Christ is the Reason for this School


DeSales Hires New Principal

Finger Lakes Times Staff Writer
April 27, 2002

Karen Juliano said the role she will take on as principal at DeSales Regional High School offers her the right amount of challenges.

"This is having the opportunity to build a high school community and to enhance it with what I can bring," said Juliano, who will finish the current school year as principal at Holy Rosary Academy in Louisville, Ky. Juliano recently received unanimous approval from the board of trustees to succeed current principal Dan Skinner.

"She will bring a sense of Catholicism and her experience as a Catholic administrator" to the school, said Peter Koch, president of the DeSales board of trustees. Koch said Juliano will likely start July 1.

Her acceptance of the job completes a transitional period for the school that started in 1999, when Ed Tracey retired. Skinner filled in until the school board could find someone with more background in Catholic education.

The board of trustees started actively looking for a candidate earlier this year, when an advertisement for the position was posted on the National Catholic Registry and in the Catholic Courier, a weekly publication mailed to members of the 12-county Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester.

Koch said they received about 12 résumés from around the country and then narrowed the job to four candidates. Koch said letters have been sent home to parents of DeSales students, notifying them of the appointment.

Juliano, 49, started her career as an educator in 1974 when she taught math at a Catholic school in Massachusetts. She then moved through other teaching jobs and worked her way up to assistant principal in 1978. She's held her current position for 12 years.

She holds a doctorate in education from Spaulding University in Louisville in 1995. She also holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree, both in education from Regis College, in Weston, Mass., and Boston State College, respectively. She holds a certificate in advanced educational study in Catholic School Administration from the Catholic School Leadership Program at Boston College. She is a member of several educational organizations.

Charles Evangelista, of North Main Street, Geneva, sits on the high school's board of trustees and has two daughters who attend the high school.

"It's part of a continued improvement at the school," he said. "With her background as a Catholic educator and with her strong background in math, it will continue with that improvement."

Evangelista, who thanked Skinner for making a smooth transition for the school, said he thinks when his fifth-grade daughter starts attending DeSales, the enrollment will be higher.

Juliano said there's a familiarity she liked about DeSales, since there is also a high school with the same name in Louisville, and she has visited the area before as a shopper at the Waterloo Premium Outlets in Junius.

A plus for her is that DeSales is the only Catholic high school in the area, and that it draws from several Catholic elementary schools. She said her current school competes with five others in Louisville for students, and said she will appreciate being able to just represent one school.

As one of her goals, Juliano said she would like to have a stronger interaction between the school and local businesses.

"I'd like it so the community can look at our students as viable candidates for the future," she said. "I want to maximize the potential of the high school and bring some ideas that may not have been explored before, so it can really be a major contributing presence in the community."