exon (LD)283
Carol Barac (G)66
Conservative gain

Stony StratfordNumber of votes
Paul Bartlett (C)1331
Mary Agness Majella Stone (L)1061
Derek John Eastman (LD)195
Conservative retain

Walton ParkNumber of votes
Neil Robert Loudoum Cawley (C)490
Michael Francis Duff (L)240
Elizabeth Enid Pym (known as Liz) (LD)1145
Louise Mary Ann Cooper (C)458
Sarah Morag Gilmour-Sorensen (L)291
Clive Stuart Carruthers (LD)1073
Liberal Democrats retain both seats

WhaddonNumber of votes
Derrick Connor (C)683
Elizabeth Anne Campbell (L)755
Rosemary Drewett (LD)168
Labour gain

WolvertonNumber of votes
Ashraful Hoque (C)469
Hilary Monica Saunders (L)981
Martin John Snell (LD)197
Alan Herbert Francis (G)184
Labour retain

WoughtonNumber of votes
William Roy Kenyon (C)563
Kevin John Wilson (L)965
James Noel Forsyth (LD)264
Claire Elizabeth Butler (G)80
Labour retain

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